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Legal Name question on N-400 Form
4:42 pm May 20, 2023



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Hi VJ members,

I'm trying to start completing the N-400 Form online to see what info I need to gather. I came across some queries and hope to get advice from you.

Part 2. Information about You

Q1. What is your current legal name?

"Your current legal name is the name on your birth certificate, unless it changed after birth by a legal action such as marriage or court order. Do not provide any nicknames here."

In my case:

- During the IR1 visa application, the legal name I used was the legal name used in my birth country (let's say, DOE, Mary-Ann Jane)

- When my IR1 visa was approved, and because I'm also a Canadian by naturalization, the IO at US Consulate allowed me to choose which passport to use for my IR1 visa. I chose to use my Canadian passport. My name on my Canadian passport is, say, DOE, Jane).

- My name on my Green Card is "DOE, Jane"

Based on how I followed the questions asked in the online form, it looks like that I should

- put "DOE, Mary-Ann Jane" as my current legal name

- put "DOE, Jane" when answering "What is your name exactly as it appears on your Permanent Resident Card?" and uncheck the box "The name on my Permanent Resident Card matches my current legal name."

- put "Canada" as the country of my citizenship or nationality

(A note for the question reads, "If you are a citizen or national of more than one country, provide the name of the foreign country that issued your last passport.")

Am I correct on the above?

And, when asked "Would you like to legally change your name?" Do I put "Yes" if I want to use the name appeared on my Green Card?

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OPT at Associate's Level after CPT at Bachelor's Level
5:52 pm May 10, 2023



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Hi there,

I'm in a bit of a weird situation here. I would have completed 3 years out of my 4-year Bachelor's degree after the Spring 2023 semester. I'm transferring to a community college for a year starting Fall 2023, and will return in Fall 2024 to complete the 4-year Bachelor's degree afterwards. Say if I complete a certificate of achievement at the CC at the end of the Spring 2024 semester, will I be eligible for OPT for Summer of 2024? One factor that's complicating things a little is that I'm also doing CPT this summer based on my Bachelor's degree. I believe there is a rule against using OPT at a lower degree after having used it at a higher degree level, but I can't find any information about using CPT at a higher level, and the OPT at a lower level. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Self-employment in Employment History
1:47 pm May 2, 2023



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Hi VJ members,

In a few months, I'll be eligible for applying under the 3-year rule. I have a question as I started to do my research.

After I became LPR, I worked remotely under a contract with a company in Hong Kong for a few months. When I filed taxes here (MFJ), the income was treated as self-employment income. So when I list my employment history, should I just put those few months as self-employment and not putting the name of that Hong Kong company?

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Updating documents prior to the interview - Manila
4:51 am February 21, 2023



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Hi guys, we've finally gotten our interview date! Some questions:

1. Petitioner has switched jobs - should we update the I864/AOS?

2. I've moved houses - should we update the DS260?

3. My NBI is still valid (expired June 2023) but the address is still my old one. Is that ok?

Thank you!

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K1 or CR1
12:29 am February 17, 2023

Tim y

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Hello everyone,

I have been researching my situation a lot and need some help. My Fianc is Filipino and she has been working in Hong Kong for 6 years. She has 2 children that we would also like to bring to the US. From what I can tell the K1 is a good option for this however we want to go through the embassy in Hong Kong because the wait time in Hong Kong is less and that is where she lives. My understanding is when a K2 is applied for the children the embassy will want to move her case to Manila. With a CR1 she can travel back to the Philippines right away after coming to the US. I would rather here leave Hong Kong and bring them through the POE with her all in 1 trip due to travel costs.

any thoughts would be appreciated.


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