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K-1 Visa Sponsor and co-sponsor for I-134
1:50 am January 18, 2019


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As advised, we have decided to submit Form I-134 as co-sponsor for my stepdaughter in her K-1 Visa application. Since my wife and I file jointly, do we have to submit 2 different forms I-134, or would my wife's I-134 will suffice? My income derives from Social Security retirement benefits. My wife is a nurse employed at a Nursing Home and Center and has W-2 forms and salary stubs. As I explained above, we file a joint return. My stepdaughter will also file form I-134 as principal sponsor.


bolin 786

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Salary requirements for I-134
2:29 am January 16, 2019


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I am getting ready to help my stepdaughter complete Form I-134 for her fianc in the Philippines. Her salary is just shy about $100 from the Federal Poverty Guideline of $16,910.00 for two persons. She is getting a letter from her bank detailing her checking and savings account as well as a letter from her employer, and submitting her 2018 IRS return. I am planning to be a co-sponsor, just in case. My question is if my wife, who is employed and files a joint return with me, should she also fill out the co-sponsorship since we file jointly. Should we both complete the co-sponsor I-134 form, or complete 2 separate I-134 forms as co-sponsors?

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Federal office will be closed this wed
3:47 am December 3, 2018


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Anyone will have the interview on Wednesday? Are you still going or we would have receive cancellation notice or sth? Please share ur thought.

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Joint sponsor
2:21 am November 28, 2018


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Hi guys!

Our petition just got approved , i ll need to get the Affidavit of support forms ready. We got a joint sponsor. Which form does he sign? I-134 or I-864?

Thank you

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HNK scheduling
3:00 pm November 23, 2018


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hello.. does anyone know how long it takes for NVC to schedule interview in Hong Kong? i was told by NVC that my case is documentary qualified and is in line for interview on Nov 8th 2018

thank you

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