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  1. Then why you come on forum if your are not nosy ...watch yourself before you talk ..it’s common sense ...everybody ask themselves questions we know your type you hide information and learn from other people who are ready to share theirs i know some of you on this forum but I wont mention names...whether you like it or not all the information is online if you like Dnt say anything people will still get it right cause now it has turned to someone been nosy cause you tell them to share why they were denied..if you know you Dnt want people to know your story then you need to go message lawyers directly be wise before you talk
  2. You just misconstrued me ...why would I use harsh words on the person when am also in need of help..what I was just saying that he ought to be open that’s all ...he kept saying he submitted what the lawyer told him to submit but he didn’t say it when they asked him...Sandra even want the person to explain in details her/his case
  3. You ordinarily don’t know how to read if you know how to read you will understand my point of view ..so go and learn how to read first ..I have in no way discourage the person ...all I was saying if you needed help Dnt hide information some people do that on here ..you have come on here to seek for help so why still hiding information..they asked him and he replied again still saying Iawyer screwed things up ...what did you submit he said he submitted what his lawyer asked him ...madam no one Is bringing anyone down here let’s be real on here okay
  4. Stop hiding information bro if you know you Dnt wanna share your case with the forum I see no reason why bring it here ...tell the forum what actually happened so they can know what to say stop been smart here ...you said you got denied they asked you why you said your lawyer did things wrong then they asked what are the documents you submitted and what things they did wrong you don’t reply stop bringing bad energy on here if you wanna share information share it stop hiding information we dnt welcome that here it’s a sign of bad energy...I wish you success
  5. Everybody asked him to say what happened about is denial but he isn’t covering it ...he is hiding information i don’t like seeing people like this on the forum...they won’t tell you what really happened and will make people to be thinking otherwise ..please if you know you are not ready to share why you were denied other than saying you provided what your lawyer told you to provide pls I think this site is not for you ..we don’t hide information here ...go to another site that they hide information...you people will come for help you will still be hoarding your stories then why did you bring it up in the first place
  6. The way I even looked at it I don’t think your wife knows how to withdraw the petition cause if she knows how to she would have done that long time
  7. So what will now happen to that i485 that is pending..just asking
  8. did you use the same i485 or you file another one
  9. Ilo have been trying to attach the papers to you but it’s not attaching I meant the psychological evaluation paper
  10. Congrats..:it’s like everyone went on holiday today nobody commented today
  11. I360 has nothing to do with reauthorization...if you won’t be able to file i360 the uscis would have updated that on their website
  12. @Ilohow do they always transfer the i485 that someone has filed with i130 to the vawa i360 after you have told them to hold it that you file for vawa ....but how will they reschedule everything after they have approved your i360
  13. Did you ever go to interview together with your spouse
  14. Yes of course they will send your i485 to your local office ...what actually are you worrying about and what actually you wanna know
  15. So you refile another new i485 ? I thought you wanted to use the one that you filed with your i130...did you get EAD on your i130...