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US Immigration from Norway

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Original documents at Embassy??
9:11 pm January 20, 2019


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Hey Everyone!

I just had a quick question regarding the interview at the embassy. Me and my fiance are gathering documents, and was wondering if the embassy require to see the original W2's? Or if it is enough to just have copies? If they do require to view the originals, will this be given back to me?

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2:13 am January 19, 2019


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Hey all,

I am getting ready to file for the K1 visa but I have a question.. Is there a chance for denial of the visa if myself (from the USA) and my fiance (from Norway) have outstanding debts?


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"AT NVC" help :)
9:09 pm January 15, 2019


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Hey everyone!

I have been reading so many posts for about 6 months now, and it has been extremely helpful. Me and my fiance (US citizen) got our NO2 a month ago, and as many here have suggested in their posts, we called NVC and got the case number and invoice id.The lady said that the file is sitting on her desk and that they will email my fiance when they send it to the embassy. We have, as recommended by others on this site, started to collect evidence. However, I am having a hard time understanding what I am supposed to do next. Some say there is a packet that will be sent to me, while others say that I can now start scheduling my interview when we have the case number. I am Norwegian so our case will be sent to the embassay in Sweden, and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a detailed explanation on what to expect/do next. I checked my status and it says "AT NVC" with the following information below:

"Please follow the instructions you received from the National Visa Center (NVC) that list the six steps you must take before NVC can schedule your visa interview appointment. This includes submitting to NVC various fees, forms and documents. Once NVC has received all the required items, they will let you know if anything is missing or incomplete."

I'm very confused, am I supposed to pay/submit something to NVC? I thought it had to get to the embassy first? Please give me any advice you have :)

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USPS messed up (I751 Package)
12:58 am January 15, 2019


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Hello VJ Members,

I am kinda worry whether USPS made a mistake in delivery my I751 package to different address. The package is supposed to be deliver at USCIS
P.O. BOX 660480
Dallas, TX 75266

but as per USPS Tracking info it is delivered at January 14, 2019, 5:49 pm
Delivered, PO Box
DALLAS, TX 75260
Your item has been delivered and is available at a PO Box at 5:49 pm on January 14, 2019 in DALLAS, TX 75260.

Not sure why the heck USPS deliver to different zip code then it is supposed to be? Did anyone experience that? what should I do? Should I contact USPS for that?

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Quick Question About DS-160
5:49 pm January 11, 2019


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My fiance has filled out the DS-160 and is about to schedule her interview but we have a question about the wording of a couple of things. The DS-160 is indicated as a "nonimmigrant" application. However, when she goes to choose on what type of immigrant she is on the scheduling page, and she chooses nonimmigrant, K-1/I-129f is not an option, it's only an option under immigrant. Is this normal/correct? We are just wanting to be sure that this is all correct.


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