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    I had the chance to work in the middle east. IT MUST BE FATE, IT MUST BE DESTINY.. Little did I know that my "the one" was waiting for me there :D Little did he know that he will meet his "the one" there. To different people from different side of the world met... It was against all odds. But we manage to pull it through. We got married, and as blessed by a beautiful daughter.
    And so our journey continues.... I am here in PI and he is back in US.. when we will see each other again.. The continuation of our lovestory has not been written.. to be continued <3

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  1. Depends which part of Texas. Im in Houston 😔
  2. You have been married for more than 2 years. Organize your photos nicely. Provide affidavits for back up. Chats and call logs (just in case). Just prepare what you can. It seems your marriage is genuine. Correct me if I am wrong but by the time you will be interviewed it will be for IR visa already.
  3. Really? Omg Goodluck to me. I should have applied using the 5 years 😔
  4. Im joining you all. I just submitted my N400 (1:45 am). It has already been debited in my account. I am in Houston, it maybe longer wait time for me. But hoping for the best. Still have 5 years left on my Green Card hopefully I won’t max it out 😂 Best of Luck to us.
  5. agree. i am hoping for the best. this amount will really help. its also getting crazy here in houston 😩
  6. thank you. its just the news would always say “American”. i meant no disrespect but I was just wondering l. thank you
  7. so there is still hope 🤞🏻 it would be nice not to worry about eviction or food to eat 😔
  8. I just want ask, with this corona virus affected everybody. US President have advised that they will provide aid to Adult Americans. would that mean that LPR who are also paying taxes will not receive any aid on this current situation?! Just asking.
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