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US Immigration from Haiti

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NO Archival Marriage Certificate!
12:51 am yesterday


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Just found out this morning, (2 days from submitting our I-130!) our civil marriage certificate won't be sent to the archives until next April. The registrar said even if he were to send it now for us they would send it back to him because they only accept them once a year. So disappointed!! Is there anything we can do? Wouldn't submitting now be a waste and by next year all our paperwork will be old?

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???? Qualifications for CR-1 (merged topics)
7:09 pm August 5, 2020


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Hello. My husband and I just got married in Haiti last month (civil registrar). We have been collecting supporting evidence for a while now to file the I-130. I plan to send off the packet next week if I can get everything together in time. We have legal marriage licence in hand but haven't physically lived together yet. For financial reasons as he can't support us both for me to remain in Haiti just yet. Will that cause a problem since I won't be able to give evidence of living as a married couple?

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K1 visa in Ha´ti
11:27 am July 30, 2020


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Hi Guys,

I had surgery on my left shoulder on the 15th of this month, I m home alone with daughter, we paid the visa fees, all papers required was sent, he did his physical on March 3th the COVID-19 hit, everything is shut down. I have a question is this enough emergency to get my fianc an interview? I have all my hospital papers with me.

please cause I need him with right now I m in so much pain and I only have my daughter with me she s 14. Please help!! ?

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Where to find accurate information about travel restrictions?
11:48 am July 25, 2020


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Where do you look for accurate information about traveling abroad in regards to current restrictions? Every website I have looked has different information; how do I know what is accurate?! Specifically we are looking to travel to Haiti- so I know I won't get much specific help here- but what guideline do we follow!? I understand the world is in flux right now and Haiti NEVER has it together but we would really like to know the specifics. (not that the country has taken COVID seriously so thats a whole other story...)

JetBlue says 1) self-obtained negative COVID test prior to departure 2) quarantine required upon arrival 3) health screening form required

American Airlines says to check out https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm which was last updated 6/3 and says 1) Passengers are subject to medical screening 2) A completed Health Declaration Form must be presented to immigration upon arrival and to check DOS.

Spirit says 1) complete a health form 2)travelers may also be asked to quarantine for a 14 day period or for the duration of their trip (whichever is shorter)

Department of State/US Embassy says 1) temperature check upon arrival 2) Provide accurate location upon arrival 3) Government of Haiti stated it will impose a requirement that all arriving passengers self quarantine for 14 days. The Ministry of Public Health will check on passenger 3x after arrival to monitor any symptoms. As of July 2 it is not certain when this requirement will take effect.

DOS also says to check with your airline for updated information; which makes you go in circles.

To the mods please move this if it is not in the correct category; no clue where it should be posted! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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3:25 am July 24, 2020


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I need your help with this case. My cousin filed I-130 for her spouse while he was outside of USA. Now her husband is in USA and she would like to apply for AOS instead. She received an RFE 2 days ago. Does anybody know how she can proceed with this?

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