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Physical addresses in DS260 form
1:57 pm May 19, 2023



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I make a mistake in my ds260 form I added only my 5 years travel history and physical addresses idk how to add the remaining addresses to my ds260 now as it already submitted or how to solve this issue is there a way to solve out this problem?

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Abu Dhabi embassy new interviews letter today
4:34 pm April 17, 2023

Atif Sagheer

Atif Sagheer

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25 August is covered Interview date 12 June 2023


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Petitioning parents and underage sibling
6:43 pm April 6, 2023



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Hi everyone. I'm petitioning my parents (or maybe my dad first). Once dad is here, I understand he can then petition for my underage brother (age: 14 y.o.). What happens if my parents decide to abandon their green card in the future? will my brother keep his LPR or will he lose it? thanks!

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When will I get IL
11:27 pm March 17, 2023

Atif Sagheer

Atif Sagheer

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My Dq date is 07 December 2022. Previously my location was Islamabad Pakistan but now changed to Abu Dhabi as ? requested. Any idea when will be I interviewed??

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USPS lost my green card.
2:54 am March 3, 2023



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USPS apparently delivered my green card via priority mail but accidentally delivered it to the wrong address.

I have been on a goose chase with them to try to locate it. It has been 2 weeks since the delivery; they are unable to find it and keep stalling me. I visited the location they delivered it to and they have been frantically trying to locate it too (it's a school and the entire staff is on it - they actually know my husband as he went to middle school there).

I contacted USCIS and after a few agents with misinformation, they advised that either: I should wait a little longer or just file for a replacement card. I would need to file an I 90 and pay the fee AGAIN. There's also another form I can submit for a fee waiver, which is subject to their consideration.

It would take me 19 months to get a new card and according to them, they've done their job, and it's for me to sort out with USPS or then just apply for it all over again.

This is beyond frustrating, and I've been told this happens A LOT.

My learning from this is to watch my mail and case tracker like a hawk in the future. When I went from my biometrics, the lady at the office said it could take up to 6 months for it to be printed and delivered. Therefore, I never really kept tabs on my case tracker. I happened to randomly log into the case tracker a few days later to check up, and to my surprise, it was delivered within two weeks but again to the wrong address......

Any advice is helpful. Thank you in advance.

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