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US Immigration from Syria

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Resizing Photo HELP!
11:30 pm April 12, 2021


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I'm having a difficult time getting my husbands passport photo approved on the photo-tool part of https://tsg.phototool.state.gov/photo. It tells me to resize then once I resize it says it's overly compressed. I do not know what to do. Any help or suggestions??

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Filling out ds 260
12:42 am April 3, 2021


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How does my spouse (beneficiary) fill out ds 260 form if he is not fluent in English?

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Marking employed and self employed on I864
12:34 am March 28, 2021


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I am employed full time and have a small side business of my own. I didn t make much money last year but did file for 2020 do I need to mark both self employed and employed on the i864?

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Who to address employment letter verification to?
9:06 pm March 26, 2021


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My employer is creating an employment verification for me. Who do they need to address it to in the top? USCIS? address, etc? Thank you!

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Using house as asset AOS
11:41 am March 26, 2021


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My husband and I own a house together with a relative of mine. If I want to use my house as part of an asset of ours for AOS are we only allowed to use a certain portion of it or can we use the entire home?

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