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  1. Thank you guys! I am very perplexed at myself that I forgot that trip! It was a trip of a lifetime! watching the spice girls in UK lol 😅 #childhooddream Do you think its a big deal? Kinda worried about it. I will do the letter just to be proactive as well.
  2. Hi Guys, I forgot to add a trip that I did in 2019. It was an 8 day trip to Europe that I forgot to account on N400 travel history. How do I fix this? I just realized this when I was looking at my pictures Thank you.
  3. My friend who recently became a US citizen told me that by taking oath, you renounce all other citizenship. I already submitted my n400 and I pray to the heavens I don't lose being Canadian. Does becoming a US citizen actually cost me my Canadian citizenship? Please advise. Thank you.
  4. Yah that's strange. He knows better than us so just do whatever he says. haha.
  5. My 2 scents Technically, here, you are not permitted to change your middle name without a legal name change. Only last names can be changed via marriage / marital status change without a court order. You can either use your husbands last name or hyphenate hubbys lastname and yours if you came as Anne Reyes Araullo in USA, then you should be Anne Reyes Macapagal by US Laws upon marriage to your husband. The N400 name change is indeed needed. BUT If your immigration docs already has your married name, and you were already married when you came to the US. then I don't think legal name change is necessary. I am inclined to think you were single when you came to USA.
  6. Where did you get married? Here or in Philippines? When you did you immigration, what is your name in your docs?
  7. Hi All, I have a question pls, I got too excited and submitted my n400 application the very same day I was eligible to apply. I am seeing many posts about cases being denied because they applied 1 day early even though they filed on the day they were eligible. Anniversary Date: 12/18/2021 90 day before date based on uscis calendar: 09/19/2021 TIMELINE: 1) Submitted my application online on Sept 19, 2021 at 11pm EST 2) Received NOA with the following info: RECEIVED DATE: 09/20/2021 NOA DATE: 09/20/2021 PRIORITY DATE: EMPTY 3) My USCIS page shows, it says "Submitted on 09/19/2021, but the rest of the letter. case history all shows Sept 20. So QUESTION, which date does the officer look at to determine filing date? Priority date is blank on my application What do you guys think? Thank you.
  8. Submitted my application online last night. Got the receipt notice right away, and this morning another letter about Biometrics reuse. Does this status "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS" actually mean anything?
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