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  1. So hubby is applying for Citizenship (based on 3 years marriage to USC) and we need to provide proof of citizenship for me. My certificate is with my maiden name, which I did not change. (BTW, do I have to???) I know I could also send scan of my passport which I just renewed last month to have new last name (I know, long overdue, but laziness!). What would be best to provide along with his application? Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hubby's card has been approved yesterday, just checked!!! so excited! They sent case to Potomac from Texas last month
  3. Hubby's case was transferred to another office as well, VA to be exact. Any of you that have their cases transferred will be applying for N-400?? We are debating whether it is a good idea or not?
  4. that's good to know. I am afraid to send the N400 and have the process take longer because of it.
  5. Hi Everyone it's been a while since i've logged on. We received a notice from USCIS today was praying for an approval, but instead it is this I saw many of us have gotten them but i am still wondering why? if that is a good thing? does that mean they will finally start working on our cases? Also we were thinking of applying for N-400 at the same time. Has anyone on here done so? Hoping for approvals for all of us
  6. Not sure if that is the right thread but... I have a question that I need help please. A family member is renewing 10 year green card. Card expires late November. Biometrics are scheduled in a couple of week. Just want to know if they can travel BEFORE going to the biometric appointment??? Technically the card has not expired yet, but want to make sure before traveling. Thanks!
  7. Hi Everyone, April 2018 filer here as well (for hubby). So we received a notice a while back that no biometrics were needed, they will used what was on file when we file for Adjustment of status. Just curious to now if anyone here had the same thing?? And also received the 18 months extension, after we got the 12 months extension!
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