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Fiancee visa proces
10:34 am July 11, 2023


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Hi, I was deported from middle east country for HIV , because I found a job, but when I did medical they found HIV. Now I have boyfriend in USA and we wanna live together and marry. Did my previous health records will affect fiancee visa?Will my boyfriend will know about my medical records from immigration officer?I m currently living in Norway and having a job there, my boyfriend living in US

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DQ'd but still asking for a joint sponsor
6:40 pm April 10, 2023



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We just received notice that we are DQ'd after sending in more proof of income. They say the case doesn't meet the income requirements, but we do. They asked for a joint sponsor back in November for our first round, but we don't have one. How is it possible that we're DQ'd, but they say we don't meet the requirements?

We're not sure what to do here, very frustrating.

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Need help
11:27 pm March 25, 2023



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Hi VJ Members,

My friend want to immigrate to US and plan to do real estate business in US. What is his options? How can he immigrate to US?

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No 24 month GC extension NOA
7:19 pm November 28, 2022



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My husband filed his I-751 in July 2021 (still pending case status is case received , it s an SRC case) and shortly thereafter received an NOA about his green card being extended for 18 months. So at that time it appeared that the green card would expire in 2/2023.

Now, I m reading that evidently people were issued new NOAs for 24 month extensions instead, but we never received this! Apparently these were issued over a year ago, to others. The USCIS website says I can log into our account and print the notice , but I m not able to find any notice or even any section for communications inside MyUSCIS account. There is a tools section that will not open when I click on it, and I m not sure that area has a section for communications anyway.

So, questions:

- does anyone know how to print the NOA online?

- should my husband get that I-551 stamp put in his passport instead, and if so does that require calling USCIS to get an Info Pass appointment?

- does applying for N-400 (which he s eligible to file now) give any type of automatic extension to the green card instead?

We are feeling confused and don t have time to do much digging through info right now as I am on maternity leave and have barely time to even type this. Any help is appreciated!

Edit: My apologies, I think I posted this in the wrong forum. Can it be moved by a moderator? Thank you

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Proof of citizenship
10:49 am June 9, 2022



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Hi guys, we re approaching review day (hopefully next week, since we resubmitted April 5th), but question! I people on Facebook that have submitted proof of petitioners citizenship. I haven t seen that being required anywhere. We haven t done that, we got a RFE in March requesting only the W2 for 2020.

like these are the only documents submitted by petitioner. Do you think we are going to get a second RFE for that?


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