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  1. I never burn, like ever. A number of years ago I experienced 133℉ in DC and I am certain I no longer needed my man sausage. My bodily fluids just drained out of my skin like a sieve 😂
  2. Hi, when I scheduled my InfoPass I just used this link: https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/us It then gave me a choice of appointments. I managed to get one for less than a week later first thing in the morning. How have you been trying to get an InfoPass?
  3. I am still salty about this, and will remain salty until our case goes from 'RFIE was received' to 'Interview scheduled' Heck yeah! I've been wondering about it for a couple of months now and I think it would be a lot of fun! We could share our tales of woe in waiting and how much weight we all gained (except somehow I've lost 20lbs lol?) and laugh at how horrific the process was 😂. @rrobin0609 and I think it'd probably be worth really considering whenever we have a legit house in the future since we're in the midwest, it'd be a relatively balanced travel distance for y'all if we hosted.
  4. I hereby petition we all do a meeting somewhere when we've all done our oath ceremonies and have beers and foods from our collected countries!
  5. Thank you! It's so nice to see all my fellow November filers making real progress. It's certainly reassuring given the lengthy wait. Jan obviously discovered our thread 😂
  6. Congratulations!!! Glad to see that! Holla!! Congrats!! About bloody time!
  7. Thank you, me too. I will pretty irritated if they don't!
  8. Thank you Casetracker for getting me excited, then immediately destroying my hopes and dreams.
  9. I had my InfoPass on Tuesday, my appointment was for 8:45am at USCIS. I left early since it's a 50 minute drive and got there for about 8:10am. Went in, friendly airport style security as usual and they just told me to go check in at the desk. I got seen straight away at 8:15am, half an hour early. Why oh why can't the rest of this process be that fast? Anyway, I explained the situation and reason for expedite on AP and the lady explained she'd be happy to expedite but that there shouldn't be an immediate need (I explained I was aiming to go in June). She told me there's no good reason why I wouldn't have my Green Card in hand by mid-May. She did say I could pay to expedite AP, about $500 and re-send the AP again OR if I don't have GC by June 1, she said she'd do an 'emergency expedite' on AP. I also talked to her about my RFIE for AOS in regards to my English Birth Certificate that was apparently a translation, I showed her my RFIE and my Birth Certificate. She showed the officers behind her and they scratched their heads and had a chuckle with me about the stupidity of the RFIE. They also said not to worry, someone at the NBC probably lost it. Crisis averted, hopefully in the next 6 weeks we have ALL had interviews OR have them scheduled.
  10. You must be off your rocker if you guys are considering risking your K1 for someone else's wedding. If you guys knew ahead of time about the wedding, why not come to the US a week later to provide ample time in the 90 days? Overstaying your ESTA WILL jeopardize any chance of re-entry into the US, not just on a K1 but also as a future visitor. CBP is under no obligation to grant entry to someone who previously overstayed. I did a 3 month stay in the US with my wife (then fiancée) about 3 years ago, and I made sure my return flight was 4 days before the ESTA expired. You never know what could happen with flights. Be cautious. I'd personally leave ASAP, then come back in like a month or so if the wedding is that important. 'Border hopping' will also not work, they no doubt see that happen all the time. They have electronic records of entries and departures for each individual. Your best bet is to play by the rulebook. FYI, I am not intending to come across rude - but you must play by the rules. This whole process sucks enough, don't create future complications. PS: No one on VJ will ever recommend any method of circumventing the US legal system or bypassing border control laws. It's illegal and also against the TOS.
  11. JunkTardis

    US/UK Dual Citizenship

    I too am from the UK. No one will take their UK citizenship away, if you were born British or are a citizen then you will always retain it. The UK will never ask you to denounce it, and even swearing allegiance to the US won't take it away either. I'd recommend the basics though such as keep passport up to date and not throwing out any old legal documents from the UK, you never know when you might need to prove your identity again to the UK for something. Your spouse would be able to move back to the UK at any point if they ever so choose, and if you guys decided to move there together you could quite easily by comparison to moving to the US.
  12. Oh geez, don't get me started on that again 😂 Crazy crazy stuff
  13. My wife and I both had multiple notifications through the Case Tracker app. You're not alone!
  14. It's absolutely USCIS's fault that we have to wait so long. Half of the RFE's people get are due to them losing documents all the time. Most of us paperclip this stuff together. If you're load is too much, you load balance and transfer to other offices/locations. I worked for a call center for 3 years, and I understand how it feels to get bitched at myself. That being said, I was ALWAYS able to at least provide a simple apology rather than some ambiguous generic answer that doesn't help. When you pay the high costs we do, a simple apology would go a LONG way in improving relations. It's basic manners.
  15. Actually, using Foxit PDF I am able to use all of the fields without having to use the OCR button. We used Foxit for all of our PDF's through the process and haven't ran into an issue yet.