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US Immigration from Norway

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Traveling Outside of the US soon - What do you think?
12:19 pm March 12, 2020



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Hi all,

I am currently in a bit of a predicament. My wife and I have scheduled to travel back to her home country (Norway) at the end of the month. We bought tickets over a month ago before this was as large of an issue. Last night, our president said the US is banning all travel from the Schengen area for the next 30 days beginning Friday. With that math, all travel would be banned until April 13th. We have planned to come back on the 14th.

What I'm wondering is what is your all's opinions on this? I am very much up in the air on it. We have been informed that we can change our flight for free. However, with me working, this timing works out great for me.

I am asking for opinions here as well. I would just like to hear some other viewpoints to get a better perspective on things.

Thanks in advanced!

Also, I am not sure if this is the correct location to put my post, so if not, I'm sorry!

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I751 and N400 Expediated request
7:50 pm February 26, 2020



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Hello VJ Member,

I have contacted USCIS customer service today for expedited request for my I751 and N400 based on humanitarian ground. My wife (US Citizen) just moved to Texas for her job last week and we are expecting second child (end of May,2020). She move there, so her family can take care of both of our child. I have asked for expedition request so they can schedule my I751 and N400 interview before May, 2020 , this way I wont miss any correspondence with USCIS while gone for two months to take care of my wife and our child and also my wife wont be able to travel due to some complication related to child birth . What are my chance of approving expediting request from USCIS based on our situation?

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Out of curiosity - bringing fiance to US
4:24 pm February 4, 2020


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Hello all! I wasn't sure where to post this so I thought off topic would be safe!

I am just wondering what are your thoughts on going to get your fiance (once they have K1 in their hand) in their home country and flying back to the US together? I've seen a lot of people say they did this but I am honestly not planning to. My fiance is from Norway and speaks English fluently. He has traveled to the US alone 5 times with no issues whatsoever. Doesn't seem like a good use of our money for me to fly over there and back when he can make the journey alone (and has). Is this frowned upon at POE? Do the officers think differently that he is entering alone?

Thanks for any personal experience! :D

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Selective Services
4:58 pm January 8, 2020


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Hello all! With all that is currently happening in the US, my fiance and I have started discussing him applying for selective services when he is in the US. I know that you have to apply if you are under 26 and waiting on your AOS after marriage. My question is, we are planning to get married on 10/10 (if possible). His birthday is 10/29 and he will be 26. Since his birthday would be within the 30 day period after our wedding, could he get by without applying?

This is really more of a hypothetical question. He will obviously sign up if need be. I am just curious if any bad consequences would come if he didn't given our time frame.

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Have not filed taxes
8:14 pm December 17, 2019



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My spouse (USC) has not filed taxes the last 3 years, even though he should. We are now starting the CR-1 visa process and he needs to get his s*** together..

He has been self employed and makes above the minimum requirement for sponsoring a spouse for immigration.

1: Does he have to file the last 3 years or is the last year enough?
2: We just got married. Should he file the last years as single or married?

3: What is the best way of filing taxes that should have been filed a while ago? I know nothing of the US tax system, I just wanted to get some more knowledge.

Thank you.

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