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  1. For a second there I thought I posted this in the wrong section. Yes, the US does not care about dual citizenship. Does not apply to UAE as well. Posted this in the Philippines portal because I am wanting to re-acquire my Philippine citizenship.
  2. Hello! Anyone here who recently completed their dual citizenship application in person? In page 2 of the form, there is a section for "Certification" with space for a notary public's signature. Does this have to be done (notarized) in advance? Or do I complete this section when I am at the embassy during my appointment? Thanks!
  3. Wow - that is super quick! Best of luck! Sorry, I don't have any idea about this.
  4. This is welcome news! Hopefully this indeed speeds up the processing time for ROCs.
  5. 2 weeks from the date they received it to passport in hand.
  6. Sorry, but I do know what I did. I have a copy of the check (which I wrote for 238.32) and the transaction amount in my bank statements (which is 208.32). It does not add up I know, but apparently they are able to convert a check to some form of a direct debit.
  7. Something is definitely up with mine then. I sent them one check for the full amount but they only took the cost of the passport from it. I thought at that time, they will do a separate charge for the card cost at a later date.
  8. hello all, for those of you who applied for both the passport book and card, did they cash your full check (cost of book and card together) or separately? i haven't received my passport card, and it's been two weeks now since I received my passport book. i can see in my bank statement that they only charged me the cost of the book. i called the passport center to inquire and they said they can't check the status of passport card applications and advised me to request for a re-issue (but if they haven't charged me for it, I'm wondering if they never got it in the first place)? what would you do?
  9. It may take time for the physical mail to get to your friend. If your friend filed online, have them check their online account, in their n400 documents tab, the oath letter copy will be there with the date and all.
  10. Two weeks. I got interviewed last Jan 25. A few days after my interview I got the oath date.
  11. yes, last Feb 14! I'm all done - even got my passport already
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