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  1. Notice from USCIS that the interview has been scheduled for Nov 3. Expecting, and will be prepared for, the combo interview as the I751 still has not been decisioned.
  2. Ok, so I'm aware that my wife's kids can gain citizenship once she is naturalized (hopefully soon!). Does anyone know the process of getting the passport for the 2 minor kids and what, if anything, is required from their birth father? My wife has the Solo Parent ID and Affidavit, but there is no indication of sole custody in the annulment. Will we have to involve the birth father in order to sign off on getting them passports?
  3. My wife filed for I-751 Jan 2021 and N-400 Jan 2022. Transferred to NBC earlier this year and waiting to transfer both files to Charlotte USCIS office. Earlier this week she saw this message on her USCIS account. Does anyone know how accurate it is?
  4. https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/. Making an assumption your local field office is Houston. ~18 mos.
  5. One other thing to consider. As a Green Card holder, you are required to pay US taxes on your income. It seems you are living and working in Europe. That income is also considered to be taxable. You will need to present US IRS tax transcripts when filing the N400, or even renewal of the 10 yr green card. If you cannot provide the transcripts, then expect denial on either.
  6. Concurrent I751 and N400. Received a letter from USCIS last week that the ROC has been transferred from Potomac to NBC. Hoping this is going to trigger it to the local office for the dual interview soon.
  7. YSC filer Jan 2021 and concurrent N400 filed last month. Case transferred to the Charlotte office dated Feb 15. Looks like it will be a dual interview and hoping it pushes through quick.
  8. We just filed N400 for my wife yesterday under the 3 year rule (still waiting on ROC). The amount of documentation is nowhere near the amount that was required for both K1 and the ROC. Apply online, and you can upload supporting documents right in the website. The online process is so much easier and convenient.
  9. My wife filed her N400 today for citizenship today. We started talking about dual citizenship at dinner tonight and the topic switched to the minor kids. I know they automatically gain citizenship based upon their mother, but do they automatically retain their Filipino citizenship and keep their passports or, like their mother, is it renounced and have to go through the process to get it back?
  10. Just filed N400 online (so much easier than all of the other paper petitions filed). AOS approved 4/5/2019 ROC filed 1/30/2021 - Still Pending Case will be worked out of Charlotte office, so any advice or recent timelines would be appreciated
  11. No issues with transferring mid year. Try to get their school records from the school over there. As long as you can show residency you'll be able to register them. The only issue we ran into is what grade would they enter as their grade level in the Philippines was not transferrable. We ended up putting them in with their age group, which worked out well in the end. Trouble the first year with American English comprehension (they knew English prior to coming over but comprehension in the classroom was difficult) but they have been A honor roll since.
  12. Very typical for a follow up to local department of health after "potential" TB. My step daughter had to do the same. They took another x-ray and confirmed it's negative. Offered free TB treatment that we refused, and that was the end of it. I know our file that was carried was in the packet, but isn't it all electronic now?
  13. The only entity that can require a SSN is the IRS. Insurance companies, Dr's offices, etc. try to make it seem as it's a requirement but it is not. When my family moved here the company insurance tried to pull the same, and ended up still doing it. Remind them of this
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