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  1. Me and my spouse applied for passports ~8 weeks ago at different post offices (Expedited & non-expedited). Both of us have received our passports and passport cards but not our naturalization certificates yet. Can someone comment whether this is common now?
  2. @nepttako How do you check the "non-citizen" part in your online account? Do you click on the "Apply for a replacement social security card" and check if it blocks you or lets your proceed based on your citizenship? Cos that's the only way the platform tells me that I am not a citizen. I don't see citizenship info in the home page when I log into myssa.gov.
  3. Heatiest congratulations 🙂 I am glad your time has arrived. Can you post your timeline especially date applied, interview notice date and interview date?
  4. I know of one SF July 2021 applicant who got interview letter 6 days ago for interview in June. I think yours should be very close if you have a nominal case. SFO usually does oath ceremonies same day if your interview is before 1:30pm
  5. What time in the day was your interview and when did it actually start and complete?
  6. Install the USCIS case app on your phone. You can give it your case # and it will keep checking for your cases every few hours and immediately send you an alert if there is an update to your case. That will prevent the painful process of constantly checking and getting disappointed. Also did you check this forum's case tracker for NYC USCIS office? https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/citlist.php?op6=All&op7=New+York+City+NY&op1=6&op2=&op4=1&op5=&cfl=0 The most recent N400 cases are taking 12 months since date of filing to be approved. Some cases are are being approved 6 months after filing N400 but that's because USCIS is holding I-751 and N400 interviews combined and the I-751 was probably applied > 12 months before the interview. If you don't have an older I-751 pending, do not get your hopes high atleast until you cross the 8 month mark.
  7. > Now the question is that I did not include any tax documentation to that. Actually my lawyer told me no to do. Your lawyer is right. Employment based GC apps got a GC on the basis of being employed in the US. Most employment based GC's have been legally living in the US and paying taxes on various work permits for more than a decade and chances of tax inconsistencies are pretty low. N400 application does not ask employment based GC for tax documents and so you should not submit anything unless you have been explicitly asked for by the application. The discussion forum is biased toward most folks who are marriage based GC's where onus of proving a genuine relationship with the US citizen spouse is key to approval of N400 and so applicants always file tax returns as one of the proofs. that onus does not apply to employment based GC's.
  8. At the bottom of this page: https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ When you enter N400 and your local field office: Washington DC, it shows the earliest date when people can send an e-request to USCIS for inquiring about their case. For washington DC, that date is August 31, 2020 so if your app date is after August 31, 2020 USCIS owes you no specific reply. For further trends, you can use the case tracker and filter it for your city. For Dc area, looks like everyone who applied before August 2021, has received interview notice: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/citlist.php?cfl=0&op1=3&op2=d&op4=1&op5=&op6=All&op7=Washington DC So if you are in August, the end might be just a month away at most. Hang in there!
  9. oh you live near DC is it? Your profile shows dallas tx. DC processing time for n400 is showing 11.5 months while Dallas TX is 12 months so ya, you would have to be very very lucky if you get interview notice before May 29th. so maybe pace your expectations until then, else it will be 4 very frustrating months. I am from San Francisco where the interview letter seems to be getting sent very consistently after 12-13 months so I am not checking my status every hour until Oct 2022. Besides, some of us waited 12 years just to even get a GC I know many who have been in this country legally for 20+ yrs paying taxes and still don't have a GC. Another 7-8 months for becoming a citizen shouldn't be too hard right?
  10. Your case seems to be out of Dallas TX whose processing time is showing 11 months. So typically you would get interview letter 10 months after nov 29 which is Sept 29. Even if you were exceptionally lucky and your processing time was halved for what's typical of Dallas, TX of only 6 months that would still be no sooner than May 29. Any reasons why you expecting something now?
  11. some misconceptions flying around here: Tax returns, bank joint ownerships, car ownerships etc are asked from marriage based 3 yr N400 applicants as proving a successful ongoing marriage is proof that applicant satisfies N400 conditions. 5 yr employment based applicants are *NOT* asked for these documents as the burden of proving residence in US is based on a different criteria. employment based GCs are at most asked to upload marriage certificate (for their spouse is also applying for n400 and got their gc simultaneously) and birth certificates of kids if any, that's it. At the interview they will almost always ask you to produce passport + state ID + green card that's all.
  12. @ImmiGeekthank you sir. always detailed rich replies
  13. @ImmiGeekso how did the same day oath and interview pan out? what are the latest oath timings at SFO center to be able to squeeze into same day oath? Also, did your pursuit of certified copy of naturalization certificate materialize?
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