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  1. 9 months is way too soon for the situation. A year is iffy. Usu recommend if way out of normal times and there isnt a legit reason for the delay. I know of someone that filed wom and lost cause they didnt submit the RFE. We got approved after filing WOM 2.5 years after filing IR1. And already did interview and medical. We filed cause of DS-5535. Im just trying to explain that it can work if it is an excessive delay for no good reason.
  2. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html
  3. True. Consult with Lawyer and make best decision for your situation. Everyone’s case is different.
  4. Baghdad is not open. All Iraqis get Baghdad numbers first, then they are transferred to one of 3 Embassies.
  5. Depends on Congressman and depends on Embassy. Really all congressman can do is ask about case update which is pretty much what CEAC says. my congressman was ZERO help.
  6. It is very dangerous in Baghdad right now. Since it has been two years I would recommend consulting with lawyer about writ of Mandamus. I wish your wife the best and Inshallah she will be safe.
  7. DS-5535 has everything to do with Trump. It is supposedly under review. Absolutely worth filing Writ of Mandamus.
  8. Many are in the same boat as u are. Inshallah this madness will be over soon.
  9. Being from Iraq it will take a long time. See my timeline and others from Iraq. you need to get through NVC prior to getting interview at Ankara. Also, due to covid Ankara is interviewing Turkish citizens and residents of Turkey only right now. Only exception is approved expedited cases
  10. Why would it not be ok to visit your husband? “has anyone gotten an interview?” What Embassy? Makes a huge difference.
  11. There are many things that have to have spouse in person and sign to add them to these things. It is not always possible.
  12. Doin a no show for your appointment keeps another person that has been waiting a very very long time for an interview from using that spot. It is better to wait till they schedule your interview and then have it rescheduled. But like the other person said, it is very hard to determine when an interview would be scheduled as none of the timelines are predictable anymore. It took us 2 yrs to get an interview and it was expedited. Others get an interview in 6 months. No fairness, no rhyme or reason. You cannot plan your life around immigration. Just my experience.
  13. You havent filled out any information on what country the beneficiary is from. That also makes a difference in how hard it will be to petition. I do agree with @Wouter for peace of mind hiring lawyer and educating yourself is best; however, this is your visa journey. Only you can determine what is best for your particular situation.
  14. I have one due to marrying in Turkey. If u look at the book it is already translated into several different languages. You dont need to have it translated. Ours was accepted without translation.
  15. The processing timelines change for each center all the time. They occasionally transfer if one center gets backed up. I got processed through Nebraska. At that time the wait was over a year. I think something like 14 months. Also, you havent said what county you are from, that can have a huge impact on overall processing times. Throw in covid and a bunch of immigration changes with administration change and you get a who knows how long anything will take. Patience is your friend now.
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