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US Immigration from Haiti

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Family Reunification Parole Processes
11:54 am April 28, 2024



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Family Reunification Parole Processes Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, or Honduras, and their immediate family members.

Hello, I want to know if any of you have recently received the invitation to fill I134A for your parent (s).

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Where to get "criminal history" document?
1:27 am April 10, 2024



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On the I-751, it asks, "Have you ever been arrested, detained, charged, indicted, fined, or imprisoned for breaking or violating any law or ordinance (excluding traffic regulations), or committed any crime which you were not arrested in the United States or abroad?"

My partner was detained when entering the U.S. He was seeking asylum and was ultimately released into the U.S. after being held for about 15 days. (There were never any criminal charges for this, and he was able to remain here and is now a legal permanent residence through our marriage.)

The I-751 asks you to submit documentation of criminal history. We are struggling to figure out what kind of documentation to include and who/where to get it from, even after reading the I-175 instructions. Can someone please help?

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Haïti embassy
2:47 pm January 5, 2024



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It been almost one year since they approved my K1 fianc . The US embassy stills staying close. I don t know what to do. Any advices??

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NVC is requesting 2022 W2 that I do not have
9:28 pm November 12, 2023



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I am a US citizen and I want to enter my mother.

I am currently at the NVC stage. I will be the sole sponsor and my income is sufficient.

The problem is that I started working in 2023 but NVC is requesting that I submit a W2 for 2022.

I already responded and stated that I do not have any W2s for 2022. I am just waiting for a response from NVC concerning that.

Nowhere does it say that a person should be working the previous year in order to generate a W2 for that year.

Is this possibly something that would require a joint sponsor who has a 2022 W2?

Or is possible that if NVC wants a W2 that they would wait for a 2023 W2?

What do you think?

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I-864 Part 6 Questions 23a and 24a
4:12 am September 24, 2023



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I am married but will be the only one sponsoring my mother.

I filed a joint return with my husband. Will I include just my income or should I include the total income, even though my husband will not be a joint sponsor?

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