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confused about Adminstrative Processing and passport
6:21 am August 29, 2023



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My husband interviewed on aug 15 2023 in abu dhabi and he had a missing document (original marriage certificate),he had a copy only and at the end of interview the consular told him to fill out by email ds5535 and send and gave him a white paper 211g which i attached . That same day we got an email from embassy with link for ds5535 which we send on same day.But are they suppossed to reply to it or confirm they got it cuz they never did. Then i sent him the original birth certficate thru dhl and he sent through courier to embassy along with that whiteslip but courier service approved by embassy(empost) told him he had to send passport too which they never asked for but he kept insisting and told him he cant accept document without passport .so he sent them with passport .the next week on 25 case was updated but still read refused.yesterday 28th we received through empost from embassy our marriage certificate and white slip that we sent and passport with a new paper that i will attach too saying we are still under Ap and checked on passport

My question is when do they request passport ,after their done with ap or send it back now and if now why did they send it back not keep it.Also anyone with same situation and we let them know through email my husband had to travel back to iraq by 21 but can make different travel arrangements .

is that why they send it?

please inform me whats goinrecieved yesterday by empost with documents

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Adjustment of status packet question
4:12 pm July 31, 2023

Ailene and Ali

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Hello. My fiance entered on a K1 visa and we are now married and preparing his register for permanent residence. Looking through my timeline I have the I-485, I-765 and I-131 and the supporting documents for each form. Is this all that needs to be sent in? Since an I-864 affadavit of support was done prior to his interview, I do not need to send this form again correct? The I-693 when does this get submitted? Thank you for your help.

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4:53 pm May 10, 2023


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Question, is USCIS processing 2023 cases while processing the ones from past years? Only reason I ask, because I am looking at stats, it is showing they are touching cases from this year as well.

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Application Submitted to NOA1
4:56 pm April 28, 2023


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Hello all,

New to this forum, but I have a question, does the beneficiary's current country effect how quickly submitted I-129F forms are put in the system and sent NOA1s? I am seeing others that sent the form after me and gotten their NOA1 in 2 days and mine been already a week. I know the estimated time is 1-3 weeks to receive NOA1 but curious to see if this is a factor.

Thank you!

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Submitting passport question
9:46 pm March 3, 2023

Ailene and Ali

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K1 fianc visa, I am the US Citizen, and my fianc is from Baghdad and his case was assigned to Ankara embassy. After a year of waiting for the DS-5535 we received the email that AP is completed and to renew medical and send passport. He flew from Baghdad to Ankara and did his medical this morning. I am sure it is not wise for him to wait in Turkey. Does he fly back and then ships his passport to the embassy? And this can be done with DHL I assume so he can have a tracking number. Also, it said to update the DS160 only if it is re-opened status. I log onto CEAC like I normally do, and I do not see any message about resubmitting the DS160. I want to make sure we are not missing anything. Thank you!

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