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US Immigration from Haiti

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Any recent k1 interviews in PAP?
5:11 am October 31, 2019


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Hey all I am helping my husbands cousin out .. has anyone had an interview in Port au Prince lately? They are in the final stages of k1 in which documents were submitted to DHL and CEAC status says Ready. Will the embassy contact the applicant with an appointment date?

I know some days the embassy has been open for emergencies only due to the political unrest.

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plane ride
1:07 am October 24, 2019

frank wisman

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so my fiancee heard from someone she knows that when I bring her home I have to get a return plane ticket for her I dont understand why I would need to do that the whole purpose of the visa is to bring her to united states so we can get married

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Expired after one year in AP
4:29 pm October 22, 2019


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09D86E85-CF9F-4681-A70B-0CD4A0BA9C17.thumb.jpeg.1ab3974ad76de275c37f4f80160c3f9c.jpegMay someone please help me understand why my case status is expired after one year in Administrative? They didn't ask for additional documents, every-time my fianc e call them about my case they said that be patient they will contact us soon! After one year waiting for a good news yesterday i check my case status it showed EXPIRED. I already mail the embassy about that but i need your advise . Thank you!!!

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pregnancy question
1:37 pm October 22, 2019

frank wisman

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so we had our interview and passed but missing papers from haiti when we get them we turn in and get visa but haiti is in civil unrest and cant get papers right now just found out we are pregnant what happens if we cant get the visa before baby is born and our baby is born in Dominican republic what will I have to do then

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Can I add my husbands son as a derivative applicant on I-485 even though he hasn't joined us yet here in the states?
7:48 pm October 19, 2019


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I'm filling out the I-485 for my husband who was admitted through a K1 Fiance Visa. We added his son to his original petition I-129F and we're going to complete the follow to join process soon which means his son hasn't been admitted into the states yet. Should I still add his son as a derivative applicant? Or should I not since he has yet to be here?

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