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Jamaica-Awaiting F2b visa before medical expires
1:05 pm June 20, 2020


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Good Morning, I did my interview in February 2020 but was place on AP for missing W2. Weeks after, my online status changed to ready, April 7th to be exact. My medical will expire in July 2020, since I've heard it's valid for 6 months. I would hate to have to pay for another medical if it expires before I get the visa in hand, because it cost nearly $60000JA for me and my daughter. I know the US Embassy in Jamaica is not yet back to regular routines and they are not sure of a specific date that they will but If anyone is in the same situation please share. I appreciate any updates/information. Let's keep each other posted.

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US Embassy in Jamaica
5:49 pm June 17, 2020


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The US Embassy has announced today that as of next week they are going to start scheduling and Rescheduling immigrant visas interviews for CR1/cr2 ir1/ir2 great news!!!

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5:07 pm June 17, 2020


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I am doing adjustment of status for visiting 75 yr old parent. I cannot find any insurance that complies with the Healthcare proclamation to file I-944. Because of age, there are only a few private health insurance that she would qualify. The proclamation wants insurance of no less than 364 days. Those insurance are $4000 -$7000 that has to be paid upfront and they literally cover nothing.. about $100,000 per year and $30 towards doctor visit and minimal if any pre-existing condition coverage. I don't think that it will meet ACA guidelines.

If this was meant to deter everyone but the very rich from entering this country, it surely will work. Only plan that I see that would meet ACA guidelines is $17,500...which again has to be paid upfront.

Has anyone since this law came in effective Feb 24 been able to successfully get private insurance and have USCIS accept it?

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11:15 pm June 16, 2020


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Hi All, I am filing for an adjustment of status for my mom who is currently visiting in the USA. She is retired and 75 years old. I have filled out all the relevant forms but I am stuck at the I944 for the following reasons, I would love some guidance:

Let me give you some background: I am not working now due to Covid 19, but YTD March, I earned $34,000 and with unemployment, I will be at $55K if I don't work for the remainder of the year. To play it safe I decided to use my husbands income as a joint sponsor, just in case they have an issue with my current unemployment status. That brings us to $130K for the year.

1. On the I944, it is asking for her assets and for them to be in US dollars. She has her house, land, pension and money in the bank, but they are all in local currency and not USD. Neither is a bank going to provide a statement in USD when the money in the bank is not in USD.

2. How do I answer to the part about health insurance? She is 75, so she is not going to work and obviously does not qualify for medicare. She has been to the doctor twice since she has been here in March and she has paid her own medical bills each time. She has also paid for the I-693 exam using her own debit card and the payment shows on her bank statement in JMD dollars.

3. Should I say she is going to self pay and show her ability to do that as she has the proof that she has been paying her own bills while here? Or should I say she is going to enroll in health care? If I say she is going to enroll, do I have to provide proof of a plan that she will enroll in?

4. Finally, does any of it matter if we show that we are obviously way above the poverty limit even with me not working? Meaning, should I just not put any assets for her on the I944 and say she will self pay? I hate the I944!!!

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confused what to do next
11:02 am June 15, 2020


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I recently received my NOA2 April 14. When I check online the status of my application says "ready" Im not sure if I am supposed to schedule my interview or the Embassy is going to do it on my behalf. I read somewhere online that I am supposed to receive a "packet 3" that has yet to happen ( probably due to the embassy being closed). I called the embassy and was told that I have to wait for the packet 3 before I can schedule an interview or fill out the DS160 but online research is giving me conflicting information. Also my petition expires on July 11th..

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