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US Immigration from Hong Kong

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Renting a new home as an immigrant
4:38 am May 6, 2022



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We are having a difficult time finding a home to rent in the Bay area as a family of new immigrants. Only one of us have a green card (2 with immigrant visa) with decent credit score, but no proof of employment/pay stubs in the U.S. Can anyone share their tips and tricks of renting a home in the U.S. without any employment history?

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Green Card Interview: Who is required to attend?
5:42 pm April 11, 2022



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Our interview has been scheduled for May 24 but we have not received the letter yet, so I just want to know who is supposed to attend the interview so that we can plan accordingly. The applicant only or both spouses?


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Canadians driving in Canada with U.S. driver's license
4:27 pm April 6, 2022



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Hello all,

I'm planning to visit my family in Canada. I'm a Canadian citizen and U.S. green card holder. My Canadian driver's license has been expired long time ago. Can I drive in Canada with my U.S. driver's license?

*Admin, please move me to the right channel if this is not the right one.

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K1 spouse required to file tax return?
5:29 pm April 3, 2022



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Sorry to ask this, but I've searched the forum and haven't found an answer to my specific situation.

My now-husband and I were living overseas for several years and moved back to the U.S. in July 2021. I am a USC and he entered on a K1 visa. We were married in August and he applied for AOS, EAD, etc. but has not received any of those or a Social Security number. Given his immigration status, he obviously did not work at all in 2021, but he does have overseas investments.

Is he required to file a tax return? If so, we will file jointly, but is it best to file for an extension when he has an SSN or better to submit sooner without and leave that field blank?

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When can I apply N400?
2:34 am April 3, 2022



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Hello all!
Ive been married to my USC spouse since April,2019. I got my conditional GC on February,2020. living here since March, 2019.
Can I apply N400 now or I have to wait till February,2022?
Thank you for the help in advance!

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