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  1. I moved to the US in October 2018, filed for EAD/AP/AOS in November and got EAD/AP in July and Green Card in August. You're in for a wait, the wait times are still bad. As far as I know, volunteering is out of the question too since it is also a form of working. my thoughts for you is if you're able, get your drivers license whilst the K1 visa is within it's 90 days and do a little driving around your area. You'll want to be familiar with the roads around your area prior to working. This is exactly what I did, and it really helped since I now work about a block away from the National Benefits Center in Lee's Summit, right where the AOS/EAD Green Cards are processed.
  2. Just book a flight with Icelandair. They do the cheap one-way flights. In fact my one-way flight to the US from Manchester last year cost my less than a return would with my usual airline (American Airlines). I remember being in this predicament the first week of October last year
  3. In a panic, I made an InfoPass appointment as well as sending USCIS/NBC replacement copies of my Birth Certificate with a note from myself saying 'The birth certificate was issued in England, the country where English came from...I cannot translate an English birth certificate to English'. I told InfoPass what happened and what actions I took and they found the entire thing absurd. They said I had done the correct thing by sending a replacement copy as they advised me that it may have gotten lost or misplaced and that the RFIE was a generic message with no real detail to it. My advice is what you have done, which is to send a replacement copy of the same document. Due to it being an RFIE, it does add some processing time onto your case so expect a delay whilst they confirm it. In my case it set me back about 1-2 months. I successfully obtained my EAD/AP at the end of June, and got my conditional Green Card 2 weeks ago with no issue
  4. I ran into the same issue from the UK. What I did was went with Icelandair one-way. Their one-way flights were a good price and not outrageously expensive. Alternatively, you could buy a return flight and just not board the return flight. Some airlines MAY charge you for this. So I would go with the Icelandair option. Their planes are very new and clean.
  5. My driver's license was something I completely overlooked when I moved. I dealt with my taxes, voting stuff/electoral roll etc but completely blanked on that. To be honest, I'd rather do everything by the book and avoid deception if I can help it as lies tend to come back and bite you ๐Ÿ˜‚
  6. Gotcha, I did not actually realize that about my license. I figured it'd be through a 3rd party insurer, but I am completely new to hiring a rental car so didn't have a clue.
  7. Thank you! Oh I remember how tight the cornish roads are, but mainly I remember how expensive parking there is. Particularly around St. Ives. I won't mind the differing cost for different drop-off. We were planning to probably get the train up to the airport or have a neighbour watch the doggos (they are adopted rescues with severe anxiety when left), and not have to deal with Rental Car stuff the morning of our flight since the flight departs at around 10, and it takes a good 3 ish hours to even get there from my/my parents house. I hadn't actually considered looking through the airline as I tend to just book directly through American. I'll have to take a nose and see what I can find out. Gotcha, I wondered if that was why they had credit cards on file. Very helpful, thank you!
  8. Yes, but expired. I don't really see a point to pay the DVLA to renew a license I'll almost never use anymore so ideally I'd prefer to use my Missouri License. I'm assuming the UK may want an International Driver's License (IDL), but that using my MO license as a tourist would be fine. Ideally I'd prefer not to rent, but my parents can't fit us both, them both and 2 dogs and all our luggage in the Jaguar estate either for the 3 hour drive from the airport or on the 5 hour holiday to cornwall ๐Ÿ˜‚. I was planning on using Europcar as they have the best rates and they have a place I can drop it off in my hometown before departing back to the US. Hopefully they don't try giving us a giant SUV and let us just use the Astra we were looking at. So using a MO driver's license and UK passport, what else will I need to potentially prepare for beforehand? I read somewhere I needed a credit card or something similar, and I was also unfamiliar with the insurance rules. Online seems to be quite conflicting though so it's hard to get a clear picture and I'd love to avoid facing unknowns the morning I fly into Manchester ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Good morning all, I was wondering if LPR's had any experience hiring a car. Let me give some background info. I am a British citizen living in the USA, I have my Green Card interview in 2 days so I'll be an LPR (hopefully) by the time my UK trip comes around I hold a Missouri drivers license We have a Bank of America credit card We are with Geico insurance I am from the UK I want to hire a rental car in the UK We are going to the UK for 2 weeks over October/November So long story short, can a British LPR hire a rental car in the UK using a Missouri driver's license? If so, what will I need? I have never hired a rental before in any country so I am clueless where to begin. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Ahhh what a throwback. I had almost forgotten about the ridiculousness of USCIS demanding an English translation of an English issued Birth Certificate, from England ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh but I was quite amused by incarnation. I think you mean incarceration, unless you're worried about becoming a deity.
  12. No. I got a speeding ticket back in May, there is nothing to worry about. You aren't a criminal.
  13. So several sets of good news has come around this month! Green Card interview scheduled for Aug 6th EAD/AP Combo Card arrived! I applied for a job days before the NBC mailed my combo card Had 2 interviews for the job GOT THE JOB the SAME week my combo card arrived! Full time at Best Buy! Winner winner chicken dinner! And to top it off, we booked our 2 weeks off back to the UK today too! It'll be a year and 3 weeks since I've seen my family by the time I go home Hopefully it's this quick and efficient for everyone else still struggling!
  14. Apologies, the error is mine. This is what happens when I come on the clunkier VJ on my phone, welp ๐Ÿ˜‚
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