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  1. Hi Mxcompadre, I've been following your I-751 timeline closely because Atlanta is our local office too. If I could bother you with a question: any theory why there's such a time gap between your NOA and the scheduling of your biometrics appointment, approximately 4 months? Looking at the MSC spreadsheet, most have their biometrics appointments scheduled pretty quickly after NOA, between a few days and a few weeks. Do you think having Atlanta as the local office is a factor? Thanks in advance for your insight, and congrats on the movement towards the 10-year green card!
  2. People who have submitted petitions before their 90-day window opened have reported a range in the timeframe of the petition being returned. I've seen some as quickly as one week and a few as long as one month. If early submission is the issue as you suggest, eventually everything will be returned to you with each document that you sent with a scan code printed at the bottom. There will be a notice indicating that the submission was rejected and also a green slip that they ask you to include with the resubmitted package, which you should expressly resend.
  3. Indeed, the unpredictability of the process itself combined with an arbitrary timeframe for processing make for an anxious journey.
  4. Thanks for sharing! Loved reading the narratives in your timeline. Very helpful details. Wishing you guys (and all fellow August filers) a speedy process.
  5. Hi Becci, you might have already seen this. I'll share it anyway. It's a spreadsheet of cases being processed at SRC (Texas Service Center). Looks like it was created around July. I'm not sure if there's an updated version. What's striking is that very few have reported receiving biometrics appointments. Many on the spreadsheet go back several months, the earliest from late2018: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18wmTLuX2qkwJfyMTY00js3CC15bp5fpQ/edit#gid=818704352
  6. There's some truth to this theory, but if you take a look at the spreadsheet for MSC filers, one sees more than a few I-751 cases that are processing in record time, six to seven months (some even less) from start to finish. In those cases, the biometrics appointments came quickly, and then were ready to interview within a few months from completion of the biometrics. Most MSC-processed petitions seem to get funneled to the local office for interview from what I can tell. There's some mystery to MSC that I can't quite put my finger on...
  7. Hey Becci, I'm in the same boat here. I'm not sure how you're seeing it, but it looks to me as if biometrics appointments for the Atlanta local office are slow coming. As I mentioned before, I think there's a relationship between location of the local office (high immigrant-population city vs. rural Midwest America) and the speed of scheduling the appointments. As well, the office that is processing the petition is another significant variable. I'm wishing us all the best in our journeys! I'll keep you guys informed of how things are going on my end...
  8. Hi Franklann, absolutely! Let's keep each other informed as our petitions make their way through the process. I'm especially curious whether being in a high-immigrant service area like Atlanta slows down biometrics scheduling times at all at the local office. Last week our case was transferred to the National Benefits Center, but I have no clue why...or how the transfer might impact our case if at all. Any movement I'll certainly report to this thread. All the best!
  9. Hi! Also an August filer here and also from Atlanta. You can see our timeline: filed 08/19 with NOA 08/22. You said you applied at Texas (Georgia residents like us apply at the Texas Lockbox), but were you assigned to SRC for processing? Sadly, I've not seen much movement for scheduling biometrics appointments out of Texas (SRC) even for folks who filed months earlier than August.
  10. Hi! Your spreadsheet is very informative. We are August 2019 filers for our I-751. We were originally assigned to SRC (Texas) and simply prepared to settle down for a long wait at SRC. Surprisingly, our case was transferred to MSC last week, less than 3 weeks after submission. I'm intrigued about a transfer to MSC so early in the process. Are all listings on your spreadsheet original MSC assignments or do you have transfers too? Thanks in advance for your time!
  11. Hi! I'm just seeing your post from August. It's possible that you already got your answer. Many people get confused about that question. I would definitely put your child born here after marriage. It's strong evidence. I've seen some people leave off step children while others include it. The choice is yours... My wife is a Ghanaian, and we submitted our I-751 last month, August. Since we're so close in our submission date, we can follow each other's ROC journey. Wish you all the best!
  12. Hello all, I wanted to share this unexpected detail with my fellow August 2019 filers. We just received an e-mail yesterday informing that our case was transferred from SRC (Texas) to another office. We've not received the transfer notice itself in the mail yet, so we don't know yet which office we have been transferred to or why. Below is a reminder of our timeline: 8/19/2019 (Monday): I-751 package sent (Dallas Lockbox) 8/20/2019 (Tuesday): Package arrived. 8/21/2019 (Wednesday): Picked up by USCIS. 8/23/2019 (Friday): Text notification and e-mail received with SRC case number (Texas Service Center) 8/26/2019 (Monday): Received I-797 Extension Notice (check cashed same day) 9/6/2019 (Friday): Received e-mail informing of transfer out of SRC (e-mail with status "initial review" says new office and reason for transfer will be stated in the letter that has been sent out). Granted, transfers are not uncommon to balance workload at USCIS offices, but this early in the process?? (We're only two weeks in). I'm intrigued. Any theories what might be going on? Has anyone heard of similar scenarios, especially with recent I-751 submissions? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  13. Hi! You're fine. Looks like everything is on track. Soon you'll receive at your home address the I-797 extension letter and the long journey begins for you like the rest of us. Would you mind sharing with the thread which service center is processing your I-751 petition as indicated by the first 3 letters on your receipt number? All the best to you!
  14. Good question as to whether any August filers have received biometric appointment letters yet. Personally, I've seen only a few. Those I-751s being processed at National Benefits Center (like you at MSC) seem to be the most fortunate with very quick biometrics scheduling shortly after NOA. Less so for other service centers. I'm curious how others respond to your question.
  15. 8/26/2019 (Monday): Check hadn't cashed as of today, but extension letter arrived in the mail. No complaints about the check, though. The extension letter is in hand. I'm sure the check will clear soon. SRC (Texas) strikes me as pretty efficient on the initial notification--ours got to this point in exactly one week from mailing of the petition to receipt of the letter. Texas would get mad kudos if the biometric appointments came out as efficiently. Let's see what happens next...
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