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  1. Just sayin Hello! Been lookin for this thread to start. Just starting to put AOS app pkg together. Appreciate any tips you have to offer,,,,,, just PM them to me. I would really appreciate any pointers. I'm using the guides, so beyond that is what I need.
  2. Wow, you are a march filer again Good to see you are doing well! Life got really really fast for us, we had to set up a new address after we changed jobs and moved. Just getting our breath after so busy for 4 months. Filing AOS in a couple of weeks, just got started working on it. Looks like we will join the Marchies in AOS again this year!
  3. Example.... Hong Kong is so very far with work school and future financial goals and in this technology rich world we found it possible to maintain and further grow our relationship as we messaged multiple times a day on whatsapp, shared facebook posts many times a day, and video called each other twice a day everyday except on Sundays when we only video called once
  4. Hey Buddy : ) 1st, thanx for the compliment. 2nd.... I'm really happy to see where you are in life! That's totally good news. Side note for me, I took a new job and moved to the Keys - but actually I miss the action of Miami lol Ann got here Oct 27, married on the beach on 11/13, found out she is expecting with due date in Sept....... Yeah, actually considering all this..... the keys may be a lot more action than Miami - come to think of it. Everyday is an adventure and we are so glad we endured the whole K1 process because it's all behind us and everyday now we are working together. I'm excited for your future!!! Keep in touch Jim
  5. AnJ Co

    RFE address for tracking (Texas)

    no, just go ahead and do your steps. Manila Embassy is like self service, u just go to their website and follow the steps. See my timeline, it has some info on it for MNL and getting through the process fastest as possible.
  6. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/UnitedKingdom.html says: Police Records Available. Immigrant visa applicants who have resided in the United Kingdom for six months or more since the age of sixteen are required to obtain a Police Certificate from the Association of Chief Police Officers Criminal Records Office (ACRO). Applicants will find further guidance and application forms here. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 enables some criminal convictions to become 'spent', or ignored, after a set length of time from the date of conviction. After this period, with certain exceptions, an ex-offender is not normally obliged to mention their conviction when applying for a job or obtaining insurance, or when involved in criminal or civil proceedings. The "No Live Trace" or "Further Information Stepped Down" response indicates that information is available relating to a 'spent' conviction. A "No Trace" response indicates a clean police record. Applicants presenting “No Live Trace” or “Further Information Stepped Down” police records are encouraged to request and submit their Subject Access Record to facilitate visa processing. Applicants are legally entitled to gain access to this information about themselves under Section 7 of the British Data Protection Act, 1998. Prison Records Unavailable. Court Records Available. Applicants may obtain court records (usually called "Memorandum of Conviction" in the United Kingdom), by writing to the Clerk of Court of the court (or courts) in which he or she was tried. This request must include as precise a date and place as possible. Using the recommended source for the certificate........ https://www.acro.police.uk/Police_Certificates_Online.aspx What you will need 1. Proofs of your current address - You must upload TWO different proofs of address which clearly show your name and address, and one must be dated within the last six months. Your proofs must be in separate files. Valid proofs of address include bank statements, utility bills or phone bills. You can also provide letters from your doctor, dentist, school or college if they are signed and dated on company headed paper. 2. A recent passport style colour photograph - You must upload one recent passport style photograph that clearly identifies you (the applicant). This photograph will be included on your Police Certificate. Your photograph should meet the same standards required for a UK passport (approximately 45mm x 35mm). To view guidance on acceptable photographs, please click here. 3. Copies of your passport(s) / travel document / official photographic identity document - You must upload copies of your passport(s) / travel document which clearly show your photograph, personal information, expiry date, nationality, machine readable zone, extension pages and signature (if applicable). Copies of other official photographic identity documents should show as many of these features as possible. 4. Copies of any necessary legal documents e.g. Power of Attorney, authorisation document, signed letter of authority etc (if applicable). 5. A valid email address. 6. Your address history - You must provide your address history for the last 10 years, including the dates you lived at the addresses. If you have lived outside of the UK for more than 10 years you will also be asked to provide your last UK address. 7. Endorser details - Your application must be endorsed by a suitable individual. We require your endorser’s full name, occupation, relationship to you (e.g. friend, employer etc. but NOT family), a telephone number, and their email address as we may send your passport photograph to them as part of our check. Click here for a list of possible endorsers. 8. UK National Insurance and Driving Licence numbers (if applicable). PLEASE NOTE: Each file you upload must be no more than 2MB in size and must be in JPG, GIF, TIF or PDF format. Passport style colour photographs must be in JPG, GIF or TIF only. Please note that if we cannot read your documents due to low image quality then your application may be delayed. Completing the form Once you start the application you will not be able to save it and return to it later on. If you exit or you don’t move forwards or backwards for 60 minutes your data will be deleted. Third party applications We can only supply personal data to the individual to whom it relates. If you are making an application on behalf of someone else (known as a 'third party application') you will need to provide a signed letter of authorisation from the person whose data is being requested, plus proofs of identity that show the true applicant's signature. Valid proofs include a passport, driving licence or identity card. You must have scanned copies of these documents saved to your computer or device. Payment There are two service options available for your Police Certificate: Standard service - £45.00 (10 working days, not including dates of receipt or dispatch) Premium service - £80.00 (2 working days, not including dates of receipt or dispatch) This converts to about $60 USdollars for standard processing and $107 USdollars for 2 day service.
  7. There was a few POE's mentioned from June to recently for Miami. It's cool, they had good reviews. Ann flew into Miami but her actual POE was Newark so that doesn't count. Congrats on being sooo close to the finish line!
  8. Know what you mean about the ocean, it's really nice to have it close by. Ann and I just accepted a job in the Florida Keys where we will be living. (well I took the job because Ann doesn't have EAD yet but we are really excited to get moved down there)
  9. AnJ Co

