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I-130 Beneficiary from Middle East
6:18 pm August 22, 2019



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Does anyone know if having a beneficiary from the Middle East causes I-130 processing times to be longer?

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form I-90
5:47 pm August 16, 2019

Noor Salam

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Hi guys,

I have some questions/concerns that some of you might be able to help me with..

My husband came to the States on a k-1 visa. When we got married we applied for his greencard. The greencard was processed quicker than expected. However, it came with a typo on his first name. Instead of Mustafa they typed Hustafa :( and so the issues began. He can't obviously get a SS# or a job. We filed for I-90 as it was a typographical error by USCIS and few weeks later they sent us a notice to go and do the biometrics again. We did and at the biomotrics office they gave him the original greencard back (we thought they'd keep it). SO far nothing from USCIS and its been a month. I just want to know how long does this usually take. few months? a year? If this has happened to anyone? I know all we can do is wait but can I contact anyone? I am just really confused.

any advice?


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Reduce Processing Times
7:35 am August 16, 2019



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If USCIS is self sufficient (meaning that the funding needed to run it is obtained by application fees, etc.), why not provide more jobs and process applications faster?

I have been told that the only reason why it takes so long is too many applications and not enough people processing them.

Self sufficient- When the US government shut down happened, I asked how long it would add to processing times and I was informed that it wouldn't affect USCIS due to it being self funding.

Also, why do some processing centers take a lot longer than others? I would have though, probably naively so, that in 2019 computers would make this process whereby all the centers can work off of one database.

I think the wait has caused too much thinking on this.

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USCIS Account Locked (check case status)
6:21 am August 16, 2019



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Lately, when I check my case status on the USCIS website it says my account is locked. A few days later I am able to access the status. By the way all it says is that my case was received.

Does anyone know why the website is doing this?

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Baghdad, Iraq
9:48 pm August 5, 2019



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Does anybody know why it s taking so long for me to get an interview? I ve had case complete for 4 months now and I call NvC and they said they scheduling accordingly and once they have an interview they will email me. Anybody else having this issue? Anybody know when they start scheduling appointments?

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