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    We met in a bar in NYC back in 2009. After many many visits to each other, we are excited to finally be able to live and start our projects together. :-)

    I-129F/K-1 visa process: done (7.5 months).
    AOS/EAD/AP: done (3 months).
    ROC: done (2.5 months).

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  1. Yay, finally the end of the journey is getting close for me as well. My interview was today and I passed!! Oath is scheduled for next month. So long story short, my interview was initially scheduled in August, but I asked for it to be rescheduled due to a planned trip overseas. Then it got rescheduled for November, and USCIS cancelled it for a reason unknown to me. Finally it got rescheduled one final time (today). The officer was nice and professional, and I took less than 30 minutes. The whole rescheduling thing definitely delayed the whole process by several months for me, but I don't regret doing it (I would have missed my brother's wedding overseas otherwise). Congrats to everyone who passed! 🥳
  2. I knooow, I don't like having to do it, but we are going to my brother's wedding, so it's not like I can change the date of our trip easily That said, I called the USCIS Contact Center today, and I already got an email saying they will "honor" my request and will let me know when there is another date/time available. Wow, I'm impressed. And the representative on the phone was also very professional and friendly.
  3. I got my interview appointment later yesterday! Yay! Unfortunately, I'll be overseas during the scheduled time... It's a trip that I've planned for a long time, and it will be my first time seeing my family since the pandemic started (my 2 young kids will also see some of them for the first time). I called the USCIS to request to reschedule. I don't like having to go that route, especially since it's just a few days before I was supposed to be back. I hope they will allow me to reschedule and that it will go smoothly. 😕 Anybody had to reschedule? How did it go?
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