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Citizenship application and residence continuity break
6:43 pm December 29, 2022


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I became permanent resident in October of 2016, left the country for work on a travel document in July 2017. I remained out of the country for two years but I maintained my home (I still own it) in Ohio and filed for taxes every year. I returned to the U.S in June 2019 and haven't left the country ever since. When I ca apply for Citizenship? It seems that there are conflicting information online and I really look for accurate answer here. Do I need a lawyer?

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I-130 IR2 minor stepchild of USC, USCIS
6:36 pm December 9, 2022


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I already went through IR1 with my husband and now we are going through IR2 with his son. We are stuck at the USCIS stage. It is my understanding that the USCIS stage. Since Ive already gone through this and all the documents have already been approved, looked at etc through my husband's I-130 isnt' it logical to think that it wouldnt take as long to get though the USCIS stage? Or do they dumbly just start over like they've never seen the information before.

Also, Does anyone actually know what they are doing when they "review" a case? My case went into "review" in June 2022.

(IR2 minior stepchild of USC.)

Thanks for any input.

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USCIS Tier 2
6:30 pm December 9, 2022


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Anyone get a notice that the Tier 2 officer at USCIS will contact you in 1-2 days and they never contact you?

It used to be (2020 -2021) that you could get to a Tier 2 officer pretty easily. I have been waiting a week since the "1-2days" notice and 2 months on an expedite request. They used to respond to expedite requests within 7 days.

Does anyone have any insite? What changed?

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Just received AOS approval but have pending medical RFE?
2:32 pm November 9, 2022


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My husband arrived in the US in July 2021 on a K1 visa. We got married within 90 days and submitted his AOS in October '21. He got his EAD in April '22 and his advanced parole in October '22. We received an RFE for the medical check in October '22 and just completed it. We were planning to mail it this week but I received a notification today (November 8, '22) in his USCIS account that his i-485 is now approved. We are happy to still mail the i-693 but are not sure if it is still necessary. His case is being processed at the Washington DC field office. Has anyone come across this? Appreciate anyone's insight and happy to provide more information.

Edit: His online account never showed that an RFE was sent but we did receive it by mail.

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Visa interview at Abu Dhabi
5:00 am August 20, 2022

Remele Mohammed

Remele Mohammed

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Hello, has anyone who is from Iraq, doing their cr1/ir1 interview in Abu Dhabi, gotten an interview yet? We have been documentary qualified since January 7th 2022. It seems like they are not focusing on residents.

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