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    Ana and I first met on the cherry blossom website in January of 2012.We became good friends on Facebook and message each other, every so often to say hi.I went to the Philippines in October of 2012 because I thought was in love with another girl.After getting back I knew that I did not love the other girl. we was just so different, there was no spark when I saw her. I met another girl on cherry blossom website that lives in Surigao. I decided to visit. I was still keeping in touch every so often on Facebook with Ana. October of 2013 I went back to the Philippines. Before I left I message Ana that I will like to visit her while I was in the Philippines.Ana lives in Manila. I was going to stay in manila for a couple of days then fly to Surigao to see the other girl.I still remember when I first met Ana in person.I was at the best western oxford suite lounge bar talking to some other guests and I thought I heard something I turn around, there was Ana I felt something inside of me.I just knew she was the girl I had been looking for all my life.We left the hotel and went to a mall and sit on some park benches,neither one of us said anything for a while then we started talking and found out we both like each other a lot but we was both just to shy to let the other one know.Later we went and ate. Then Ana went back with me to the hotel. I gave her some small souvenirs from the U.S.A and ask if i could see her again before I left for suriago.She knew about the other girl and why I came to the Philippines.We met again and spent the day walking and talking and even got lost in Manila for a while. We went back to the hotel and had dinner. I had a coke and Ana had a mango juice.while we was eating Ana ask me if there was coke a cola in America. I told her that is where coke is originated from, we both just laugh so hard. I still tease her when we chat now and tell her I am drinking coke made in America.After we ate, we listen to the band that was playing that night. The band ask me if I had a request. I ask them to play wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton.Ana spent the night with me at the hotel.The next day Ana rode with me to the airport it was very hard leaving her.When I got to Suriago I knew it was a mistake leaving Ana.The other girl was nice but I just did not have that feeling I did, like I had when I was with Ana. While I was there.Ana and I text each other every night. I was suppose to stay 4 days in one hotel then another 4 days in another hotel.but I miss Ana too much.I cancel my other hotel reservation and bought a one way ticket from Surigao back to manila.I did not have sex with the other girl after meeting Ana I did not want to be with another girl. with.I just visit with the other girl and her 5 year old daughter during the day at night time they went home.I told the other girl about Ana and how I felt.When I arrive in manila Ana met me at the airport. I spent the rest of my time with her.When I got back to the states.we kept in touch every day thru cell phones text.I have 2 cell phone. one phone is unlock I have a smart Philippines sim card in it to make texting her easier.we also chat on Facebook webcam every time we can.After a couple of months.We decided we want to spend our lives together and I ask Ana online if she will marry me,she said yes.We decided it would be best to get marry in the Philippines so her family could be at her wedding.Her parents lives in pres Garci Bohol.I made plans to go back to the Philippines in May 2014.Before I left I made Plans with Pirmi travel service,for a Romantic cruise for Ana and I.when I arrive in Manila Ana met me at the Airport,we went to the hotel,then a couple of hours later the driver from the travel company came and took us to Manila bay for the cruise.It was a very nice romantic cruise our table on the ship had a picture of us together with a white table cloths and rose petals on it we also had a bottle of wine and dinner.They also supply a butler and the band play songs for Ana and I. Then it was time for dessert they bought us out a nice cake.While we was eating desert I ask Ana again to marry me and place the engagement ring that I had bought with me on her finger It was a very romantic night for Ana and IOn may 20th 2014 Ana and I was officially married.I was not as nervous as I thought I will be,maybe because when I am with Ana I feel so relax and at ease. We had the wedding at her parents house in Pres Garcia Bohol.It was nice her mom and aunts and cousin decorated everything.The mayor came over and we had the ceremony.then we had the reception.There was all kinds of food including the Lechon and a videooke machine. I met and visit with a lot of Ana family and friends.it is October now.we had been married for 5 months I still feel that way I felt when I first met Ana.She will always be my sweet Ana. I can not wait until she is here with me

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  1. No this does not seem normal .My wife file in August and she had her oath ceremony yesterday. Did you file online or by mail? Do you have a USCIS account if you do you can go to their website to see what your case status is If not then you need to call them
  2. Not that big of a deal Just tell them at your interview. My wife did her interview today for citizenship. She told me the interview was good She said the interviewer was very nice and could tell my wife was nervous. My wife told her she forgot to ncluded a nickname but it was only use when she was little. the interviewer smile and said that is ok.I am sure that will be the same for you
  3. I find this story hard to believe why will immigration officers come now. AOS adjustment ? and why will they touch your car that does not prove anything it does not prove you were driving it. They will want more proof then that I will think. I am sorry I just do not believe this story However if is true why did you lied
  4. Yes He should bring everything. it is always better to have something you do need then to not have something you need
  5. a single Filipina getting a visa to visit USA is pretty much impossible. To get a work visa she will have to be able to do work that most Americans can not. you could meet her in another country. However there is probably restrictions in other countries too. Your best bet will be to wait this out and go to the Philippines when they allow it. As the saying goes it is more fun in the Philippines
  6. My wife is   officially American citizen now. She pass her interview and had her oath today. We have reach the finish line of her journey. I am very grateful to this website for all the help. When me and my wife got married in the Philippines in 2014  and started the visa process. I did not have any ideal what to do. Then I found this website  ask a lot of questions and receive great answers and feedback. I have also  try  to help others along the way.  I have not been on here as often now as I use to be, but I still consider this a great website. To all the moderators keep up the great work. To the people that are beginning this process there will be good time and maybe some hard times along the way. keep  holding on, it is well worth it in the end 

  7. It been 6 years married to Ana she is still the most beautiful girl I have ever met and the love of my life.  We are starting her citizenship now

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