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  1. It's what @SusieQQQ says. My husband is F2A category and we're now DQ'd at NVC (ironically received DQ on the day the ban was extended) - the case will remain at NVC until the ban gets lifted, at which point he'll get in line for interview scheduling.
  2. Nope, you'll send to lockbox (or file online). CSC will be the first center to touch your case since you're F2A. They'll transfer it to even out workload if they please to do so.
  3. That's correct. The instructions say to never send original documents, unless specifically told. I'm not sure, but chances of getting the original back from USCIS are probably slim... Are you able to obtain an new one? Also - NVC cases die after 12 months of inactivity after case creation, did you check in/make updates regularly?
  4. Congratulations! What a journey... Newark filer here to. The printing hold back seems to be a recurring issue, wondering why they can't fix it...
  5. Newark is currently re-scheduling and interviewing people whose interviews were cancelled in March. Most of them filed in June/July 2019... I filed in January 2020 and am slowly but surely giving up all hope to vote in this coming election. I myself am not in the US at the moment - why I can't make that decision for you, I personally don't think it's worth postponing anything due to the estimate in your MyUSCIS account. We have a Newark/Mt Laurel topic here:
  6. It's normal that it says that. Your estimated completion time was probably a while back, so it's taking longer than anticipated. There are huge delays due to covid. You did fingerprints, so everything is fine and you're in line for an interview.
  7. It’s not easy, many flights from India connect through Europe. You might have to find two separate flights - one to a country that isn’t banning you from entering the US, and a separate connecting flight from there. I think Emirates and Qatar airways are flying regularly from non-banned countries, or Turkish Airlines from Istanbul
  8. Yes, that’s correct (both, medical and IR1) I am confused. You just stated you were sent in AP. Now you’re case is at NVC. Which one is it?
  9. That’s not true for all embassies. I-864 usually is not required as original paper, I believe only some MENA countries require originals. NVC clearly states that they’re not requested anymore. Reasons for AP are many - a missing document is usually not one of them. Once you provide the document, the consulate triggers the visa issuance process UNLESS there are other reasons for extended AP.
  10. Depends, usually couple of days. But your case will remain at NVC until Interview was scheduled.
  11. Pretty risky guess if you ask me. 6 months is what's considered OK for LPR's to stay outside of the country, 12 months are considered abandonment of status unless there's ample proof otherwise. As others have stated - it's her choice, she's not actually stuck. Especially not since November, she already had accrued approx. 4 months outside of the US when the virus started really creeping in. I wouldn't risk it...
  12. I don't think any embassy has opened for normal operations yet. Only mission critical (spouse/children of USC) visa interviews are done, and re-schedules and expedites have preference in embassies that resumed interviews.
  13. Have you considered joining the VAWA thread? Many folks in similar situation, I'm sure you'll see lots of uplifting posts there
  14. Just make sure like others stated, that she does NOT transfer through Schengen or any other banned area. Parents with valid visa have been sent back home at the transfer airport, because they're not allowed to enter 14 days from being at those countries, even if it's only airport transfer. Make sure to get them to the US before the visa expires, since the category is currently banned and it's likely no visa will be re-issued until the ban expires or gets lifted.
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