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US Immigration from Hong Kong

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Does that mean they will extend the validity?
7:25 am September 25, 2019

Jamie & James

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I emailed the US-HK consulate about extending the K1-Fiance visa approval which is valid from Jun-4 to Oct-3, 2019.. This is their reply.

"We are writing in response to your email. Consular officers can extend the validity of the petition (revalidate the petition) if it expires before the processing of the visa application is completed. A request is not necessary."

Does that mean they will extend before it expires?

Thank you so much!

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Lost job, close to NOA2 expiration date
4:09 pm September 4, 2019

Jamie & James

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Filipino living in HK. Interview will be in US Embassy in HK.

NOA2 valid from 06/04/19 to 10/03/19.

My fianc (petitioner) recently lost his job. It's been 2 weeks and he still haven t found a job yet.

I have some questions:

1. Should we extend the NOA2 validity as a safety net

2. Can fianc ask his parents for Affidavit of Support (form I-134) instead. If he hasn t find a job yet

About the supporting docs for I134 Form:

1. Should it be original (Statement from bank, Statement from employer, previous W-2)

Thank you much!

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Form 6059B K1 entry with B2 family member
1:07 pm September 1, 2019



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I will be going to US under a K1 visa, and my mom and cousin will be traveling to US with me under the B2 visa to attend my wedding and we will sightseeing together.

My mom doesn't know English and I would like to go through custom border with her, I know 1 form per family but our visa are different can we still fill the form together?

On question 15. is that my personal belonging like laptop, camera, doesn't have to declare? and only the gifts need to declare?


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Biometrics Missing?
7:07 pm August 31, 2019



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My wife came in on a K-1 Fiance Visa on 7/4/2019.

We submitted applications the following week and received NOA1s for AOS/EAD and AP on 7/11.

As of now no status has been changed online, it just says payment has been received for AOS and Biometrics.

It's been over 50 days now and still no Biometrics? Should we be concern/do anything about it? Also does biometrics slow down AP/EAD?

We called and they said its still on track...

Please help thanks!

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K-1 Visa, Fiance already has SSN.
11:35 pm July 29, 2019


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Wife is here on a fiance visa, we've gotten married, and are now filling out AOS, Employment Authorization, et cetera. When discussing SSN, and starting the forms, I realize for the first time she already has one from her previous time in the US. She even still has her Social Security card. I know your SSN is yours for life, so...

Does this mean we're set for Social Security? Is there anything we need to do?

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