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  1. No I didn't read it. But NVC told me I can use the medical exam from Iraq in Qatar. I believe when we receive interview letter we can make schedule in specific hospital in baghdad or Erbil for exam. If not we have to take medical exam in countries we have interview.
  2. You don't have interview in baghdad why they take medical exam?
  3. Yes you have to do medical exam before interview. And you can use medical exam from Iraq. If you can't get medical exam in baghdad you can get in Erbil
  4. International Organization for Migration. This agency bring people who is working with American army or American comonay in the world. OK Thanks
  5. Thank you so much. I came to USA from IOM on 2012. I applied for same of my family at IOM long time ago but I don't hear from them, does affect if I fill out I-130 for them?
  6. I am US Citizen. For my sisters and brother married with children under 21 I can use one I-130 right? For my mom, youngest brother and sister they are not married I can do 3 of them one form right
  7. Hello, I have a question. I want to apply for my whole family 3 sisters they are married and my oldest brother he is married too. And my mom, youngest sister and youngest brother. Can I apply for all of them in one form or I have to apply sperately
  8. Yes should be like that immigrant visa come first specially for spouse. For schdule interview at least one month before NVC let you know date of interview,why suspension.
  9. Does NVC still working in interview schedule or they suspended?
  10. Did you just fill out the inquiry form or Email? Do you have them Email?
  11. I moved to last Saturday to different address. Do I have let NVC know?
  12. Good morning I called NVC this morning to ask about interview schedule. My documents qualified on 03/11. She told me NVC schedule for interview when is available. I thought the U.S embassy in Qatar do interview schedule for my spouse.
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