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    We met in a bar in NYC back in 2009. After many many visits to each other, we are excited to finally be able to live and start our projects together. :-)

    I-129F/K-1 visa process: done (7.5 months).
    AOS/EAD/AP: done (3 months).
    ROC: done (2.5 months).

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  1. Bli Bli Bloup, Blup Blup Biiiii! *turning thumbs* Bliiii Bli Bliiii! (Waiting for NOA2 makes me crazy)

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    2. GandK


      Hehe I am just bored, so I try to figure out what it's going on in the black hole called CSC. I always smile a little when I read people write about CSC being slow "now". The past 14 days track records of CSC show they are spitting out NOA2 as fast if not faster than VSC recently. The problem is they just have more backlog. Looking at your NOA1 date, I think your is coming in 2-3 weeks depends on how lucky you are, hang in there you are close :)

    3. GandK


      or maybe even in 1 week, if you are as lucky as those few september filers :)

    4. didopage


      You know what, that's exactly what I think. Each time I see those guys saying CSC is slow, I'm thinking "what?? CSC is like a fast train now!". I guess they only rely to people posting on forums when they get their NOA2, or the estimation time on VJ which is still higher than VSC. I'm also hoping for something in 1 to 3 weeks, as you said, if I'm lucky. :)

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