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  1. Hello, Is it still ok for a 17 year old to renew her green card that has been expired for more than two years? She's currently here in the US. Her father a US citizen is deceased, her current guardian is her older brother. Can they renew her green card? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've been here and my googling and searching skills in regards to immigration and stuff related to it became rusty. Sorry if this had been asked please copy and paste the link for the topic so I can look through it. Here's the scenario. Ex sister-in-law is currently 17 y.o will be 18 this December. Her father is a US Citizen so therefore she is already a US Citizen thru Section 322 of the INA. But the father is dead and they do not know where they're father's Naturalization certificate is. I do have a copy though from when I arrange the papers of my ex mom-in-law I was able to save a copy. What does she need to do? I feel bad that I can't be of more help to her. Her older siblings just don't bother trying to fix what she needs. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you.
  3. She needs to go there on Monday and hopefully the endorsement can be done as soon as possible and if she knows someone who works at the city hall who can help her that will help too. Lol
  4. Luckily no. I only needed to do the postings on a local news paper. The problem on mine was the gender. But my ex husband had the similar problem with your fiance's daughter and during that time (year 2006) corruption is on peak so $$ was involved and it was fast like took less than a week. I went thru a "normal" route coz I had time.
  5. Have your fiance been to the local registrar office at her city? They will make the endorsement and you send it via same day delivery. When I sent mine it only took two weeks from the endorsement and PSA sent me a confirmation. It is better to contact the local registrar's office to know if there can be an expedited process.
  6. You can mention this in the statement and just provide supporting evidence like your school records or your parent's employment records. As well as your employment records before and after your second child's birth. I think the reason why there's much more scrutiny with the second child is because there's no actual permanent resident card for him unlike your eldest who has one.
  7. Lol. I assumed you we're the father. My apologies. Can be that they are thinking you are doing the CRBA instead of the INA 320. You need to submit the original passport not a copy. We sent my son's original foreign passport, they'll return it later. It was a lot of hassle handling this because my son was registered late and his dad was the USC. It won't hurt to do a draft letter and fill in the DS-5507 as well. Yes if the USPS is closer to you then no need to go look further. Best of luck!
  8. It is clear in the letter from the Passport Agency that you either submit the original passport with the I-551 Stamp "OR" a DS-5507. A simple statement from you regarding residences would suffice and have it notarized. Was the second child's birth certificate registered late or perhaps you were not in the country where the child was born at the time of the birth.
  9. I didn't censor anything and it has EVERYTHING. Profanity and sexual. I didn't mind and I'm sure uscis doesn't mind too. 😜
  10. I-864A if the father is in the same residence (household) you are in. I-864 if not. You won't be denied as long as all supporting evidence are included and forms are signed.
  11. When I applied for AOS my joint sponsor used a I-864. I got approved with no problem. It will just differ if the joint sponsor is in the same household as your spouse.
  12. You can collect school records showing your mother as your primary guardian, another thing I can think of are vaccination records or doctor's appointment records that shows your mother as the primary guardian. I'm not sure about how things are back in the 1980's. Did they asked for a DNA Maternal testing? When we applied for my son's passport it was one of the evidence we provided to prove that my son was his father's (reason for this because my son's birth certificate was registered late). Another route you can take is the N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship but I think it costs around $1,000.
  13. The marriage certificate would have been an enough document for a name change. If you wanted the EAD/AP and GC to be under your surname you should have used it on the application forms. I guess you can try to request the name change during the interview but I have no idea how likely the IO will grant it. Best of luck!
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