    RFE address for tracking (Texas)

    We were very lucky.... Our case went to NVC in 5 days which is really really rare. I read now that 6 weeks seems to be the new normal. I've never heard of mailing the CENOMAR to the embassy, just take it with you on the day of your appointment. The first window will ask for it and any Police Clearances that will be needed.
  10. Congratulations!!!! I love the dress! I know what you mean about NE being cold this time of year. Actually many years ago I lived in Bellevue NE - It was so cold and snowy - I remember the winters... I also remember the summers - All in all, Omaha is a fun city.
  11. just checking in to say 'hello' to everyone. We've been so busy with everything, just no time to lurk on VJ anymore (except at work here and there lol) Glad to read the good news and sad to read the continuing struggles..... Ann and I didn't have much difficulties with the process as compared to others but I can say with full confidence that the visa journey was soooooo worth it! We are having the time of our lives. I wish y'all continued success and best wishes but most of all....... Merry Christmas and Blessings on your New Year and New Lives Together
  12. I'm sure everything is ok. I always worry when I tell someone good luck, as if I know something they don't and they will need the luck LOL Not the case, it is just an expression of speech. Usually on the medicals, they have some kind of obligation to inform the patient if there is something that is wrong so that it can be corrected (like the TB's we have seen pop up here and there). Good Luck on the interview - er ummmmmm Well - You know what I mean I can't wait to see you get that Visa In Hand and that Fiance In Hand soon after
  13. Was sorta kinda in the same situation as the OP........ We had read about being 'too married' BUT also heard the concerns of our family in PH as they wanted to have something they could attend in person. We were asked many times to do some kind of a 'thing' for them in the PH before we left. I admit that I am tempted often times to take a short cut and try to get away with something, and that my 'cautionary traits' are usually weak. We considered how to do something for them before we left our PH family. We even debated the possibility of a 'Wedding Rehearsal' in PH so they could have influence in the minutia of the wedding when it took place. After all was considered, it simply was not worth the risk to do anything of the sort prior to POE. The fact of the matter deduced down to this...... Was doing something like this worth us being separated by oceans longer just to appease other people? NO We had no PH ceremony or gathering, and after POE, our wedding in Florida on the beach, under the sunrise, on facebook live and our PH family were probably just as happy or happier this way. key word: RISK
  14. Other than a delay in your timeline, probably not something to worry about. Happens sometimes. Theory is that USCIS misses a check box or a certain criteria and it gets sent back for work. Here is some past remarks, some are related to K1, others are for CR-1. http://www.visajourney.com/sitesearch/?cx=partner-pub-3407508467788263%3A9725800110&cof=FORID%3A10&ie=UTF-8&q=NVC+returns+case+to+uscis&sa=Search&siteurl=www.visajourney.com%2F&ref=www.visajourney.com%2Fforums%2Ftopic%2F655452-case-returned-to-uscis-after-nvc-please-help%2F&ss=6570j2194358j26
  15. Ditto Marzena & Stephen, just basic stuff about each other...... Things in each others' past like a previous marriage or visa application; know your own story of how you met, how it developed, where you have met in person and for how long, and any other times you met together in person, when you decided, what do you love about each other, Job titles and types of employment and tasks associated in the job and work hours and workdays. Remember to not stress out about the interview, you just have to tell your story and you have already lived it They will ask where you will live in the US and if you have ever been there before, and maybe what you know about that part of the US. I think the CO strives to approve you and even though you don't get all the questions right, you can still get an approval. The CO asked my F what I do for a living, she replied 'healthcare'. He asked what did I do in healthcare, she said 'hearts'. He persisted and said, can you tell me more about what he does with hearts, she says something like 'rhythms and irregularities' then he asked, Well, is it in a hospital or an office? she replied 'office'. LOL At this point he moved on to other subjects but the point is regardless of our 'practice interviews' and her knowing what I do for a living, she was unable to communicate it to the CO and he just accepted it as normal. Later he asked how we met and where, and how many times I was there to visit her in her country. He then asked 'after we met, how did our relationship develop?' her reply was 'through Skype and WhatsApp' ROFLOL I made eye contact with the CO at this point and gave a sheepish grin and I'm sure he knew that I too expected a greater response to how we fell in love. Sooooo, The Point being this...... Shortly thereafter he concluded the interview, said 'I'm approving you'. Despite our responses, the bonafides came through for us. Bestest of luck to you both. Be sure to let us know on Dec 11th!