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    Any Dhabi interview slots

    After they received from NVC embassy takes almost 3-4 week to send interview invitation email. after email you can get the appointment, mostly it takes 1-2 week for me it took 2 week to get the interview date
  2. Thank you so much for your reply . i will contact them
  3. Hello everyone i know it’s a common topic , but if any one can share their lates experience traveling on k1 visa with one way ticket . i am traveling from Dubai to Orlando this March last week please share your boarding experience with one way ticket thanks
  4. It will take few days for administrative process, in between 2-10 days and after that status will be issued
  5. I think in 3-4 days it will be issued and you will get it
  6. Hi i did not got any form. i got my visa yesterday hope you will get soon 😊
  7. Hi everyone My interview was on 16/01/2019 in Abudabhi ,counselor officer said my visa got approved and handed over me white slip with a message that congratulations and how I will get my passport back . after coming back I checked my status it was application received and later changed to administrative process. please share experience is this normal or My visa came in 221 g because till now it’s same thanks
  8. Hi everyone Currenty I am waiting for k1 visa interview which is shedule on 16/01/2019 in U.S. Embassy, UAE , And my Fiancée ( US citizen) is coming for the same time . we want to go to interview together. it is allowe to attend or visit the embassy together in UAE embassy Abudabhi? please share your experience

    K3 packet waiting

    Hi Geowrian Yes you are right I m saying about k3 packet invitation for k1 interview shall I contact embassy for it ??
  10. HUSGLY

    K3 packet waiting

    Hey i m saying about k3 packet means invitation letter from embassy for interview of k1 thanks
  11. HUSGLY

    K3 packet waiting

    I m sorry I didn’t understand ur reply. because here every one saying without k3 packet and embassy invitation letter we can not shedule interview ? plz can you explain it better what I suppose to do thank
  12. Hi to everyone currently we are waiting for our k3 packet in USA embassy Abudabhi,UAE now it’s a month but we didn’t heard anything from them. it will be a good idea to contact embassy via email and request them for k3 packet for sheduling the interview??? Please share everyones suggestion