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Warning for others - Information given by USCIS live chat can be INCORRECT
5:07 am April 14, 2021


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Just wanted to share with you all my experience and hope that we can all learn from this.

We are still waiting for a NOA2 (receipt date: 14 Apr 2020) and our case is outside of processing time (original filing location Texas). We asked Emma to connect us to a live agent last Friday and the particular agent assigned told us that our case has been transferred from Texas (9-12 months) to Vermont (28-36 months). After which they promptly disconnected the chat. Naturally, we were pretty upset as we were never sent any notification about this . After the weekend, we thought we should at least find out when our case was transferred so we can at least chat with our lawyer to plan the best course of action. Long story short, yesterday my husband requested a live agent again from Emma and we were told that our case is in fact NOT at Vermont and we are actually at Texas before the chat was cut short again. Launching yet another chat, we were told our case is still apparently not outside of processing time (even though Texas' current receipt date for inquiry is 28 Apr 2020) and we need to wait another 1 week before we can submit an inquiry.

Let this be a lesson for those who ask for information from USCIS agents to ask multiple times from different agents to ensure the information provided is indeed correct. It is simply beyond me how they can employ people who give out such crucial information incorrectly and can get away with it.

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HK consulate - P3 or interview?
12:41 am April 12, 2021


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Hi our case was transferred to the embassy early Feb and its status has been ready since mid Feb but we haven t received p3 instructions.

when we contacted the consulate, we got genetic replies saying that they are understaffed and cant address individual p3 request.

We also haven t seen any visa approval from HK on this website.. Has anyone got p3 or interview appointments for k1 or immigrant visas from the consulate?


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Petitioner name change - original documents in CHANGED name
10:52 am April 6, 2021



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Hi everyone. My wife (USC) and I (the immigrating spouse) are just embarking on our green card journey - actually for the second time (I originally successfully obtained an IR1 some years ago, before formally surrendering it at a US Consulate abroad after leaving the US for work).

I was wondering if anyone had any views on a query concerning the petitioner s details in the I-130. My wife s name at birth was changed when she was young for, basically, aesthetic reasons (e.g. from Sarah Badname to Sarah Goodname ). However, her formal US birth certificate appears to have been reissued in the new name, ie we have a certified copy of her birth certificate in the name of Sarah Goodname . I do not believe we have a copy of a birth certificate using the Sarah Badname name.

Given all her documents required for demonstrating eligibility as a USC petitioner are in the new name, is it even worth potentially confusing things by referencing her original name that, as far as we can tell, does not appear to be recorded anywhere? I m afraid I cannot recall what we did when we previously filed our I-130 (ten years ago) on this but I do believe we did we disclose it at some point, though I can t remember if this was at the I-130 stage or later on (the from fields appear to have changed a fair bit since that time). I wonder if this means USCIS has this information somewhere and any inconsistency with our newly-filed petition might lead to an RFE... If anyone has any suggestions, that would be really useful!

And, just to add a supplementary question if that s okay: presumably my A-number (from my old, successful, IR1 visa) as well as the US social security number I received persist and are the ones that should be referenced in the relevant place in the I-130 and I-130A, is that correct?

Thanks a lot everyone! I ll start a timeline once we file the I-130; looking at the way things are, I suspect we ll end up going down the I-129F route to see if: (I) that maybe expedites the I-130 process (which I understand has at least anecdotally happened in some cases; and (ii) we can be one of the small number of people to have a K-3 actually issued by our local US Consulate.

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12:26 pm April 5, 2021



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To all Canadians: Is FBAR required for Canada RRSPs if the value is over USD 10,000? Our account here in the US said it's not required for retirement account.

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IR1 -NVC (Invalid document- re-submit) and what next?
1:10 am March 16, 2021

V & E

V & E

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Currently I m in NVC document review stage. I submitted all the Aos document, Financial evidence and civil documents

Received messages from NVC that one of the civil documents is invalid and need to replace it with correct one. Bottom chart on CEAC show civil document section -invalid Doc . AOS and FE section show Accepted - but on FE review note xxx might not have a principal residence or be domiciled in the United States.please submit proof of domicile - do I need to do anything in AOS and FE section?

so, I replaced and re-upload the civil document with explanation a few days ago. It s status on civil document section change to submitted

Then, I received email from NVC this morning that said your status been updated and please log into ceac to view the status. But, the civil document section still show submitted when I logged in this morning.

Now what to do next? I don t see any new message/review note ! Do I need to wait for NVC to change the civil document section accepted ? Do I still miss some steps?

how do I know if document qualified and move my case to embassy in Hong Kong? Will NVC send me a email?

Your input is greatly appreciated


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