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  1. That was my thought from the beginning but I wasn't sure. SORRY. I asked multiple people and no one gave me a real answer. SORRY AGAIN and THANK YOU.
  2. Yes I am asking for the beneficiary. But her name has probably already been run through the system too. Because the beneficiary needs it from any country they lived in since age 16 for more than 6 months and she lived in the US for 25 months we asked for it. But we are unsure if it was necessary or not. And if it was, if it is enough.
  3. Hi, I have lived in the US previously under a J1 visa. As we need a background check from each country we lived in after age 16 I got my criminal history from the FBI. is it enough? It says : THIS DOES NOT PRECLUDE FURTHER CRIMINAL HISTORY AT THE STATE OR LOCAL LEVEL. I thought getting it from the FBI would be enough but I am unsure now.
  4. Hi, my case says "READY". Can I go ahead and schedule medical examination + visa appointment or should I wait to receive a letter? I feel like I am missing something. Some of you do schedule everything now but I need the "Embassy appointment letter containing your case number" to go to the medical exam. It means I have to wait for documents before going? (P4?) Or is it just some kind of confirmation tht I will get electronically once I book the interview app? Thank you!
  5. Thank you so much for everything. I think I do what I shouldn't do : stressing a bit too much as I want to make sure we do everything correctly. Sorry. One other thing I'd like to clarify is : Do you use a DS-260 or DS-160 for the K1?
  6. I may be missing something because I did read your PDF but it doesn't seem to answer my question...
  7. I do have a question... With the case number they give us the Invoice ID #. Dumb question but what do we do with this? I thought after the "NVC step" we will just need to wait for the Embassy to receive the case but what about CEAC? Is it just a way to track our case? Do you HAVE to pays fees on CEAC? Thank you.
  8. Actually according to what I've read case # got assigned on the 24th. Apparently : The digits tell us exactly when NVC created the case. For example a case with the number MNL2013747003 would be a case assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Manila. 2013 is the year in which NVC received the case from the USCIS (formerly INS). The Julian date is 747 plus 500, so this case was created on September 4, 2013, the 247th day of the year. The 003 shows that it was the third case created for Manila on that day. This case number is not the same as the USCIS receipt number, which is written on the Notice of Action, Form I-797, from the USCIS. A consular section abroad cannot find a case if all you have is the USCIS receipt number.
  9. NOA2 9/26 , just called the NVC and we got our case number assigned! Can't tell you when it was assigned exactly and when they ship it to the embassy, the lady just gave the case # and invoice ID # and was like "okay bye" we tried to ask a few questions but she wasn't really willing to answer... She said we'll get an email when it's being shipped though. But whatever at least we know things are moving forward!!!!
  10. I’ve heard it takes them up to a month to answer emails... I am currently waiting on the phone to talk to somebody (finally!!!) but it’s been over 30 minutes already... time to test my limits and see how patient I am 🙂 haha
  11. Thank you so much! I’ve heard they take a long time to answer to emails though...
  12. Hi everyone! Our NOA2 is from 09/26. As I see a few of you having a case number assigned already I wanted to call the NVC too and ask but no matter when I call it's always telling me to call back later due to the high amount of calls they receive everyone is busy ... Is there another way to check? Thank you!!!
  13. Yayyyy!!! Omg that’s so cool not everyone knows my city! It’s small but pretty. Is there anyway we can chat in private?! I’ll look into this from my computer tonight and will send you a message if possible!
  14. Good to hear some stories about people who went to visit while having a pending K-1! I can’t wait to read about all the next approvals!!!
  15. Thank you! I will keep checking on the forum because I wanna see you guys all get approved! When you call you press whatever you need to (1 I think) to check your case status then you pretend you don’t have your case number each time it asks and at some point it will directly put you on the phone with someone. Didn’t get anything! We got a text for Noa1 but this time NOTHING. I just checked on the app (tracker) and then double check on the CHECK CASE STATUS website and triple check through the account haha!
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