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US Immigration from Iraq

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US Embassy in Turkey
7:57 pm July 7, 2020



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Does anyone know if the US embassy in Turkey resumed scheduling or rescheduling immigrant visa interviews????

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The Backlog of US Embassies & Consulates
10:34 am July 1, 2020



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Hello everyone,

I am a Special Immigrant Visa applicant from Iraq. As some of you know, the embassy in Baghdad has shut down at the beginning of 2020 for security reasons (not the COVID 19 issues). The US embassy in Baghdad informed us to transfer our cases to different US embassies or consulate outside Iraq. Therefore, I moved my case to the US embassy in Jordan, and then my case became documentarily completed on January 31, 2020. Since then, I received nothing neither from the US embassy nor form NVC. Now, I started to worry that there might be a backlog at the US embassy in Amman, and it was a mistake to transfer my case there.

My questions are: -

1) - Is there any way to know whether the US embassy in Amman has a large backlog compared to other US embassies or consulates?

2)- Comparing the demand on the US embassies of the countries:- Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, and Egypt, which one do you think have the least demand and schedule interviews faster than others?

Thank you

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Official U.S. D.O.S. Visa Appointment Service
9:20 pm June 18, 2020



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I'm confused about this website. I stumbled upon it while researching when the embassies will reopen for Immigrant interviews.

Question: Are you supposed to wait until you actually have an interview date to make an account and login or do you only have to be document qualified and your supposed to make an account here at time of DQ?

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RFE for I-129F Couple's bona fide intent to marry
1:42 pm June 8, 2020

Ailene and Ali

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Hi all! I am the petitioner and I received an RFE requesting evidence of our intent to marry and they list several examples. USCIS did confirm in the RFE letter that they received both our signed letters regarding our intent to marry. They list several examples I can send, conversations with us discussing wedding plans and the future which I do have. I used RapidVisa and was told to not send chat logs with my initial packet so I didn't. We are doing a courthouse wedding since his family from Iraq will not be able to attend, and then the next day a wedding reception party at an Airbnb in downtown Houston. I also want to include a signed letter from my mother and also from his parents saying they are aware and support the wedding, and I also have messages from his mother. My question is they also listed "evidence of financial support" which I assume is proof of earnings from me, correct? I know this is normally requested at the NVC stage, and I make above the requested amount so not worried about that. Should I send at least my last two W2's showing what I earned? And with everything listed above, I think I am good with the evidence. Thank you guys!

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NVC Delayed Processing i864 payment
11:29 pm June 4, 2020

Azad Ismail

Azad Ismail

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Hey Guys!!!! Is anybody else's Affidavit of support or DS260 payment taking forever to process? Ive been waiting for mine to say paid for like 10 days now and it still says pending/processing.

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