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  1. my dad and brother are open to living in the US (they speak english well and will not have problems assimilating etc)....my mom not so much (she does not speak english at all and is intimidated by everything). but i want for all of them to come visit and see my life here. i thought about having them apply for tourist visas but i don't think they will be approved. so i thought about petitioning them. if they come over and mom decides she hates it after all, they might decide to just go home and not come back.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm petitioning my parents (or maybe my dad first). Once dad is here, I understand he can then petition for my underage brother (age: 14 y.o.). What happens if my parents decide to abandon their green card in the future? will my brother keep his LPR or will he lose it? thanks!
  3. No need to stress about this. You only really need 3 years worth of continuous residency as a spouse of a US citizen. But I get it, the instructions are confusing. I had exactly the same questions you have when I did my N-400. What I did was I submitted 5 years of travel history anyway (yes, even for those years I was not yet a US resident). Then I submitted an accompanying letter stating why I submitted 5 years (because the instructions said so lol) and that 2ish of those years I was not yet a US resident. The officer at the interview re-confirmed my travel dates but other than that, no other issues encountered. You will be fine.
  4. that's ok, just make sure everything that's required is all there.
  5. Yes, thank you I already did that I wanted to hear other's experiences as well.
  6. For a second there I thought I posted this in the wrong section. Yes, the US does not care about dual citizenship. Does not apply to UAE as well. Posted this in the Philippines portal because I am wanting to re-acquire my Philippine citizenship.
  7. Hello! Anyone here who recently completed their dual citizenship application in person? In page 2 of the form, there is a section for "Certification" with space for a notary public's signature. Does this have to be done (notarized) in advance? Or do I complete this section when I am at the embassy during my appointment? Thanks!
  8. Wow - that is super quick! Best of luck! Sorry, I don't have any idea about this.
  9. This is welcome news! Hopefully this indeed speeds up the processing time for ROCs.
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