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  1. Hello! I applied for a.passport yesterday, the lady returned my Legal name change document. She said I didn't need it because my ID's, naturalization cert is already in my current legal name. I am just curious if this has happened to others. i've been seeing more people post that they sent it with their passport application. Didn't want this to be a cause of delay. Note: My SSA & Drivers License has been updated with new name. Thank you.
  2. clearly impossible for a regular person like me if it would cost 30k/year on insurance🥶
  3. The main reason I asked this question was, if someone was to sponsor a parent in Canada, Canada can deny your sponsorship due to medical grounds if parent could potentially need excessive medical needs there. The medical exam during the immigration process is extensive for sponsorship applications. It is just unfortunate that Vancouver area is the "warmest" of canada you can get, that way we could have just moved to another province if there was a "sunshine" state in Canada. . I also didn't expect i would meet and marry a florida man and move down here
  4. My parents had lost healthcare in Alberta because of failure to meet residency obligations. Had to move back to the Philippines because of my dad who had to be in a tropical climate. In a perfect world, they should have just stayed up there, but the cold is not his friend. It was affecting his health (not life threatening just arthritis) but it was enough pain that wasn't worth it anymore. It was a difficult choice for us to get them off Canada. Stay there and get access to free healthcare but deteriorate healthwise. They could easily go back as I still have siblings there, but again, we are going back to original problem of why they moved out. Since I moved to florida, I thought of bringing them here because of the weather. Like lil-bear had said, Philippines is a long way to visit. I was willing to pay for insurance, what I didn't expect it will be that much 30,000 per year is crazy. I had paid out of pocket for all her cancer treatments but was in PH and not in Canada.
  5. Thank you. Sounds scary. Prob not a bright idea to petition looking at the threads in VJ. If it would cost me $30,000 a year just for insurance. This is so sad.
  6. but costs alot if they do cover? Thank you everyone for answering.
  7. Is history of cancer an issue and make a parent inadmissible due to medical grounds if mom has history of cancer treatment? Thank you.
  8. oh during the call they confirmed my name change. the office called me before scheduling the oath because I was asked if i wanted to join the special ceremony. Also, during the naturalization interview at the office, the officer asked me to sign something and have me confirm the name that appears on the certificate, which was the intended name (name change) she would have oathed me same day if not for my name change.
  9. Oath Ceremony on June 16, 2022 It was supposed to be april but had travel plans so they moved me to June.
  10. Hello! Is my husband allowed during my oath ceremony? It will be judicial because of name change. Curious if I could bring him. Thank you
  11. Hello everyone, I just did my interview and will be scheduled for oath soon. I told my officer about my travel plans and she did note in my file not to schedule me at a certain timeframe. Does MyUSCIS update online if my oath ceremony is actually scheduled? Right now it is saying i will be scheduled for ceremony. Im not sure if it will update further when it is actually scheduled. Thanks.
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