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  1. That's a quicker turnaround than mine. 09/07/21 applied online 06/23/22 interview scheduled 08/04/22 interview date
  2. Applied 9/7/2021 Just checked my account and see there's an interview scheduled dated today (haven't yet received email or text notifications) for August 4th. That's an 11 month turnaround. 5 year stream
  3. I entered No Fixed Address for two periods (about 6 months each) in my 5 year address history. I was living out of my vehicle in the Seattle area. I searched all over but found no one at least who wrote about it online in the same boat. I decided to tell the truth. I was not a public charge and continued to work while parked at Alki Beach every night. I attached a letter to my online application saying due to owner returning from overseas I was forced to leave affordable accommodations and was unable to afford an apartment in Seattle after having been struck out of my marital home (US spouse divorced me and I was successful with ROC on a divorce waiver without even having to interview) just 18 months before, saying I needed to save. Now have my own land, where I currently reside. Anyone see me having a problem with this come decision time?
  4. Yep. Thanks. I know taxes are required. But there wasn't a request for that evidence in the online application. But I see here, they say to bring it to https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/guides/G-1151.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjI4bT-yPHyAhXIITQIHTfwDuIQFnoECAsQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3inZ4wGMtssB3FnK378R0Z
  5. Don't see a thread for Sep 21 so thought I'd start one. 5 year stream Online 7 September 2021 I'm in Washington State south of Seattle. Received Biometrics Reuse Notice within 12 hours of submitting application.
  6. Filed Sep 7 ONLINE. 5 year. Received Biometrics Reuse notice with 12 hours. I see many folks talking about tax transcripts but there was no mention of or request to add said documents in the online application. Do I need to add them? Not married, so don't have to prove cohabitation.
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