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Timeline of Embassy process after NVC transfer the file
8:41 pm June 5, 2024



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Hi, when it s expected to get the interview letter and date after the status becomes ready?

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2:06 am April 12, 2024



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Summary of my child s case:

* I got naturalized in August 2008.

* In September 2008 applied for my 1 year old child s green card, got approval and immigrant visa stamped in May 2009 at US embassy in Abu Dhabi and was informed once he enters USA, automatically becomes US citizen and can apply for his US passport as me the father is US citizen.

* In June 2009 my child entered USA and he got his US passport issued in July 2009.

* Resided 4 months in USA then due to unforeseen circumstances had to move back to Dubai.

* Renewed child s US passport every 5 years (2014 & 2019) at US consulate Dubai, never any questions were asked and the process was very smooth.

* In November 2023 applied for renewal of his passport (due to expire in March 12 2024), Officer at consulate directly questioned my son (16 year old minor) if he ever lived in USA, son replied he has always lived in Dubai, the officer gave me pink paper and told they need to review the application for renewal without informing what the reason was.

* Despite numerous weekly emails to consulate to follow-up on renewal, no response or reason of delay was given.

* On March 4th 2024, me and my son traveled to New York for a 4 days trip, to attend 3 different university tours he had applied for admission for his studies in NY for fall 2024 and also reapplied his US passport renewal at New York passport agency as the consulate in Dubai were not responding on the passport renewal.

* On March 6th, we went to collect his renewed passport but the NY passport agency told there already is a pending application from another office (Consulate in Dubai) they cannot renew the passport at the moment and need to wait on the decision.

* On March 7th 2024 received notice from State department that his US passport has been revoked due to not maintaining residency in USA and the previous passport given at the NY passport office will be destroyed.

Now my son is stuck in New York, without a passport
Urgently needs to travel to Dubai, attend his 12th grade final school exams in April 2024
If he does not appear for the exams will have to repeat the full year of 12th grade and also will not be able to join the university in New York.

The manager at NY passport office was very supportive and understanding, advised if we could get the citizenship certificate would issue the passport immediately, so now I have applied for the N-600k but this can take up to 12 months due to the long processing time and my son will turn 18 after 11 months, then not eligible.

I never knew there was any requirement of maintaining residency in USA after getting the passport back in year 2009, otherwise would have applied for the N-600k citizenship certificate during that time.

Me, my wife and all children are US citizens and currently reside in Dubai.

I already have visited two different attorneys, both charged me heavy consultation fees and at the end informed they have no experience in this kind of case.

Please can someone advise or recommend an immigration attorney who has experience or specializes in this kind of case, need to expedite the N-600k to urgent or if any other way to get his US passport issued immediately.


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F4 visa interview at US Embassy in Manila Philippines
5:24 am March 18, 2024



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Did anyone recently receive Interview letter from the US Embassy in Manila?

Can anyone give us an idea about the waiting time for receiving the Interview letter?

About me:

  • Visa Type: F4
  • DQ: June, 14 2022

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I751 was transferred to another office and new office jas jurisdiction while N400 is pending since 10 months
11:00 pm February 26, 2024



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Hi, my I751 was transferred to another office and the new office has jurisdiction, it was transferred to NBC to speed up the process. Moreover my N400 has been pending for 10 months, please see the timeline and

What I can expect now?

16-12-2021- I 751 file to Vermont

20-2-2024- I 751 case was transferred to another office to speed up the process and the new office has jurisdiction.

13/4/2021- apply for N400 under 3 years rule.


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6:06 pm February 21, 2024



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I would like to share my experience in my K1 visa interview since there is no latest post for this topic.

First of all, we've waited for 2yrs to have this interview to happen, we didn't file or DIY for this application as my fiance don't have the patience to do the paper works so we hired an immigration lawyer to help us for the filling.

We filed the application Iin Feb 2021, got the approval July 2023, however we received the notice from US Embassy in Abu Dhabi in September 2023 coz the email address of my fiance in i-29 was wrong (so be careful and check thoroughly your application to avoid this to happen). And the interview date available when we booked was 20 Feb 2024.

Feb 20, 8:30am was my appointment date in US Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Prior of that, I double check all my documents that I need to bring on my interview that was mentioned in the email I received from them. I put all my documents in a expanding folder, for easy access.

If you are alone and nobody will accompany you there, don't bring a bag with you.

I have only my purse and the expanding folder.

I didn't bring my mobile with me, coz I thought they will not allowed it inside, but you could bring it with you, they will ask you to switch off your mobile and smart watch if you are wearing that and leave it in the security.

I arrived 6am, and there were already 6 people there before me.

7:30 am, they started to check your appointment, there are two separate lines for non-immigrant and immigrant application, after that, they will let you inside the building and provide you the que no and asked you to seat in window 10-11 area.

past 8am they will call you to handover your documents (window 7-9), they ask for my passport + copy, original birth certificate + copy, original CENOMAR, his original divorce paper + copy, my original police clearance only (UAE, QATAR & NBI,they took all the original police cleanrance copies & they didn't return it back to me after the interview, other oringinal documents were returned to me), DS-160, email confirmation of the payment/ and date of interview & 2nos of 2x2 photos .

After that, you will proceed at biometrix window, then next step was the interview.

FYI, I thought there are separate room for the interview, but it is in the same area where they took your documents & biometrix.

IO window are 10 & 11 (there are two I.O. assigned for immigrants visa application and you can hear what the IO are asking from applicants, not sure if others heared my answers during the interview).

The IO called me around 9:30am, and here are the questions.

1. What is your full name?

2. What is your fiance name?

3. How you two met? and when?

4. When did you start dating? Seeing each other in person?

5. Where do you live?

6. How long you've been in the UAE?

7. What is the job of your fiance?

8. Is this your first marriage? And how about your fiance?

9. Do you have children?

10. Have you been in the US? What was the longest date you spend in the US?

11. What is your wedding plans?

Then she ask for the photos for the evidence that we are seeing each other. Like yearly, we see to it to see each other.

Answer the question direct, no need for any further explanations.

Then she told me, shes already satisfiied how our interview went and inform me that I will receive my passport within a week via epost.

Note: Even though I have all the necessary documents to support our relationship, I-34 and his finances (bank statement, emp. certificate, pay stubs, IRS tax etc.) she didn't ask about those. However, maybe it is case to case basis and depends on the I.O. how they accessing your applications. She was looking our file on her computer and the same time she have the packet of our i-20 hard copies in a folder. So better to bring all the evidence/ supporting documents that could help you in case they will ask for it.

Good luck!!

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