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US Immigration from Haiti

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Case becoming Documentarily Qualified (Embassy in haiti)
12:28 pm yesterday



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Hey guys.

just looking for some timeline on how long it takes to have the interview scheduled after the Case becomes Documentarily Qualified with NVC. Haiti is the Embassy the interview would be scheduled with and the Case became Documentarily Qualified on 11/20/19. Just curious as to how long some of you had to wait until the interview was scheduled.

thanks VJ family

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Case transferred to NVC
11:35 pm December 3, 2019



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Asking for a friend of a friend.

she is married to a USC and have been married for two years. Came here on a tourist visa which recently expired on 9/2019. She received a letter from USCIS letting her know that the case is being Transferred to the NVC. She is from Haiti by BTW. In the letter she was advised that she can t adjust status here in the us so the case was transferred to NVC. She has two kids both USC (which I know doesn t matter) she isn t sure what she is to do and neither am I.

any insight would be helpful. Keep the negative comments to yourself please to those that have them. Thanks for the help from those who that are trying.?


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Precarious Situation: Long Interview Moments Ago but Undecided
3:44 pm November 27, 2019



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I had my N400 (5years rule) interview minutes ago in Charlotte, NC, the interview lasted about an hour and the officer was very professional and thorough.

Though I passed the test my situation is dicey and he will need supervisor approval to move to the next stage.

I will need comments from those who have direct or indirect experience with my situation

I came here in 2011 on a marriage based 10yr green card my wife and I have 3 kids together we separated in 2015 and we been trying to make our marriage work because I had affair with another woman in 2015

I showed evidence of support for my children but he asked me questions about the affair and said though its minor it is a moral issue and result could swing both ways.

Anyone knows if situations like this have been denied or approved.

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I130 Application
5:57 pm November 19, 2019



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Hello my I130 application get approved since September 5 2019 i never get nothing from nvc so yesterday was November 18 i call nvc The told me uscis didn t send the application to them yet therefore the still waiting on uscis. So after i finish talking to them i call uscis the told me i have to wait for 90 days so any advice

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K1 visa in Ha´ti
8:46 pm November 14, 2019


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Hello everyone, my fianc s in Haiti we have our status stuck on in transit since October the 1st, I m getting really frustrated because our approval date on the I-797 is expired on December the 12 this year, I m worried and stressed out, he already paid for the visa at the songexpress. Anybody please help we call every week to check they said the same thing to wait, I called nvc they have told me they sent it to them on October the first. Please help! Anybody who went through similar situation.

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