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  1. They say a lot of things have "no bearing" on a case and they acutally do. But yeah Ive heard it all about expediting. And I did get my husband's case expedited from NVC to interview. Im just trying to figure out how USCIS is working these days. It is much different than each year it seems. I did figure out a few tricks before. Came here to see if anyone else discovered anything lately. And yes I understand every case is different.
  2. Yeah so why are the estimated 1-2 day call back so inaccurate?
  3. I already went through IR1 with my husband and now we are going through IR2 with his son. We are stuck at the USCIS stage. It is my understanding that the USCIS stage. Since Ive already gone through this and all the documents have already been approved, looked at etc through my husband's I-130 isnt' it logical to think that it wouldnt take as long to get though the USCIS stage? Or do they dumbly just start over like they've never seen the information before. Also, Does anyone actually know what they are doing when they "review" a case? My case went into "review" in June 2022. (IR2 minior stepchild of USC.) Thanks for any input.
  4. Anyone get a notice that the Tier 2 officer at USCIS will contact you in 1-2 days and they never contact you? It used to be (2020 -2021) that you could get to a Tier 2 officer pretty easily. I have been waiting a week since the "1-2days" notice and 2 months on an expedite request. They used to respond to expedite requests within 7 days. Does anyone have any insite? What changed?
  5. I entered with my spouse. They took me to secondary with my spouse and asked me questions as well. So it all depends.
  6. Did you ever get out of Admin processing with the ds5535?
  7. Im applying for my stepson. Im a US cit. got USCIS Nebraska. Got message on June 30,2022 that it is being “actively reviewed “. Idk how long that takes.
  8. They will automatically assign u to Baghdad (BGH) but since the embassy is closed they will automatically reassign you to one of 3 countries that they have an agreement with Qatar, UAE or Bahrain (I think these are the three). If u want another embassy you have to ask permission from that particular embassy.
  9. Everything you have to send has to be translated. If u wait to get a RFE then it will take much longer to process. Safer to just send it.
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