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I751 supporting documents
2:05 am


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Hello VJ Members,

Since I'm gathering all of the supporting documents to file for I751 in 2 months. I have a few problems which are :

1. Our Utility bills that includes electricity+gas from National Grid and our internet +tv (Fios Verizon) does not have my name on it.Eventhough my wife added me in both of the account. Apparently National Grid and Verizon can not put both of our name on bills. I dont know if that could be a issue?

2. We don't have any medical insurance as of now. The last medical insurance from my wife employer we had for was expired in June,2018. Would that be an issue?

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12:50 am


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I am working on getting everything together to file the I-129f and it days "you should submit photocopies of documents requested" then down below it says "If you submit original documents when not required or requested by USCIS, your original documents may be immediately destroyed upon receipt."

I went to Walmart and had 4 6 pictures printed off of my phone. The originals are on my phone with that being said, this might be a dumb question, will they automatically reject those pictures? Should I have just printed them off? I just dont want anything to go wrong. Please help. :)

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food stamps
6:18 pm


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If I am in food stamps, or my children, will my k1 be denied because of this fact?

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Restraining order
11:47 pm


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My ex husband and I, during the divorce got a restraining order against each other (at the same time, on the same day) it was dropped and we went our separate ways. My question, on the fiance visa paperwork it asks if I have had a restraining order, I obviously have to check yes, but do I need to send papers with the visa packet regarding this? Also, will this affect the chances of getting approved?

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I751 supporting documents
6:06 pm


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Hy VJ Members,

Hope you guys are doing well and awesome as always in helping out community member.

I need VJ member support in helping out paperwork for I751. I still have four months to file for I751 but I need to prepare myself earlier so I can file on time in the 1st week of January.

Right now, me and my wife has following supporting documents and offcourse we will try to gather more util Jan, 2019

1. We live in rented house with both of our name on it.

2. Joint bank account , joint credit card account.

3. Joint car insurance.

4. My name in the cellphone carrier family plan.

5. We have a baby with a record from hospital including our name as parents.

6. Tons of picture together with both of our family.

7. Joint tax return 2017 but wont be able to include 2018 tax return as we will file for petition in Jan, 2019

7. Health insurance until June, 2018 but right now we dont have any health insurance because my wife finished residency and she s taking some time off to take care of our baby.I am afraid we wont have a joint medical insurance til next year. My employer health insurance is very expensive so we put our child medical insurance on medicaid (would that be problem?)

8. We will gather letters from both of our family and friends suggesting our true relationship.

9. We both have joint utility bills but unfortunately they cant put my name in utility bills (I dont know for some reason) but we paid bill from our joint bank account

What else do you think we should have it? Any feedback

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