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  1. I don't want to burst your bubble, but the reality for a single female filipina applying for a visitor visa, the chances for approval are super low. Like everyone else has advised, go ahead and roll the dice if you can afford it. The only thing they can say is, "No". You lose nothing but your time and the fee to apply for doing this.
  2. 2GO is notorious for their lack of communication. Typically a day or 2 to get to MOA. If it's going out to the province then expect it in about 3-4 days depending.
  3. Is the visa even showing as being "Issued"?
  4. How old is the K2? Children under 12 (I believe) do not need to attend the seminar. They only need to have the paperwork filled out in order to get their sticker once they have visa in hand.
  5. If you show proof of your flight, they will be more open to do it while you wait. I had to have my K2's visa corrected with a flight later in the evening. They were able to get a corrected visa within a few hours. Like someone else stated, it may be embassy specific on whether or not they will accommodate you.
  6. Truer words have never been said to grease the wheels to keep them moving.
  7. My first meeting with my wife, as an official couple, was in Hong Kong. We also had a date night at Jaimie's. Great atmosphere and service. Small world indeed.
  8. My wife was scratched by her cat a few months prior to medical and had to go through rabies treatments. She brought along all of the documents from the clinic related to the treatments in case she was asked about the scars from the scratches. She was not asked about it, nor was she asked for any documents, but I would recommend to be prepared just in case.
  9. My step daughter only had latent TB, so she didn't have to go through the treatments. However, once she arrived in the US, she was required to go to the health department for an appointment to discuss her case. At the appointment they required an additional chest x-ray and an offer optional treatments for free. It took over a month before they contacted us to schedule the appointment. So I would say be patient, as the wait time may be shorter or longer depending on where you live.
  10. The only entity that can require you to provide a SSN is the IRS. Insurance companies, doctors offices, etc. ask for it (and make it seem like a requirement) but you do not have to provide it. When my wife came over on her K1, we filed for her SSN and were able to get it in a few weeks. Her 2 kids, as K2s were not allowed to get a SSN until after AOS. For tax purposes you can get them an ITIN for filing taxes and using that for dependent filing. When we married, I was able to add all 3 to my employer's health insurance. Again, they asked for SSN for all. Since there was no way for me to provide it, they were able to still add them to for coverage. So, if anyone other than the IRS is "requiring" your SSN, you have a right to push back and have them find a way around it.
  11. Scott Br


    There are no fast nor cheap ways of gaining an annulment in the Philippines. If anyone is telling you one or the other, they are selling you snake oil. Besides the attorney costs, expect additional court costs, psych analysis and funds to "grease the wheels" to move things along. All in all, ours took over 2 years to get the process moving to getting final court decree. Last piece was that it was "sitting on the judges desk" waiting to be signed. That's code for we need additional payments in order to get that signature.
  12. Here is the link to schedule your appointment: https://kiosk.na1.qless.com/kiosk/app/home/10000000126. As I said, if you're doing ROM and Passport, schedule ROM first. You will need a 2nd cell phone number for the passport renewal appointment.
  13. After arrival, marry and file for AOS in that order. Has to be done within 90 days from arrival. If you're filing for AOS through the Charlotte office, ours took just over 90 days to have Green Card in hand. Received it back in April. We received Green Card before EAD was approved.
  14. I hope it all works out for the 2 of you. This is a long journey that takes a lot of patience (and $$) to make it happen.
  15. Single Filipino women have a higher denial rate. My wife was denied a visitor visa twice. I ended up making multiple visits to see her, prior to her coming over on a K1.
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