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US Immigration from Philippines

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Changing Address
3:20 pm June 4, 2020


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So, my husband's petition is already in NVC, I already paid all the fees and I'm in last process wherein I just need to submit all the civil documents. But I'm planning to move, is there any way I can change the address I provided to nvc? Or it makes his petition move back??? I just don't know what to do. Thank you guys in advance...

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Are K1 Visa allow to travel to the USA?
7:25 am June 4, 2020


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The Philippines are starting to allow flights to the USA via Philippines Airlines. My fiancee visa expires mid July. We have a flight scheduled for next week. Will she be allow to broad the plane with a K1 Visa? I read an article the Airlines are only flying out US Citizens and Green Card Holders only.

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NVC not sending cases to Manila
5:55 am June 4, 2020


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Dose anybody know why the NVC is not sending ansy K1 visa applications to te embasy in manila?

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9:28 pm June 3, 2020


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Trying to log into NVC which i can get into but when i try to upload a document it is kicking me off the system to log back in again. Anyone else having same issue

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Been 18 months since receiving I-797 notification, no updates, called -- they don't recognize the receipt number what to do?
5:48 pm June 3, 2020



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Wondering if there's any thing we can do to expedite the process? We've been in the dark for 18 months with no communication.

Attached is the error message we get on their website.


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