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  1. katalaya


    They do in Florida too. But the testing date so much they probably going to backed up. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get instant testing
  2. katalaya


    Does anyone know where I can get an instant COVID 19 test done. Because I don’t know!!!! I want to travel to Jamaica and I have to upload a result with 72 hours of my flight and I have to take it with me. But, they said results can take upto two weeks to come back. That will pass my flight date. I think they should just let us show our results while boarding and also bring one there
  3. I thought it was 18 months. I was just calling USCIS to figure out how much months I have. Where on the paper you find the amount of time you got
  4. No. The interview they will be scheduling me for is for the 10 yr green card. I filed my 10 yr green card April 2019. I filed my N400 April 2020. So, I’m just assuming they will probably give me a combo interview.
  5. Yea, but offices were closed due to the virus. I knew people who filed for naturalization and they got through within 7 months time. But, I’m keeping my fingers cross
  6. Maybe not. Because if that’s the case it means I’ll be getting my citizenship interview too. Because I also filed for my citizenship. They said my citizenship is only 6 months. By November 2020. I filed April Yes, I had an interview for the two years green card.
  7. May 08 -2020 they moved my case to my local office. As of June 02-202 case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. They will schedule my interview and send me a notice. Maybe I’ll get my interview date very soon.
  8. Really? That sounds good. I filed my N-400 two weeks ago.
  9. So, my case was updated on the 5/08/20 that it was moved to my local office and it has been received. They are working on it. I’m wondering if it’s because I filed my N-400 they showing progress.
  10. No, I don’t really have a question🙂. I was just sharing my status. I’m also waiting to see what’s next with my case.
  11. So I filed my application on 04-24-20. I received an electronic receipt from them. They said, they will send me another notice for my biometric appointment. They will also notify me about any other application, petition, or request I may have filed with them.
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