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  1. USCIS 800-375-5283 U have to navigate through the phone system to get to a point where you can wait on hold.... Hold times were like 45min a few months ago when I last had to call. The trick, if I remember correctly, is to press the number where it says you forgot your case number, then it oddly asks for a case number and you enter it and then it puts you on hold. Option 2 maybe. I can't remember. But I do remember it being odd. Like 1 for English, and then 2 for the next 3 menus
  2. Yes be very grateful you can visit at all. My husband is from a country where they will not issue a visitor visa. And yes they told him as such at an interview in a US embassy. This process is awful for all of us. I pray covid 19 will be over soon and I will be reunited with my husband. I pray everyone is reunited with their loved ones.
  3. I also heard that they have some ppl working from home. Idk how accurate that is though. I hope it is true.
  4. I had weird date changes and showing information differently on the 2 uscis websites (one that u log into and the one that u just enter in case number.... Both always showed different dates) I called USCIS about this and they could never tell me why the dates were different nor would ever admit that there are two different uscis sites. All I can say is that there appears to be lots of glitches in their system and it is better to call them for updates.
  5. Or those of us who cannot even visit one another due to the fact that USA will not grant a visitor visa even prior to the COVID 19, due to being from a certain country. Now that there are travel restrictions the option of meeting in another country is gone. So, idk when the next time I will see my husband, much less when the interview will take place..... So I have a question....... Why have work visa been given so fast compared to marriage visas? I have never really understood that.
  6. Your time line is incomplete?? So how would we "work to push USCIS and Consulates to clear the log jam"?
  7. Oh that is a relief that they are still working! Cool. thanks for the update.
  8. Let us hope they do. Course if you can't get an interview because the embassies are closed then I don't know if it matters.
  9. I was told by my lawyer that you do have to have everything hand signed and original copy must be taken to interview. I dont know if he is overly cautious or if he has seen other people get denied because it wasn't hand signed original. To me, it's not worth taking the risk to not hand sign it and have it taken to interview.
  10. Can yall update your timelines? It would help others with approximating their wait times at different points during the process. Thanks,
  11. Hummm I dont know. I would call NVC and make sure. I haven't gotten DQ yet.
  12. I haven't had my documents approved by NVC yet; therefore, I do not know if they will make me submit this form prior to getting an interview or not.
  13. From what my lawyer said, their is a new version of the affidavit of support form I-864. He told me to sign new form (which is part 8, lines 6.a and 6b) and give it to my husband to take to the interview with him. They will ask for the new form at the interview.
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