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  1. thats the thing i dont know if USCIS will accept it. i will try with my marriage certificate! thank you for help !! ❤️
  2. Did you move on K1 and got married in the us? I am wondering what about my greencard and passport. I have a I 551 stamp in my passport and still waiting for the greencard with maiden name. i contacted uscis they said you need to change your name legally in the court but in the state i am living they do not change it because your marriage certificate is the proof that you can change your name legally. its just super frustrating! i havent applied for my driving license and need to contact bank and social security and we will see. but how did you change the passport?
  3. hi there, i would like to take my husbands name. we got married in Denmark and I am a Swedish citizen. I would like to change the name and I dont know how to do it in US. Do I need to file some form in the court or marriage certificate will be enough to present to USCIS and Social Security? i am quite hopeless because there is no information about that.
  4. Hi ! We would like to transfer our case to Warsaw, can someone relate how long is the process from NVC to interview? (CR1)
  5. what do you mean by that? how to check it?
  6. So weird that CR1 s are suspended and they processing K1s !
  7. Seems like CR1/IR1 interviews every second month.
  8. I am Swedish and still waiting. DQ 7th of October. I dont understand, seems like they stopped processing October cases. Saw that only one person who were DQed in Oct got an interview in february. trust me I feel you. Its not healthy for any of us. My contract for the apartment ended and now I have to live like a vagabond because I cannot make any long term agreements. That is so hectic that you cannot plan anything!
  9. I guess if you have a joint sponsor then just upload it as requested to NVC because Embassy can see all the submitted documents on CEAC.
  10. I wrote to Embassy today and this message I have received : 'Dear Sir and Madam, Although our operations are limited, we are still processing CR1 and IR1 during the renovation project. Sincerely, Immigrant Visa Unit'
  11. Actually we have been DQ'ed on the 7th my mistake I dont know why I thought its on the 3rd. We havent heard anything yet. Anyways, I hope you will hear something during this week or the week after they reopening the Embassy - but thats the thing I heard that they did not close the embassy for CR1/IR1 visas so lets hope we will hear something very soon! And I dont really know if you can travel under the process I really doubt so I would not risk it to be denied entry at the border.
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