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  1. The majority of voters are over 40 years old. Given that the majority of celebrity endorsements don't fit that demographic, they aren't going to have much impact.
  2. Just saw in the news this morning that the US has more open jobs than unemployed.
  3. The strategic thing to do (if Ginsburg passes in the next 2 years) is to go ahead and nominate and confirm garland. It erases most of the ill will from 2016 and the court still moves right slightly.
  4. I have been somewhat critical of Feinstein lately, but to her credit she did want to censure Clinton.
  5. I agree. There is an element of due process in the novel but thats not the primary driving theme of the book. I'm just glad the article didn't try to claim Ms. Lee wasn't the author lol.
  6. See you continue to make an assumption that is wrong. Which is unfortunate. You will notice, I've never made negative assumptions about your background, I'm only dealing with facts and opinions posted here.
  7. At any rate, over the course of my posts my only point was that from a accusation, you can't really say that the suspect is 95% likely to have committed the act.
  8. I've reread your post and I can only assume there was snark behind it. You make many implications about things I haven't said repeatedly and then claim those views are naive . As to your comment about implying only men can be sexist, I don't know where this is even coming from - you are the one saying "pretend I am a man". Quite frankly, you haven't directly addressed anything I have posted in this thread and seem to be either arguing with yourself or a false impression of my views.
  9. Also I don't get the man comment. Are you saying I'm naive because I'm a woman?
  10. Well lets see. You claimed I'm "under the impression" of alot of things which isn't true. You called me naive. You said I am nitpicking. I could go on....
  11. I'm not entirely sure why you are being so snarky with me to be honest, nor do I see how I am nitpicking.
  12. Actually no. I was basing it on RAIIN statistics. Rape Abuse & Incest National Network. Out of 1000 assaults 310 are reported to the police. The 310 represent the quantity of accusations. Only 7 of those result in a conviction. That is where I get 3% (of the 310).
  13. Perhaps you misunderstood my question. I'll try again. You have an accusation that is made public. How is it determined if its false with regards to that statistic? I assume its determined through criminal proceedings correct? By the way, I checked the conviction rate and it appears to be about 3%. So that means a total of 92% of all women that come forward are in limbo between false and true in the criminal court system.
  14. I have a question regarding the 5% claim. Those are proven false accusation correct? What is the percentage of proven accurate? That will tell you a more accurate percentage overall. For instance, if the conviction rate is 80% then the breakdown is 5/15/80 where in 15% of accusation are not proven either way. Likewise if there is a conviction rate of 10% it would be 5/85/10.