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  1. without being insensitive to her predicament I am not seeing a positive outcome. Staying in the USA for a year without the ability to work legally, only to be granted a tourist visa is farfetched. I only see her accruing illegal time in the USA that might hurt her in the future. my 2 cents - She should go home before more damage is done, and if the 2 of you are serious about each other, a spousal visa down the road will be an option. Good luck guys!
  2. I believe that you have to show that you have lived for at least 3 months in the state or USCIS district where you claim residence. (https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/guides/G-1151.pdf ) Since you filed already I am not sure it's a wise idea to change the address when you are so close to the end.
  3. I agree with @SusieQQQ that they don't expire for visa purposes. I do remember (not sure if that changed) Croatian certificates being valid only 6 months. But the reason behind was solely to gather more money from the people. Of course information on our birth, marriage, divorce certificates will not change LOL
  4. That's a great news guys!!! I think if her interview is early in the AM she might have the Oath ceremony the same day. Mine was later than the last Oath ceremony that day. Then I had to wait a month :( . I think they usually have them in the mornings. Good luck - you guys are almost there!!! Keep me posted
  5. You are almost there!! Looking forward to see your happy note saying you are done!! and reading all the happy stories, I think if the interview is early in the day you might have both interview and the ceremony!!! fingers crossed
  6. Congrats @Lezzyme1979 on the interview!! I am not sure if it's common or not, but I was scheduled only for N-400 while had I-751 pending. I received a call (5 days before my N-400 appointment) from USCIS informing me to have my husband accompany me to the interview because they had to adjudicate ROC before my Naturalization. Hopefully you will hear from them but I would definitely plan on going to he interview with your wife!! One last step guys!! yeey
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