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Problems with medical exam
12:23 am September 28, 2019


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Expecting my interview letter in the mail next week so I have called an authorized doctor in the town near me to make an appointment. No time till the end of November what is too late of course. The other doctors are 4 , 6 and even 8 hours drive from me ( this is how it is here in Montana ) . Haven t checked yet but maybe they have better timing .

What would you recommend me to do ?

Thank you!

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chest xray at POE
5:45 am September 21, 2019



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I'm not sure where to post this, but my fiance is on his way to the USA and just realized he did not bring the chest xray he was given at the medical examination.. what do we do???

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AOS interviews after October 15 th
9:55 pm September 19, 2019


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How will that be done according to the new public charge rule ? Will officers work basically the same way because that cases are filled a long before the October 15 th or will they use more scrutiny?

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Taking a Trip - Question about what name to use
5:56 pm September 13, 2019



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I have just have a quick question. My wife and I are going on a trip in a month or so I just wanted to clarify something. When we order tickets, should she put her maiden name on the ticket? We have all of the NOA1 for all paperwork, just wanted to make sure which last name to put.


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Petitioner got a new job, new I-864??
11:59 am September 9, 2019


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Hello :) I thought I d try posting here to see if anyone has a clue what we should do with our current situation. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my fianc got a new (better paying) job. Our case left NVC for the embassy in Stockholm September 3rd. He already signed the affidavit and sent it over to me, along with a signed letter from his current workplace. Since he sent them he put in his two weeks notice and is starting at his new job immediately after. My question here is whether he needs to send me a updated I-864 with the new employer or if a letter from his new employer will suffice? And if he has to send over a new I-864 does that one also have to be wet ink or could it be scanned and attached to the first one he sent over.

Thank you so much for bothering to read this and help out!

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