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  1. i bring mine they look at it and give it back to me at my interview


  2. I got approved today I'm in range 106500. All the glory be to God
  3. You're not lonely I'm one of them. My case is still receive
  4. Ok I'm June 30th in range 106500. Praying that my day will finally come
  5. I saw others post 2approvals in range 106500 even it's not me😥😥
  6. I know thank you . your number is more accurate than the sheet. I'm so sad I don't know why my case taking so long to be adjudicated
  7. I'm in 106500 the one who have June and July mix. Thank you.
  8. Hello Cheddy I don't really understand the table I'm in range 106500 what's the results for that range. Please
  9. I'm on the range 106500 what's the stat for it please? Help
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