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  1. It's set to expire end of February when the 6 month end of Visa date is set to expire (We're married now though and technically due to marrying within 90 days my visa expires in late December). On that date or before I simply need to renew the same way as a regular US Citizen would at a cost of $3 to the DMV. I've either been well prepared or got lucky, but so far it's been a pretty painless experience knocking out tasks one by one with @rrobin0609
  2. Hi, I moved on 2/10/2018 on a K1 visa to Missouri. We got married 2 weeks later, applied for Social Security the day after marriage. For the US Driver's test (My Missouri experience), I turned up at the DMV with - i94 - Passport - Receipt showing I had applied for Social Security (Though if you have your SSN, this is preferred) - Utility bill with my address and name on it (I also brought a UK HMRC tax form with my US Address on it, just in case) I lined up at the desk and asked specifically for a 'Full US Driver's license'. All the DMV instructor asked me for was my Passport and my i94. I was then ushered into the office area to take my written test, which is really easy. Just make sure you know your road signs and have common sense. You can retake this 3 times in a single day in Missouri if you fail it. Once you've completed this, they'll ask you to do a vision test. Takes 20 seconds. I then waited about 20 minutes for an instructor to become available to sit with me during the practical test. I did the practical test, took about 10 minutes in total (I scored 98/100) on this. It's insanely easy compared to the UK standards. They congratulated me, and gave me my paperwork and told me to take it to the license office next door. I arrived there, told them I needed my drivers license. Gave them all my information (They asked me for Passport and SSN receipt only - though it's normal to be asked proof of address), paid $10 and was all done with paper license in hand awaiting my card license. It's really that easy. I did not tell the DMV I had a full UK driver's license as I did not want to surrender my UK license either. So I now have a UK and a USA full drivers license. Do not ask the DMV for a learners permit or an intermediate license, ask them for a FULL driver's license. Also, NO you do NOT need to do any driving lessons as an adult in the US, however that being said I would advise you do some driving around the US roads so you get accustomed to their road rules. You should be legal to drive on your Ukraine license provided you're insured to drive. I have included a picture of the documents I used to obtain my drivers license in the attachment. Good luck!
  3. For further information to my fellow UK drivers, do not panic about the US driving test. It's a walk in the park by comparison to our strenuous, stressful and expensive 'learning to drive' experience. I knocked it all out in under 2 hours. Showed up at the DMV for 3:15, had passed my written test by 3:25pm, took my practical at 4:15pm and was back at the DMV by 4:25. The practical test was around 10 minutes. I had to demonstrate the usage of the indicators (blinkers to Americans), wipers, and front de-mister. I then had to demonstrate how I'd pull out of a parking spot normally (Remember to use your handbrake/parking brake). It's then just a quick drive around at slow speed, parallel park between some cones, drive around a neighbourhood and then back to the DMV. You'll then be told your score, and called up to get your paperwork and take it to the licensing office to get your license sorted out. Really straightforward and inexpensive. My total cost was around $10 to pass my test and get my license. When you consider it can cost up to £1000 in total back home it's quite a difference. Good luck to those taking their US tests!
  4. JunkTardis

