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  1. I’ve seen it a couple of times. It’s ok I spoke with a CBP officer and he said it won’t cause any difficulties and just means my paperwork will get annotated differently behind the scenes at POE, it won’t change anything on my end.
  2. I got my visa today and it has the annotation “Class B req attn of USPHS at POE”. I was expecting this as I have a history of depression and asthma but I just wondered what other people’s experiences were and whether it’ll cause any difficulties at the border. Thanks
  3. Coming from my own experience with these lawyers, they will not take on anyone that isn’t suitable. These are three highly respected and successful lawyers in the immigration world and they certainly don’t need to beg anyone for money. They’re currently suing the DOS left and right. None of us know the details of OP’s case so it’s up to them to decide the route they want to take. I was simply telling them it’s an option as a mandamus was clearly something OP was considering and a mass suit is considerably cheaper. I would suggest they contact the lawyers themselves to discuss the details of their personal case to see if it’s suitable for them.
  4. Just making OP aware of their options, up to them to weigh up the risks and I’m sure that’s something the lawyers will be than happy to discuss with them if it’s a concern of theirs
  5. From the website FAQs: Our new action filing will include people in the following situations: An I-129F has been approved, but is stuck at the National Visa Center The case is at the consulate, but an interview has not been scheduled The interview has been scheduled and cancelled at least once The interview has happened, but the case is stuck in administrative processing The K-1 visa was issued, but because of travel restrictions, the K-1 beneficiary was unable to travel before the visa expired and the consulate has not reissued the visa.
  6. Greg Siskind’s firm are currently onboarding until April 26th for a mandamus suit against Moscow. Just search for K1 Moscow mandamus case if interested With the current political tensions between the US and Russia, the situation at the Moscow consulate is just going to get worse.
  7. Honestly, no one can give you a solid yes or no on whether or not plaintiffs will get prioritised. It is too late to participate in the lawsuit. The department of state has said the whole time that plaintiffs do not get priority over other people. Whether they’ll uphold this position is another story. The benefit plaintiffs have is that their name is in front of a judge and the government attorney. They both get updates from the lawyers very regularly and eventually the judge will get to the point where he wants to see these cases moved, the government attorney also doesn’t want to fight a ton of individual people and will be trying to convince their client (the DOS) to cooperate and just give people their interviews. It’s pretty much an unknown how it’ll play out. Most London plaintiffs have their interviews, there’s only about 15 that don’t. We also don’t even know when or if London will resume K1s any time soon, they should, so hopefully they update soon. The good news is that you should be relatively close to the front of the line when they do begin processing K1s again.
  8. Yep! A lot of money but to be honest it’s the best 2K I’ve ever spent
  9. Just to clarify, you won’t be able to visit the US on an ESTA or tourist visa while waiting for a K1. The exemptions only apply to those travelling to the US on K1s and other immigrant visas
  10. Unfortunately the lawsuit is closed now, no more being added but thats because they are going to ask the judge to apply it to all K1s. This will take sometime but hopefully you don’t need to rely on that because your expedite is timely and you can be with your daughter soon.
  11. Just so you can get an idea with what’s happen with London right now, as others have said there’s been no K1s in London since March 2020 unless you’re a plaintiff in Milligan vs Pompeo. When it comes to the lawsuit, plaintiffs added in October have had their interviews and most are in the US. Of the plaintiffs added in January, there’s still 23 London cases that have had no movement and are still waiting to hear from London. There’s almost 150 London plaintiffs in round 3 that are waiting to be added. I joined round 3 and my best guess is I’ll get my interview around June/July time. So I’m suing and it’s still 3/4 months out, could be even more. London is being really difficult with plaintiffs, it’s a problem consulate that the lawyers are having to highlight to the judge. There is one bit of hope, after round 3 is good to go the lawyers are going to ask the judge to apply it to all K1s, if the judge agrees then all consulates, including London, will have to resume K1s as normal. There is of course still a backlog and unfortunately without an expedite, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for an interview before the end of the year. It all depends on London’s attitude and whether they get on with it but clearly they’re in no rush. I hope I’m wrong though and London shocks us all by getting their ####### into gear and your interview is a lot sooner than expected.
  12. I’m pretty sure they’re referring to the public charge rule and your partner making 250% of the poverty line being deemed a “heavily weighted positive” in your case as opposed to the 125% which is just a positive. It’s still plenty over the minimum, even close to the 250% line and that’s good, it’ll still be considered a positive so don’t worry!
  13. I applied in May 2020, took 8 months for an NOA2. Depending on the country your biggest hurdle will be getting an interview, if it’s a covid travel ban country then at the minute it’s an indefinite wait. Hopefully some movement happens soon but don’t expect anything quickly.
  14. It’s not a requirement for the I-129f so yes it can get approved without these. Passport pages with US entry stamps can be useful for evidence of meeting in the last 2 years though. If you’re really worried it won’t hurt to include them but it’s not a necessity. They’re not required until the interview stage.
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