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  1. On the bright side... U got Texas. Nebraska is still waiting and prob will for another several months
  2. The following worked if anyone else is lost on the USCIS customer service map: Can I speak to a USCIS customer service representative? Call 1-800-375-5283; Press 1 to continue in English; Press 1 for case status; Press 2 if you can't locate your receipt number; Press 2 to connect to a USCIS representative. Jun 12, 2019
  3. How did you get someone on the line to talk? I cant get past the press this number or that number. I cant find the combo that you need to press to talk to someone at USCIS
  4. Since spouse is from Iraq, extra security and won't allow K3.....or so the powers that be have informed me.
  5. The thing is..... We are already married. I was told that I could not legally file I-129f because we are already married.
  6. OK I will try it, never hurts I suppose. I am at almost 8 months... Nothing.
  7. It is my understanding that you can't request outside processing until ur reciept date is current. Correct me if I'm wrong
  8. Have you contacted your state representative? If your past your priority date this can help.
  9. Yes. It appears we are at the mercy of the USCIS. I keep worrying that the current administration will stop immigration all together. I have contacted my senator about processing times and the imbalances. But, alas nothing has come of it.
  10. If LPRs have to wait longer once approved, why do they process them faster than USC? It would make more sense to do the reverse.
  11. Wow... Speechless. Hope ur luck turns around soon.
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