    My K1 Knightsbridge London Medical Experience

    Thank you! I had a feeling it would be held, a little annoying as all of us are anxious to make sure everything goes through without a hitch or delay but my GP appointment is booked for Friday first thing, which should be sufficient time. Looks like we have the same last work day AND the same POE date! I think it was you who said Sep 21st was their last working day? You aren't flying through Chicago as well by any chance? That would just be funny 😂
  5. Hello! I thought I'd publish my start to finish experience of going through the K1 Visa Medical, I am sure it will be pretty detailed so hold on to your butts. In late July I booked my appointment by calling Knightstbridge with my LND number from the NVC. The soonest date I was offered was Tuesday 27th August, so there was about a 1 month wait on booking. That was okay though, as it allowed me to do a little bit extra overtime and increase my savings prior to the bill. August 13th rolled around and so I pre-booked train tickets, a rather steep amount as it was a 450 mile round trip. I had initially planned to take a 9:30am train, but decided last minute to go an hour earlier, which was a sensible decision. I left my house at 8am, did the 2 mile bike ride to the train station, and set off. I arrived in London Paddington for 11:30am. Unsurprisingly, both trains were 20minutes late which is consistant with the UK train service you can expect to receive. I am familiar with the London Underground and how to get to where I needed to, but for those worrying about getting lost: Don't. It's dead easy. If you're coming by train, before you exit Paddington near the smokers corner, head down to Bakerloo Line (Southbound) and take it for 3 stops til you get to Baker Street. Then you simply switch onto the Jubilee Line (Southbound) until you reach Bond Street. I arrived on Bond Street at about 12:15pm, so with time to spare I decided to get some food from Pret, just around the corner from the Bond Street station. From here, it was about a 7 minute walk to Bentinck Street, and the first building you see is 11 Bentinck Street, which in the e-mail from Knightsbridge is the building to look out for. I was there! Alas, it was only 12:40pm, so I was almost an hour too early for my appointment! However, conveniently around the corner, past the Korean Streetfood shop there is a Pub where you can get a free water, recharge your phone, sit and wait or use the toilet. Knightsbridge Doctors from the front Press the buzzer for Flat 4 here, it is all clearly marked. The Appointment I arrived promptly for 1pm to my 1:30pm appointment, as I expected to be filling out paperwork. I was told to go and wait in the waiting room, which was pretty comfortable with big leather sofa's and water refreshment. At your designated appointment time, you are supposed to come back up to the desk. It's at this point that you will be asked to provide any documentation that you have. You're probably familiar with the list already, but what you will need is: Passport (Bring your original, and they like a copy - if you do not have this, they will make one) 4 US or UK style passport photo's. (Mine was a copy, I used a photobooth locally to get US Visa Photo's and did a colour scan onto photo paper to save costs) ACRO Police Certificate (I did not even bring the original, a copy of this will suffice) Vaccination Records (Mine was again, a copy) Completed Medical Questionnaire (Link is found in your email from Knightsbridge) - ALSO: DO DOWNLOAD THIS STRAIGHT FROM THE EMAIL, THEY UPDATE THIS PERIODICALLY AND THE ONE I HAD FROM 4 MONTHS AGO WAS OUTDATED, BUT I CAUGHT IT IN TIME. Something legitimate with your LND case number. I brought a copy of the letter from the embassy with the barcode on the top of it. Try to avoid handing over originals, as they will keep these documents (Passport is the exception). The guy next to me made life particularly difficult for the receptionist as he had no copies, and they were all original and he was kicking off about needing them all back. So make life easier for them and you, copy everything. I did this and kept them in a plastic wallet and handed it straight over. When the receptionist is done with the paperwork, they will give you another short questionnaire which takes 2minutes to fill out and a sample cup to pee in. You can pee in the cup at anytime during your appointment, which is a good thing as there is only 1 bathroom which is high in demand. After about 5 minutes after handing in my sample cup and completed questionnaire, I was called over to do my chest x-ray. This was pretty quick and simple, shirt off, lean on the machine, done. 5 more minutes in the waiting room later, another Doctor called my name, shook my hand and took me into the office. I can't stress enough how relaxed these guys are, I can't speak for them all but the Doctor I had (Doctor Clarke) had an excellent bedside manner, and a great sense of humour and was overall a pretty funny guy. I was asked the usual basics, to confirm my DOB and my name, as well as confirm any previous surgeries (In my case, tympanoplasty). I was asked if I smoked, had ever taken drugs, if I drink - how often etc. The usual Doctor questions. He then asked me to remove everything except undergarments, and lie on my back on the bed to perform some routine tests. In my case he tested my breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, eyesight. Nothing invasive at all. A blood sample was taken, though he had trouble locating a vein to draw from. My medical went smoothly with just one or two caveats. Lack of medical history. This is just due to my local GP being generally useless in almost every way. 5 times I had visited prior to my medical to request a Patient Summary or short break down of medical history. I even set up my records online, and signed my consent to share all of my patient history on there so I could access it. No bueno. All I got was my last 3 consultations. As a result, when it came to pay I was handed a consent form and letter to my GP requesting the information. The other issue was high blood pressure, I believe this is due to me using Panadol on a headache in the morning. I had no knowledge that NSAID's will send blood pressure through the roof, oops. Whilst it's not grounds for dismissing my case, the Doctor was being a Doctor and told me I needed to go to my GP, get a repeat blood pressure done and have the results, and an action plan faxed over to him. After being walked back to the waiting room, the time came where I was called up to pay. The receptionist went over what the Doctor had told me , so get consent signed, get results faxed over etc. She showed me all the paperwork, handed it to me and took payment. £330 was my total I paid, with no vaccinations needed at all. Job done! For those of you stressing prior to your appointment like I was, you can relax. It's really not that bad at all, and I'm not exactly in great shape. I have my interview in 2 weeks tomorrow, but in the interim I'm scheduling an appointment with my GP to get the rest of my medical signed off. I am unsure if Knightsbridge have 'held' my medical from the embassy until I fax further information, however I want it sorted ASAP so I can fly out on my preferred date on the 28th of September. Below I have included what forms I was handed post medical, with personal information blanked out. Total bill, along with a printout of FAQ's US Department of State form 3025. You will require this when you apply for Adjustment of Status. *DO NOT LOST THIS* Letter to my GP requesting a re-take of my blood pressure, attached underneath is a letter with consent form with a request for further medical history for my GP to fax to Knightsbridge. That's it for my medical experience, the whole thing took about 90minutes from start to finish and truthfully, I don't know why I was worried. I wish any prospective medical attendees the best of luck, just remember to be prepared! This whole process is about preparedness.
  6. JunkTardis

