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  1. Thank you! Yes, the part on naturalization for myself is clear What I am still trying to get clarity on is, that some posters here stated that I am not eligible to file the I-130 for my husband yet. But I am not sure if that's the case, because USCIS language is not clear to me on this point (or rather allows for two interpretations). Sandra stated that I can file NOW. Which I also believe is true (but it might be wishful thinking on my end haha) so I was just asking about this again. Either way - I already filed so I'll find out eventually but knowing is always better than not knowing, you know?
  2. She said "you can sponsor him now as a greencard holder", which indicates that I can. Or am I missing something?
  3. Thank you! So for VAWA recipients this is not true?: "After divorce from a US Citizen, a LPR cannot file for new spouse until after 5 years of LPR status. "
  4. Hey, did you end up getting an interview?
  5. My accountant told me that the W7 must be filed along with a tax return. Probably best if you send passport and W7 to your wife and have her go to an office and wile taxes and ITIN application together.
  6. Sehr gerne! Ich weiss ja selbst wie hart die Warterei ist. Mein Mann sitzt in Baghdad wo gerade quasi Krieg ausbricht (Regierung und Iran gegen die Iraker) und da ich nur Greencard holder bin wissen wir nicht mal wann er kommen kann (ETA 1.5-2 Jahre)... Damit es richtig verstanden wird: dass I-129F (oder K3) wird vermutlich NICHT approved. Dadurch dass es gefiled wird, und die Bearbeitungszeiten fuer I-129F kuerzer sind als fuer das I-130, landest "Du" schneller auf dem Tisch eines Officers. Dadurch das die beiden forms verlinkt sind (du schickst ja eine Kopie des I-130 mit), ist er dazu aufgefordert den anderen case auch aufzumachen, wenn er dein I-129F anguckt. Das Resultat ist dann meistens dass das I-130 approved, und das I-129F denied wird.
  7. Viele verstehen nicht die warum's und wie's, haben aber dennoch eine Meinung die sie gerne kund tun Ja, ich habe faelle gesehen wo es erfolgreich geklappt hat. Ein Beispiel ist hier: Das I-129F kann for Kategorie K3 und K4 (Kind) NACH dem I-130 gefiled werden. Die receipt notice vom I-130 muss angehaengt werden. Ich glaube ich habs alles auf Facebook beschrieben, aber sag bescheid wenn ich mehr helfen kann. Die info ist nicht korrekt.
  8. Ach, ich glaube ich kenne Dich schon aus der Facebook Gruppe Ich bin die dame die das I-129F empfohlen hat, sobald ihr die receipt notice in der Hand habt.
  9. Hi, I suggest that you read the guides here, and also on USCIS page. Plenty of good information. Once done, you can come back with more specific questions. We got engaged at Nandi Hills, all by ourselves with some selfies throughout the day, and married in court. We don't have photos of the court wedding because the court does not allow any cameras. What we do have though, is plenty of facetime (approx. 1 month per quarter) which we document with some (selected, not many) photos, flight tickets... I'd say don't stress yourself too much over "producing" evidence. Being apart is stressful enough, and "real" evidence such as spending time together, a screenshot from conversation here and there to show that you're in frequent communication with another, pretty much anything that draws the image of your relationship, should help your case. Then some paperwork (such as making the spouse the beneficiary of life insurance), normal things that responsible people do. Others might think differently, and maybe my hubby and I are not looking at it from a "concerned enough" point of view. But we live and plan our lives together and don't think about how to produce evidence. I hope this helps.
  10. I think it's best if you join the VAWA thread - 17 just started. If you look through older threads there's plenty helpful information and knowledgeable folks. All the best!
  11. The photo is really hard to decipher, but in the top right box where the form of petition is mentioned it looks like it's the approval notice for: "Section: Husband or wife of permanent resident". Now if I am reading this correct, this can mean many different things and it would be recommended that your friends friend registers here to provide more background to get better advice. 1/ If the friend of your friend is the spouse of a LPR, then it's correct. They cannot adjust in the US and must return to their country of residence for processing. In that case they are currently overstaying, which (depending how long the overstay) can result in trouble such as being barred for a certain amount of time (I don't know the numbers on top of my head, but I believe the first bar kicks in after 90 days overstay - others might be able to advise better on this). 2/ If the petition approval is wrong, and the petitioner is indeed a USC, they might want to get in touch with NVC, or call USCIS (if the petition hasn't been sent to NVC yet) and provide proof of the petitioners citizenship. 3/ If the petitioner naturalized while the petition was pending, they should have notified USCIS after the Oath ceremony, and provide their naturalization cert as proof. There are probably more possible scenarios, but it's all guess work...
  12. Where in the process are you? I believe (not 100% sure) that you file the I-360 with Vermont first, and once the petition is approved it gets forwarded to NVC and they will reach out for the next step. But @sandranjcan probably advise better how filing from abroad works.
  13. I took screenshots while having my finger on scrolling - it reveals the date in a little bubble on top of the screenshot. I figured it'll be good to show the date in addition to my explanation.
  14. Since we're in the VAWA thread the impact is even worse and will backlog Vermont, most likely. Apparently once a wava, always protected. I received LPR under wava back in 2016 and am now unable to speak to someone via hotline regarding my petition for my husband and my own N400. According to the reps on the hotline as soon as a new case gets linked to my account, it falls under confidential protection. If Infopasses are not available anywhere, that means everyone will have to mail VT instead which will increase their workload
  15. Thank you for this! Legal texts leave room for interpretation I guess and we assumed the wrong one... As for the N400 - does this mean I can be married at the time of filing (not to my abuser, but re-married) if I apply under 3 year rule?
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