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  1. Yes of course i know this, i am trying my best to find the passport if not than i will report passport as lost and than apply for new one.
  2. Theres only 1.5 month difference between our Dq cases brother. Your DQ december 2021 and im Feb 2022.
  3. I am not in pakistan at this time, i went to pakistan for 3 weeks only and that was to register my sons passport and CRBA, itd been 1 week since im back in USA and i cant go back to pakistan because of my job, so thats why i said my father in law and wife will report passport as missing and reapply for new passport, plus i already emailed consulate and they gave automatic reply saying make an appointment or look on the website for help
  4. My father in law already did that and thatd exactly what the consulate said but the truth is im sure there is nothing anyone can do, the stupid package company gave my sons newborn passport to some random stranger who lives A WHOLE 16 HOUR DRIVE AWAY FROM THE ADDRESS THATS LISTED ON THE PACKAGE. I believe theres nothing consulate can do other than tell me "oh sorry to hear that please reapply for passport again and pay fees again".
  5. My father in law asked them to tell the driver to go back to that wrong house and pick it up but they said they cant do that. That wrong guy took passport and signed for it and whats crazy is that the guy has a whole different name than my son. Like on package it says my son name not that guy who signed for it name.
  6. Great idea ill tell my wife to do that , and plus the visa officer probably still remembers us because he just saw us 3 weeks ago. ill first contact the shipping company and wait couple days and if no luck than ill probably just tell my wife to reapply and show them the CRBA so they can quickly give us a new passport for my son
  7. Damn bro you beat me , i thought my wife had the longest i130 case her case took a full 2 years at Uscis, she got approved October 27 2021 and i applied for her in October 19 2020, and my wife got Dqd Feb 10 2022 and still no interview, im assuming she will have interview before or during next winter 2023 or summer 2023 if embasay decides to speed things up (which i doubt)
  8. Sorry i met my friends husband is stuck in AP since April 27, 2022, NOT 2021
  9. Nope i was there with her we both went to make my sons crba and passport at the consulate and they said we can only deliver it, thats so stupid though, which adult would take a 3 week old babys passport like there is nothing you can do with that anyway.
  10. Your Dq is August 20, 2021? My wife is 6 months behind you , you will get interview by latest April 2023 , your far ahead of my wife - edit Wait are you stuck in AP ? Because your dq was Aug 2021 , how do you not have visa yet?
  11. Thank you so much, i guess i will wait for the shipping company because my wife spoke to them and they said we are trying to fix this issue, so if its not fixed within couple days than i guess we will have to reapply for his passport. I have a friend go to pakistan next week so might be easier for my wife to reapply for the passport st the counslate in karachi
  12. Im also waiting since 2019, October 2019 i applied for my wife and shes still not here and also my friends husband had his interview at US embasay in islamabad April 27, 2021 and hes been stuck in admin processing since April 27, 2021. We just have to be patient, nothing we can do
  13. Hello everyone i recently filed CRBA and USA passport for my newborn son in pakistan and CRBA arrived to my wife in Karachi, however the shipping company (TCS) delivered the passport to wrong address and that person took my sons passport. What to do in this situation now? Can i reapply for my sons passport here while im in USA and have the State department send the passport to me and not my wife in pakistan ? Or will my wife have to go to US counslate in Karachi again and apply for my sons passport there? Please help guys im really stressed out, thank you. @pushbrk
  14. Hello everyone i just got back on this website after 1.5 year, couldnt deal with the depression of seeing everyone elses cases approve but my wifes. Anyway my wife got DQd on Feb 9 2022, when should my wife be expecting an interview, can anyone here give me a rough estimate? I know as of last week they only covered Dq cases up till start of april 2021 but can anyone give me a rough estimate when my wife should have her interview, i was thinking latest 2023 October, thanks everyone.
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