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US Immigration from Norway

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UpwardlyGlobal for new immigrants
5:42 am May 28, 2021


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If you have a greencard already, look into UpwardlyGlobal.com to get started on your job search here in the US. They help with resumes, interview prep, and skills training.

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Starting new job
12:47 pm February 28, 2021



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Hello VJ members,

I recently became US citizen and I have already applied for passport earlier this month which means that I have submitted original NC to DOS. Meanwhile, I am in middle of switching to new job and recently got a job offer letter from employer which I gladly accept it so the question is how do I have to prove to HR team that I am US citizen? All I have a photocopy of NC and I did not update my SSN since I became US citizen. Would photocopy of NC works? Anyone with similar experience can shed some light on that?

Thank you all for help!

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Anyone from Norway joined round 3 Milligan v. Pompeo
4:43 pm February 18, 2021


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Hi! I was wondering if anyone from Norway has joined the 3rd round of Milligan V. Pompeo (Blinken)? I would love to have someone to chat with through this!

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US passport after Naturalization
2:41 pm February 4, 2021



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Hello VJ members,

Hope all is with you guys!

Need help from folks who have already applied for US passport after Naturalization. My understanding is that we would need to submit Original Naturalization certificate ,DS-11 form, Driving license (photocopy) color passportsize picture along with $110 dollars fees. If we need to know submit original Naturalization certificate, I am afraid they will lost it just like they have lost my I751 greencard and still they could not find it? Also, Why do we need to make photocopies of these supporting document if they have already asked us to bring original copies?

How do we have to pay $110 fees through pay check payable to "U.S. Department of State" right? And also would USPS accept passport size picture from lets say CVS/walgreen (if I chose to use their passport size picture services) or I should just stick with USPS passport size picture services? Which one serves better? USPS would charge $35 as passport acceptance fees, does that include passport picture or USPS will charge us extra fees for pictures?

Last, how long does it take to get US passport and original Naturalization certificate?

Thank you all for help and advise?

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Need help/Advise
11:02 pm January 8, 2021



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I need help/advise as to how I could forward my incoming greencard to TX? My greencard case got approved earlier this week and today I got a notice that USPS will deliver my greencard at my home address in NY on Jan 11,2020 but the problem is that I am out of state until 30th Jan,2021 and no one would be at home to collect my greencard. I guess someone need to sign it for certified priority mail right? What should I do?

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