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    I had the chance to work in the middle east. IT MUST BE FATE, IT MUST BE DESTINY.. Little did I know that my "the one" was waiting for me there :D Little did he know that he will meet his "the one" there. To different people from different side of the world met... It was against all odds. But we manage to pull it through. We got married, and as blessed by a beautiful daughter.
    And so our journey continues.... I am here in PI and he is back in US.. when we will see each other again.. The continuation of our lovestory has not been written.. to be continued <3

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  1. I dont think that will be a problem. Just include documents that has yours and your spouse's name. Like lease or joint bank account. Then instead of driver's license maybe provided the copy of his passport. Then military records and orders to support the driver's license. Goodluck
  2. How can we request for a copy of CRBA. I need to reapply for my daughter's passport here in the US. I am afraid they will lose her crba.. any suggestions? Thank you
  3. Yes it is basically a letter that he can draft and have his CO sign it. Or talk to the CO and maybe he is kind enough to write it. Parang sinasabi lang that they were informed and no objections...
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