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  1. congrats podeeb which you guys the best please update with us how your wife interview went and what they asked and the documents as well. Also update your journey timeline when yo I get a chance.
  2. Good news! They are now up to september 2nd 2021! Everyone check your emails. Good luck!!!!!
  3. Islamabad had updated again! They are now up to august 27 2021 poodena check your email!! Yours is august 20 2021? Correct.. I can’t believe they are going fast 🥳
  4. please update on your spouse issued visa and how things went so it can help us as well. Also let us know any documents updated if they asked. I wish you guys the best of luck 🤞
  5. harinirch please update your timeline journey for spouse visa and update us when they get issued and if updated documents they asked for your spouse. I wish you the best of luck 🤞
  6. If anyone who had their interview and stuff for their spouse please update us on if they actually ask for updated documents and if we have to upload the updated to the website and what questions were asked during the interview. It would gladly help us for the the ones that are waiting for interview so we can know from your spouse experience. So that we also do not make mistakes at all when it comes for us as well.
  7. Some times is extra background track or they commit fraud so for males is always stuck. Some are lucky they get it quick or some take a long time.
  8. poodena all your relative can do is wait and be patience until it says issued on the website nothing other then that.
  9. thanjs allah you guys were able to have your schedule interview again was worried it wouldn’t happen.. hopefully it’ll be one week or two weeks to receive it females don’t stay in ap mostly males.
  10. please update your timeline so we can see how long it took your journey. Thanks!
  11. Poodena any update on your letter if not this month inshallah you should recieved next month. So basically is taking close to 24 months now to receive the letter.
  12. New interview letters everything had been update till august 18 upto july 7 2023
  13. poodena due to the ongoing situation in Pakistan us Islamabad embassy has been closed so that’s why you are now seeing refused once it’s re open then hopefully it’ll update or change and Pakistan for males always in administration processing more then a year or less for an update.
  14. inshallah ameen. Keep strictly for interview letters update no politics update!
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