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  1. Hello guys! So here's the update of my AOS case: State: Ohio Received Date: December 4 Biometrics: December 28 Interview: February 11 Card was mailed to me: February 15 Waiting for GC to arrive by mail. We'll see tomorrow. Good luck and blessings to everyone! Tagging @ChuAni @vinnie&andy how's your process guys? Praying that you're already approved too. 😘😘😘
  2. Did mine in Cincy, too. They're fast and has a nice set of staff.My AOS interview will be at the 11th next month. Good luck to you 😊😊😊
  3. Thank you pretty! Keep me posted when you receive yours 😘😘😘
  4. Hey pretty girl! I received my mail for AOS interested today. It will be on Feb 11, 2019. Wheewww! Was starting to wonder if I will wait that long for the schedule to come but I must say that Cincinnati is pretty fast. I hope and pray that you received your schedule soon.😘😘😘😘
  5. Well it was a combination of fun, excitement,happiness, relief etc. It was really a rollercoaster of mixed emotions when I got here. Hubby and I are both excited to spend our life together. How are you? How was your journey? Hopefully we'll received our interview schedule soon! 😍
  6. Okay so my case was updated to "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" 😊 Hopefully, we don't have to wait that long for the interview schedule to arrive in the mail...
  7. @ChuAni girl!!!! I miss you! Come join us here in this group 😘😘😘😘
  8. My appointment for biometrics was on 12/24/2018 but as we know, it was a holiday for USCIS so the offices were closed. Hubby and I tried walking in today and the field officers accepted me and did the biometrics without any hassle. I did not wait for the USCIS to mail me another schedule. I just brought with me the appointment letter, our MC and passport. It went smoothly and fast. Took me only 10 mins for the entire process. Soooo, biometrics done and will go through the waiting game again. Hopefully, will received my interview appointment and EAD combo the soonest😊😊😊
  9. Thank you! My AOS packet was received on Nov 30. Received my notifications on Dec 5. Physical mails came Friday that week. Then I received my biometrics letter yesterday.
  10. I received my biometrics appointment letter yesterday. It will be on 12/24 😊
  11. Good luck to you, too. Did you receive your physical mails yet? So next is we have to wait for our biometrics letter in the mail 😊
  12. Wait for another day or two. But I'm sure that you'll receive the text messages by tomorrow or the next day. I understand you , though. I felt the same way while waiting for any feedback/notifs from them plus it's really nerve wracking. But just relax and I'm sure you will receive your notifs this week and physical mails by next week. πŸ˜‰
  13. Hi there! Is your check/payment encashed yet? They received mine last Nov. 30 and cheque cashed last Dec. 6. I received the physical NOA1s yesterday. You can use my timeline as a basis. Don't worry, you will receive a feedback soon.
  14. @Tokenfreak My physical mails came today. I hope and pray yours will come soon.
  15. Thank you! Yep, we will receive them soon. Yours might be in your mailbox today. I would expect mine this week. The most important thing is we already have the text notifs and the case numbers. Meanwhile, you can track your case numbers in the USCIS app to check their progress 😊