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  1. We got this exact message when we got DQ'd in April. Had no issues at the interview today, they didn't even ask about a joint sponsor or anything financially related other than what my wife does for work and if she still will be getting same income when moving back to the States. You should be good 👍 Good luck to you and your spouse!
  2. We got approved at the interview today! 763 days after PD. Very relieved!
  3. Thank you! We don't have a joint sponsor, so hopefully they'll accept the income at the time of the interview.
  4. We just received notice that we are DQ'd after sending in more proof of income. They say the case doesn't meet the income requirements, but we do. They asked for a joint sponsor back in November for our first round, but we don't have one. How is it possible that we're DQ'd, but they say we don't meet the requirements? We're not sure what to do here, very frustrating.
  5. Lawfully, you have to manually put in your service center otherwise it picks Potomac as a default.
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