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US Immigration from United Arab Emirates

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Sponsoring mother, Currently unemployed
5:01 pm May 17, 2022



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Hi everybody,

Here is the landscape:

I'm a single father, living with my 3month old daughter.

Currently claiming unemployment benefit because I can't work on-site with an infant on hand, been unemployed since mid February 2022 .

I do earn well above the poverty rate and we are a household of 2 (My daughter and I). I can get back to work once my mother comes over.

would selecting 'Unemployed' (Form i-864, Part 6) negatively effect my mother's case at NVC or should I wait to get a job first and then proceed?


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Dual citizenship requirements
8:20 pm May 16, 2022



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Hello! Anyone here who recently completed their dual citizenship application in person? In page 2 of the form, there is a section for "Certification" with space for a notary public's signature. Does this have to be done (notarized) in advance? Or do I complete this section when I am at the embassy during my appointment? Thanks!

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EB1 Consular Processing - Abu Dhabi
9:30 am April 23, 2022



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I got DQed for EB1 in Nov 2021 and waiting for my interview in Abu Dhabi.

Anyone in similar situation. Any idea about current wait times?


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N400 interview (not oath ceremony) before 3 year mark?
6:41 pm April 13, 2022



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Hello, my spouse came in on CR-1, applied for i751 and has interview for ROC scheduled. Also now applied for N400 as soon as they became eligible 90 days before the 3 year mark. Biometrics have been taken, was given the study guide and told to wait for interview, and online status has updated to the same. The question is, is it possible that the upcoming ROC interview can be a combo interview, with oath ceremony scheduled after the conclusion of 3 years of permanent resident status? Field office is Kansas City which as I understand doesn't do same day oath ceremony anyway. Thank you!

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Abu Dhabi Interview Scheduling?
5:59 pm April 4, 2022



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Hi all,

Does anyone know what the status / approx wait times are for the Abu Dhabi Consulate scheduling interviews?

  • Petition filed: May 2021
  • Petition Approved: Sept 2021
  • 1st FE: Dec 2021
  • DQ'd March 2022.

Petitioner is a USC and beneficiary is a Canadian citizen living in the UAE.

Does it make sense to transfer the case to Canada?

Thanks in advance!


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