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  1. Congratulations, and thats a excellent information also for Pakistani people who are sending civil documents to nvc, i am glad you share this, Thanks
  2. Don't be worried, Everything happened bcz of the reason, Usually the review period is 3-4 months when they put you in AP, My Dqed was in March 2022 so i was hoping to get Interview letter in one month but somebody told me its taking more than a year to process interview letter, i am here in USA all by myself, no family, but some friends and its been 7 years now but i don't loose hope bcz its haram in our religion.
  3. Hi, Hopefully your DAD get clear from AP soon, Can you tell me did they ask from your DAD any document to send to the embassy after interview, I meant any new Tax or W2?... Thanks
  4. My DQ date was March 2022, so its mean you are waiting for interview since a year?, I was divorced here in USA and married again in Pakistan so I just uploaded the USA divorce papers and new Nikah nama from pakistan, I didn't uploaded the first marriage divorce papers from pakistan.
  5. Ausalamualikm, I have also the same case as yours, did you get Interview letter yet? and what was yours NVC doc acceptance/Approval date?
  6. Hi, just to inform you, My cases are approved without getting any check list from NVC.
  7. Hi, I am still waiting for the forms to be accepted, Usually its taking 3 months these days. I uploaded new forms 2 & half months before and in notes I explained the situation too.
  8. You Welcome, NVC Process usually takes 1 to 2 1/2 Months to complete the case.
  9. NVC has 2 parts after case creation 1st, you pay I-864 fee ( Sponsor Form) and upload I-864 form together with your financial documents like Tax Transcript, Pay stubs, I suggest you to read the I-864 instruction before completing, just search on the google. 2nd is paying DS-260 fees, When you complete the DS-260 form after paying fees, it will take you to civil documents like birth , marriage certificates, passport size pic, NVC website specifically asked it is either you or your parents documents to be uploaded. Thanks
  10. No, It doesn't matter, My Parents cases were also in Texas and their timeline is showing they are handling cases as per October 2020 when our cases were approved, while i submitted in April 2021, So Its difficult to predict according to time line.
  11. Their website is showing i guess the “average” time taken by all cases. which Service center ur mom case was?
  12. Hi, I created this topic to keep the track of all our NVC Submissions for I-130 Petitions which are approved from USCIS. NVC Submission December 20, 2021 USCIS Approval December 15, 2021
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