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  1. Yes, although that seems to be beside the point. As our friend Kip used to say, post something interesting and people will comment. If not, I don't think we need to go digging around for an explanation.
  2. Well it shouldn't have been, but a few here seem intent on making every thread about "the left". I don't think we need to go searching for reasons why the thread didn't gain traction. How many times do you expect people to read the same thing before they stop clicking?
  3. Another 'the left' thread can't get off the ground? I'm not sure that should come as a surprise.
  4. When you have some free time, you should check out the idiotic laws some of our own states have passed.
  5. As I stated, what you posted here was more than the WSJ allows people to read without paying. Fair use does not allow you to be posting content for free that the WSJ is charging viewers to read, however the content does not seem to be at a level I would pay money to read. That was my point.
  6. Stereotyping, blaming 'the left' for the actions of a single person. He'd fit in well here. I wonder if he has a VJ account?
  7. Haven't heard, but it looks like he was asleep at the wheel. Given the alternatives, probably not a bad place to be.
  8. I believe a paid subscription is needed to view this article, and for that to happen, they really should put a little more analysis into the final product.
  9. Well you could make the argument that covfefe...................zzzzz
  10. That he has 15 million fake followers doesn't matter and is not all that surprising. I would say the fact that 15 million real people actually think he's worth listening to is more curious.
  11. You've posted at least 20 times that the NY post is 'fake' news. You have been one of the most vocal people on this site in that regard. If you only believe the media when it's when it's something you agree with, then it's time to admit that the issue in general may be more with the viewers than the source.
  12. Indeed. I'm sure the cost will be immeasurable.