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  1. So happy to see August filer movement as well as progress at the Atlanta local office. Thanks so much for sharing! We're in Atlanta too, and hope to see biometrics scheduling soon.
  2. That's great to know! Thanks for sharing. Could be a sign of movement for other ATL SRC folks. Best of luck!
  3. Fingers crossed that your I751 will wrap up before next year! It really looks like yours is moving at an excellent pace. As for us, we did file in August 2019, not quite two months ago, and got transferred just 2 weeks after receiving our NOA1. The transfer letter stated specifically that they transferred us to MSC "In order to speed up processing." (That's what our letter says). I hope it turns out to be the case. We'd love to be finished with the I-751 before we're ready to file the N-400 by next summer. Do keep us posted on how your I-751 is processing! We're excited for your progress!
  4. MSC has been yielding excellent processing times for I-751 petitions. We were originally assigned to Texas, but our case was transferred to MSC shortly thereafter, though we've not seen any movement since the transfer, not even the biometrics appointment. Our local office is Atlanta.
  5. Hi! Very impressive timeline with your I751! Could I ask which service center is processing your petition? Also, which local office (city) will do your interview? We filed in August. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Hope your interview was super successful. All the best!
  7. Unless things have changed since the last time I was there, the U.S. Embassy in Ghana is notoriously rigid about bringing things other than documents inside. There are no bins or lockers for securing your personal belongings, especially cell phones, and they don't allow you to bring cell phones inside the Embassy. Imagine standing in line in the Accra hot sun for a long time before reaching the door only to be told just as you feel the cool AC hit your face that you can't enter unless you can leave your phone with a friend or relative outside, or worse, if you came alone, a complete stranger out there who knows what you didn't know and offers to "hold" your phone for you until you finish. If leaving your phone with someone is not an option, you may have no choice but to leave the line altogether and walk ALL THE WAY back to where your car is parked to leave your phone in your car...and what if you arrived by taxi or by tro-tro? U.S. Embassy in Ghana is no joke. If what I've described has changed since I was last there for my wife's interview two years ago, then hallelujah. If not, be forewarned and enter only with your documents...
  8. Our case started off at TSC when we filed in August, but was transferred to MSC a few weeks later.
  9. Hi Mxcompadre, I've been following your I-751 timeline closely because Atlanta is our local office too. If I could bother you with a question: any theory why there's such a time gap between your NOA and the scheduling of your biometrics appointment, approximately 4 months? Looking at the MSC spreadsheet, most have their biometrics appointments scheduled pretty quickly after NOA, between a few days and a few weeks. Do you think having Atlanta as the local office is a factor? Thanks in advance for your insight, and congrats on the movement towards the 10-year green card!
  10. People who have submitted petitions before their 90-day window opened have reported a range in the timeframe of the petition being returned. I've seen some as quickly as one week and a few as long as one month. If early submission is the issue as you suggest, eventually everything will be returned to you with each document that you sent with a scan code printed at the bottom. There will be a notice indicating that the submission was rejected and also a green slip that they ask you to include with the resubmitted package, which you should expressly resend.
  11. Indeed, the unpredictability of the process itself combined with an arbitrary timeframe for processing make for an anxious journey.
  12. Thanks for sharing! Loved reading the narratives in your timeline. Very helpful details. Wishing you guys (and all fellow August filers) a speedy process.
  13. Hi Becci, you might have already seen this. I'll share it anyway. It's a spreadsheet of cases being processed at SRC (Texas Service Center). Looks like it was created around July. I'm not sure if there's an updated version. What's striking is that very few have reported receiving biometrics appointments. Many on the spreadsheet go back several months, the earliest from late2018: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18wmTLuX2qkwJfyMTY00js3CC15bp5fpQ/edit#gid=818704352
  14. There's some truth to this theory, but if you take a look at the spreadsheet for MSC filers, one sees more than a few I-751 cases that are processing in record time, six to seven months (some even less) from start to finish. In those cases, the biometrics appointments came quickly, and then were ready to interview within a few months from completion of the biometrics. Most MSC-processed petitions seem to get funneled to the local office for interview from what I can tell. There's some mystery to MSC that I can't quite put my finger on...
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