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  1. Hi, as you said so my son went to his Doctor and She said she will give us a letter regarding his health, he is under her care since 2017, now waiting for the letter let us see what she writes, then will request NVC and all praise to Allah. That expedite thing came to our mind also but we were not expecting that much long wait. Now on that day you advised and i asked my Attorney ', he said" we can try ". Do you know how much chance is to get expedite at Islamabad Embassy?. I can do by my self or Attorney should file.?...Good luck to you and pray for us please. Thank you , Things happens for reasons. InshaAllah.
  2. Hi, book by yourself online through official Qatar Airways website, no need to put travel agent in between. book from Karachi , Lahore might be little expensive.
  3. There is no special flights and Qatar is operating from Karachi and you should depart from there. They have given you visa now its your job to reach there, they will not pick you my friend.
  4. Next year is just 5 months away LOL. Insha Allah sooner or later will cross this bridge.
  5. hi. i have a question here , what is FX Visa Category ?, in the month of June last month Islamabad Embassy issued 50 visas in this FX Category. Does F2A visa is same?
  6. Nothing is happening, now Eid Holidays, irony of times that now a days we don't like holidays , let us see how long this love to working days last. Good luck to you Aisha, May Allah ease our waiting frustration.
  7. Hi, i am praying for you, Islamabad Embassy issued 501 Immigrant Visas in the month of May, 2021 for all Categories but they did not touched any F2A. So Allah knows better and Allah kay hawalay.
  8. Congratulation, what is your DQ date if you mind to share please. Thank you
  9. IR5 Visa for mother of a friend of mine is issued today, She was interviewed during that presidential BAN and was told that she will take jobs of local people and did not issue the visa that time. She was asked to re-do the medical and submit pp photos , she was in AP for 3 days and then today shows ISSUED.
  10. Thank you for your kind words, which facebook page?, can you please send me the link. Thank you again.
  11. I am wondering to know that is there any particular reason that Islamabad Embassy don't want to touch any F2A application and any body knows in the world that when in the world they worked on F2A application in the near past or there are no applicants with F2A Category?...shed some light please ...my sign of desperation ...right..
  12. I am sure that is why they created Real ID program , Driver license with that Star sign should fulfil the purpose domestically.
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