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US Immigration from Haiti

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What to say to congressman?
5:23 am today


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When contacting your congressmen what do you write exactly? Do you explain your situation in depth & give them your case info or what? I didn t want to hassle the embassy in fear of them making an unwanted hasty decision but I want to contact them if I don t receive any updates soon to help get some clarification about my case.

Here s the link/ some info to my fianc s interview experience:

After sending them an email the day of my interview clarifying the error of the translated document & inquiring about the 221g requesting no docs they sent me this:


I ve provided them with the additional requested documents that was received by the embassy since October 12th. My case updated about 3 times since then but remains in AP. Last case update is for Nov. 5th & it hasn t been touched since. Last email I got from them is from oct. 23rd when I asked if my documents were received & their reply was this:


Thanks in advance for all reply s.

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K1 visa photo
11:17 pm today

Djinie Ana

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Hi All, I'm going to send my i129f this month . I want to make sure that everythingis correct.

Here is what I have:

-i129f complete

- money order $535


- 2 passport photos of me & him

- 2 letters of intent to marry

- my us passport all pages and his


-his birth certificate translated and French version

-proof of meeting in person ( passport stapms, airplane tickect,hotel receipt, picture of us together and other family member)

-proof of ongoing relationship ( chat log, call, gifts , letter that he sent me)

Did I miss anything? Also the size of his photo passport is not 2 2 , should I cut myself or leave it like that? Thank you in advance to everyone!!

Thank you everyone for

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Administrative Processing. What does update means?
10:20 am today


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Good? morning all,

Yesterday m?y case goes to Ready and nearly 3 hours later come back to Administrative Processing.


October 11th interview and AP.

October 13th Sent th?e document with passport

October 16th AP after they received our marriage certificate version l?o?ng?.

October 30th AP.

November 9th around 11:00AM: Ready. The creation of the case was same.

November 9th around 1:00PM: AP. It says: Immigrant visa application and the? creation of case is still same.

An??d now the waiting time? continue. Hopefully we will get a update next week.


Someone here has experienced this?

What think about my up?dates?

Can I expect something soon?

Thank you ?for ?you rep?l?y.?? ?????

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CR1 for spouse and step daughters
3:08 pm today

Justus Forever

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Good Morning,

I have been searching and I am getting some help from some of the people here. What I need answers to I can't ask the people that's helping and the searches I come up with are like from 2015, 2016, 2017. I know things change through out the years. My question when filing for my spouse and step kids do I put there I-130's in the same packet with different fees or do I have to file 3 separate packs and hope there all processed at the same time. I don't know if it makes a difference but my step kids are 4 and 5. I would like for someone who have experienced this recently or you know of someone that could answer this question above. I know all countries are different if it matter my question is for the country of Haiti

Thank you

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Meeting within 2 years period
2:49 am today

Djinie Ana

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Hi All,

I visited my fiance on May 2018... 5 months ago. I'm in the process of gathering information to file K1 visa. Is it too soon to file because we met in person 5 month ago? Also some my documents are signed with different date is this an issue?

Thank you in advance!!!

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