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US Immigration from Iraq

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People who have been transferred from Baghdad to Abu Dabi
6:37 am May 30, 2021



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Hello everyone,

I am trying to connect with fellow members who have applied for CR1 and have been transferred from Baghdad to Abu Dhabi, my case was documentary qualified in july 2020 but my case is still at NVC, while reading posts on here I have found out that many applications have been scheduled for interviews that were DQ'ed after my case but it seems all these applications were not transferred to Abu Dhabi like mine.

I just need to know if that is normal for transferred applications and if I need to take action, it has been almost 2 years since I sent my i-30 (priority date oct 2019) and its getting really hard to wait and my wife has been crazy lonely in Baghdad, just looking for some hope on this site.

good luck everyone

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Does living outside of U.S effect R1 visa process?
4:51 pm May 29, 2021



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Hi everyone

I filed for VISA beginning of 2018

was DQ'd on September 2020

file currently at NVC waiting for ANKARA US embassy to reopen which it will takes forever

denied expedite request twice

The stress was unreal to the point I left my studies ( Radiology student at RIT)

I went insane and couldn't handle the stress and depression anymore so I booked a flight two weeks ago to go back to Iraq and live with my wife until they schedule her an Interview appointment

I just can't leave her alone anymore, not in this country ruined by Iranian militia.

We're mentally and emotionally better now since we're together but too afraid of the situation ( too dangers living here)

my question is, will that effect the process of her VISA?

since I, the petitioner living outside of U.S ?

I'll stay here with her until they grand her VISA to go back together, will that be a problem?

Thank you all.

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Interpreter at the embassy
3:49 pm May 27, 2021



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My wife has her interview soon in the Abu Dhabi embassy for immigration. I know they offer Arabic/Farsi/Urdu/Hindi, but none of these language work for her can we bring our own? An interpreter over the phone, video conferencing, in-person or can I join here while she dose her interview so I can translate?


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Questions please
6:18 am May 3, 2021



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I have 2 questions please. First why don't I see Ir-1 cr-1 filers from different months in this forum, why I only see March filers?

Second I saw some people being approved in less than 2 months ( they received their noa2) is their a reason for that?


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Are Embassy employees getting vaccinated for COVID?
11:05 am April 28, 2021


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Just curious if anyone has any info on this....

Are the Embassy employees getting vaccinated for COVID? Is it per the procedures of the country they are in or are they following Dept of State guidelines or what?
I would hope that vaccinating the employees would protect them and allow the backlog to get moving.

Just a thought.

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