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  1. I would love to know the answer to this as well. Have you been able to find out what parameters have to be met before they start interviews again?
  2. Well at least there is some movement on VISAs in the middle East. I suppose that is good news in a way, but not the embassy I'm waiting for of course. I still don't understand why we are seeing some places processing one type of visa and others doin different... Or perhaps they aren't really saying all the visas they are processing. Idk this whole thing makes me insane. I can't even get a visitor visa for my husband like so many other ppl on VJ. Now I just heard Trump in an interview saying he is going to fix immigration in the next 2 weeks..... Whatever that means. I'm sure nothing good.
  3. Embassy in Turkey doesn't post a lot of information on their website. I'm dumbfounded that I have to search twitter to get more information. I guess each embassy is different. Sadly this administration doesn't communicate well. I'm still trying to figure out what EXACTLY determines whether or not an embassy reopens. Many ppl have asked on twitter; however, the dept of state refuses to answer them. At least that I've been able to find.
  4. Just curious... Did they post this on website or Twitter or where? Wondering where to "officially" look for other embassy reopenings
  5. Does that mean like a point like system education level, wealth, connection with the country, language fluency, existing job offer, etc?
  6. Can anyone define what is meant by "merit based" immigration system please?
  7. Yeah, but I asked for expedite way before covid started. It is very hard to take when you see ppl getting expedited for things all the time on VJ and we can't. I know ppl will judge but I can't say in public why I tried to expedite, but it is for something a lot more serious than some of the reasons ppl report getting expedited easily for.
  8. I am USC and my husband can't get interview. I was told we have to wait until they reopen embassy. And yes I've tried to get expedited and they declined it.
  9. I understand that; however, I contacted Turkey and they told me that they are not open to do anything but emergency interviews. IR1/CR1 and SIV are not emergency.
  10. Or the pandemic could drag on and keep embassies closed and uscis defunded. That could tack on about 30 yrs.
  11. Maybe cause they are doing layoffs due to lack of funding?? But that wasn't supposed to happen until August.
  12. Yes. It is my understanding that you are stuck till it is all over.
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