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  1. I would stick with the AOS!! TPS is only temporary and who knows what president will get rid of it one day. Also TPS does NOT lead her to become a greencard holder. Whoever is telling you to apply for TPS does NOT know what they are talking about! Like the previous poster suggested if you did not file date I-131 or I-765 with the AOS I highly suggest you do. It's free and she will be able to travel/work before the greencard is approved. Even if you don't *plan* on her working or traveling it is good to have *just* in case. Good luck and I hope your family is safe in Haiti!
  2. I’m glad you both are able to help out and your job as well. Hope everyone continues to stay safe .
  3. I’m glad you are all safe! My in laws live in Port au Prince so they were safe too this time luckily. I hope your wife and son will be able to arrive soon!!
  4. I’m so sorry- I am glad your family is okay- that is so scary. My husbands cousin/aunts/uncles all lost their home too. They are in the Les Cayes area but very remote. We are raising money to send a construction team from PaP to the Les Cayes area to fix/rebuild some homes. They haven’t had any organization arrive and it’s been almost two weeks!! They are organizing themselves though and looking out for each other. I hope you husband and daughters can come here quickly! I’ll pray for your family
  5. That stinks- it’s always so hard to get through on the phone for any place!! I can only imagine your frustration. Good idea to go down to the post office to speak with someone. Bring your marriage certificate as well in case they give you problems - you can show that it is your wife that lives there. Better to have too much with you than not enough! Good luck.
  6. I was told (either by the SSA or my lawyer) to put my last name on the mailbox after I got married when I needed a new SSN in my new name. I literally printed and laminated my last name and pinned it to the mailbox. Had no problem receiving mail. I would try that. Also did you tell USPS that your previous address was in Australia; how did they respond?
  7. Why would you care if Bolivia has K1 processing if you live in Pakistan. I think it will be much easier to find out if YOUR consulate is processing k1s rather than obtain a list of of ALL consulates.
  8. If you are not sending an original document then why are you opposed to a highlighter? I think that’s more efficient then making someone read a legal document just to find your wife’s name. As far as the CC- just throwing it out there- you have already provided USCIS so much stuff over the years including SSN - I wouldn’t be concerned they are going to steal your CC info. But I agree with sending statements that have both of you listed as well as transactions that show the cards are actually used- not just “created” for this purpose. Good luck!
  9. Please create your timeline on the site as this will help others and help you! It took exactly 1 year minus a week from the time application was sent.
  10. Thanks. They really should update their policy as this says otherwise and is “current” as of 8/12… https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-1-part-e-chapter-6
  11. LOL! How does that violate your right? Why should USCIS have to hand hold when you forget to sign a form? If you can’t follow instructions -denied- feel free to apply again-that’s what I would do 😆 move the process along faster for those that can follow instructions.
  12. Yes . This guy should have had a lawyer at the beginning for the stupid mistakes he made. OP- USCIS no longer HAS to send a RFE- they have the option of straight out denying. However it seems it was denied because they haven’t met in two years which is a necessity. We all will just speculate though until he has the denial letter. Moving forward a lawyer will only (most likely) be more thorough than this guy. He’s still going to need to see her again if they proceed with the k1. A lawyer can’t speed it up. But if this guy is this bad with forms it may help for him to hire someone.
  13. You make a good point. Some people would be better off with a lawyer depending not just on the case itself but on the individual.
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