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  1. Does anybody know if Baghdad consulate is still not accepting k1 visa interviews?
  2. Use Emma to get to an agent and do the expedite request through that. I am note sure if there is a direct email to expedite. But you are almost there if you are a November Filer. I would just wait.
  3. No, don't worry about the expiration date. The Immigration office can extend that. So once you are able to get to the interview, let them know. They already expect this with the limited amount of interview dates each embassy has. Check this link for more information https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/family-immigration/nonimmigrant-visa-for-a-fiance-k-1.html#11
  4. This is what I was trying to explain, it is showing that some cases in 2023 are getting approved, how true is this or why is this showing this way?
  5. So when I initially filled mine, I didn't get a response for a week so I was wondering what happened, then I got something in the mail that was a rejection because I filled incorrectly. The only issue was " I added the credit card" Payment authorization form along with a money order check. It was an honest mistake and they could have just taken that paper out and proceed but they rejected it. So I resent it, then within two days I get a text message saying it was received and then couple days later I got the NOA1 in the mail. So there could be something in your application that might be delaying the process and you are awaiting something from them? How did you file it? Lockbox?
  6. Aha! So doesn't necessarily mean they are processing that case? Maybe I thought they had divided their teams and assigned each team different years to work on. Thank you!
  7. Question, is USCIS processing 2023 cases while processing the ones from past years? Only reason I ask, because I am looking at stats, it is showing they are touching cases from this year as well.
  8. I-129 F Sent - APRIL 28, 2023 I-129 F Received - May 1, 2023 (NOA-1) I-129 F - Notice Date - May 4, 2023
  9. I wouldn't risk it. Could cause delay in your K1. I am just guessing. But definitely your tourist visa would be questionable to them (NVC) because like @powerpuff said, due to an immigrant intent.
  10. Figured out the issue - Apparently I added an Electronic Debit form with a check but the form was not filled I just thought we had to add it either way. So I resent my application in today. Thanks for all the help
  11. Okay it was an innocent question so I appreciate a normal response. Again, had to ask.
  12. Yes, I did include the form. Unfortunately, I did Money order 😕 I checked with the bank yesterday and saw it hasn't been cashed. For photos, I did everything you listed on each one. I am just thinking maybe it could be because of country?
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