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Dilemma regarding AOS or Consulate process
9:48 pm yesterday



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Hi everyone,

I am a Norwegian man who has an American wife. We have been married for a year now.

I am currently with her in the US now, on my B1/B2 visa, which I entered on in March. When I arrived, the officer told me that I should have her petition for my Green card.

We were not planning that I would stay this long, but because of C-19 then I am still here. My I-94 expires September 20th.

I now have two optins:

1: Try to get an extension on the I-94 before it expires, and file AOS. Then I will have to file the I-131 parole document in order to travel again, since my job in Norway requires that I go for work before I will eventually get the Green card.

2: The other option is to leave, and go through the consular process, through the embassy in Stockholm.

I have concerns related to both options.

If I go with AOS, it seems that obtaining the I-131 parole document for travel is uncertain with C-19 and the process time. It says online that the office in Houston (where I am) has a process time of 4 weeks - 5 months. Not being able to leave for 5 months, would make an impact on my work back in Norway. I am also not confortable with not knowing whether my I-94 extension will be approved by last exit date. Since so many are applying now it might not be comfirmed prior to current expiration. I am also aware that filing for AOS might be frowned upon since I arrievd on B1/B2.

My conern about the consular option is that because of C-19, I am not really sure if they even process Green cards in Stockholm now. From reading other posts, it seems that they most likely will let me back in on B1/B2 although she has petitioned, if I document that I am still tied to Norway and will return on a return ticket. However, not knowing how long the Green card application will take is a concern. Not sure how many times they would let me enter.

Any thoughts would be highly appreciated?

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I-94 record number in I-130 petition
5:47 pm yesterday



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Hi everyone,

I am filling out the I-130 so my wife can petition for me.

My current I-94 has 10 numbers and 1 letter. According to what I found online, this is a change from May 2019 when the record number became alphanumeric.

However, when I tried to insert it into my I-130, the .pdf file is telling me it only accepts numbers. This is concerning since we plan to petition electronically.

Has anyone had this issue before?

I appreciate any replies. Thank you :)

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Last name Misspelled NOA1
7:17 pm July 17, 2020



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Hello, I got the NOA1 in the mail today, but my beneficiaries name is misspelled. Her last name is S rdal but instead they put SERDAL. Her date of birth and country of birth is correct. I was wondering if I should just leave this alone or if I should contact USCIS.


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I-944 Occupational skills
8:08 pm June 28, 2020



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Hi! I'm wondering what to put on my occupational skills. I'm a self taught photographer, but I've only ever worked freelance and done a few jobs here and there during the summer holiday or weekends when I wasn't at school or at my regular job. I've been doing it for years, and I now have a pretty decent client base in my home country, so it is definitely something I could make a living out of. But since I'm self taught I don't have a paper proving this skill.

(I usually do portraits/maternity/newborn/wedding, not work for newspapers or other businesses if that matters)

How would you guys put it in the I-944? Should I put a page with some of the pictures from my portfolio as proof? Should I explain it in words? Both?
Or should I just write freelance photographer and not add anything extra?

This is my only real skill, so without it my occupational skills will be completely empty. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this?

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I751 case outside normal processing time
3:18 pm June 26, 2020



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Hello VJ Members,

I have filed I751 at VSC on Jan 11,2019 and as per USCIS Vermont service centre processing time today, they are processing case that are filed on Jan18,2019 which means that my case is already outside normal processing time. I have already submitted service request for I751 to inquire whats going with my case?My case has been transferred to NBC on Feb 04,2020 after completing N400 biometric on Feb 02,2020.

What happen once you submit service request for case outside normal processing time?Would that actually help in triggering pending cases to approval or for interview?Can someone with a similar experience shed a light as to what we could expect from USCIS?

Thank you

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