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    I had the chance to work in the middle east. IT MUST BE FATE, IT MUST BE DESTINY.. Little did I know that my "the one" was waiting for me there :D Little did he know that he will meet his "the one" there. To different people from different side of the world met... It was against all odds. But we manage to pull it through. We got married, and as blessed by a beautiful daughter.
    And so our journey continues.... I am here in PI and he is back in US.. when we will see each other again.. The continuation of our lovestory has not been written.. to be continued <3

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  1. Yes.. thank God. multiple entry. Got the visa in less than 2 weeks
  2. Good Day! I applied for my mom december and tried to expedite b2 visa. Earliest appointment i was able to sched her was july 2023. i was advised to check the scheduling website by a friend. Thank God, Sept 2022 opened up. I would strongly suggest book the earliest date available and check from time to time.
  3. It happened to me. But in my case it is my husband who is serving. We request for expedite the moment be got his orders (after my biometrics- 1 year after we filed) Took my oath July 15 ☺️
  4. Question 1 - photo will be taken during the interview question 2 - complete it before you take your oath (complete it ahead of time) question 3 - they will hand you the certificate after the oath
  5. Background story: arrive 2015 moved to a different address but same city 2018. moved again to a different city 2019, applied n400 (2020) and moved 2021 I was was not able to change address. I know its my fault (do not judge me please). I have applied citizenship 2020. We moved and I request to change my address in the n400 (confirmed). However, I was not able to change my address on the green card. I am confused. When i change address in my n400 does it apply to the green card too? It has the same A# but different IOE. biometrics scheduled next week.
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