    K1 visa interview rescheduled by embassy

    The 21st of September will also be my last day of work before leaving the UK too! It was carefully planned to avoid working the weekend lol
  7. JunkTardis

    K1 VISA Issued! :)

  8. JunkTardis

    Knighstbridge London Medical Cost?

    Oh! That's fantastic news, thank you! I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of paying such a high price. Well, looks like I can have a more relaxing 2 weeks before my medical!
  9. Hello, okay so in my mind I have had the medical cost being somewhere in the region of £635 as I am expecting to pay for: Non-Immigrant Visa Exam - £385 Drug & Alcohol Test - £50 Chain of Custody Drug Screen - £95 DNA Specimen Collection - £105 All of these costs are found here on the knightsbridge website: http://www.visamedicals.co.uk/us-price.htm From your experience, is this the cost I am likely to incur? Or am I only paying for the £385 Visa Exam fee? I have plenty of money saved to cover it all, but I would like to avoid large costs if I can. Vaccination wise I am 100% completely up to date, so I won't need any of those. Thanks
  10. JunkTardis

    Save the Dates?

    I'd personally rather avoid save the dates altogether as I think it's a terrible idea and a poor way to plan a wedding of this nature. For an every day wedding it would be excellent, convenient and would make life easier. For a K1 wedding though, I firmly believe that the dates need to be flexible and fluid, and you need to be able to change things at a moments notice which is why I'd rather to a basic and simple wedding ceremony, and then a larger get together and vow renewal further down the road where the plans can be more fixed and elaborate.
  11. JunkTardis

    Question about the medical at Knightsbridge London

    I am pretty sure in the t's&c's of the 'Feel at Home' thing from Three it stipulates that using your SIM internationally works for a maximum of 3 months as it costs them for us to use it when roaming. My longest US stay was 1 week shy of 3 months, but I did not get any warnings or anything like that, so I am not sure how true that 3 month thing is or if they follow it too strictly. I will try to use it for as long as possible, for the same reasons you gave too! It would be nice to call home for free so no one has to plan to be on Skype or anything like that, and unlimited data and texts are a winner too
  12. JunkTardis

    Question about the medical at Knightsbridge London

    Thank you for this! I wasn't looking to be having to find a secure place to keep it locked away for the duration. It's a long train ride (4-5 hours) so I'd love to take my laptop with me 😁
  13. My status shows READY on CEAC, and I'd already booked my medical for the end of next month and so today I went ahead and booked my interview. I have not yet received P3, but because it shows 'READY' it's okay to go ahead and book. I set my date for 2 weeks post-medical so I have some wiggle room if anything crops up and they need additional documents about a pre-existing condition.
  14. Sweetie, you may want to correct this! To anyone following, I booked my Interview today, having just got the Ready status on CEAC and they gave me the soonest interview date of August 9th, however my medical is not until the 28th of August so I picked out my interview date as being 2 weeks after for September 13th. So I'm hoping now for visa approval by September 20th, and flying out September 27th
  15. JunkTardis

    Shipping UK to USA

    Anytime! Replacing a power supply is cheap and easy, having it conk out after you move would be a nightmare if it damages anything else. Good luck!