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US Immigration from Haiti

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Can I add my husbands son as a derivative applicant on I-485 even though he hasn't joined us yet here in the states?
7:48 pm October 19, 2019


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I'm filling out the I-485 for my husband who was admitted through a K1 Fiance Visa. We added his son to his original petition I-129F and we're going to complete the follow to join process soon which means his son hasn't been admitted into the states yet. Should I still add his son as a derivative applicant? Or should I not since he has yet to be here?

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missing papers
7:37 pm October 17, 2019

frank wisman

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so I have a question my fiancee is from haiti and our interview was in dominican republic we passed interview but were missing her birth certificate and her police report from haiti due to haiti being locked down the company we hired to get us these papers cant get them right now due to everything being shut down my question is this if it takes too long will she need to take another medical exam remember i was told that once we have the papers to turn them in with her passport and we will get the visa anyone have any ideas

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Atlanta AOS 2018 FILERS
12:50 pm October 16, 2019

Loyal Empress

Loyal Empress

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My husband ead is expiring Oct 29 pending application, we are traveling to miami Nov everything will be expired...HELP WHAT DO WE DO

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Oklahoma N400 Applicants Share Your Story
5:15 pm October 14, 2019



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Hey guys, It looks like we do not have a lot of N400 applicants from Oklahoma here, so I decided to open this thread so we can all share out timelines, stories, successes, challenges to ease this journey

I applied June 22 and my biometrics was completed on July 15th. I am still waiting on my interview notice though B-)

So irrespective of the month filed let us all keep ourselves updated here


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US Embassy in Haiti
7:31 pm October 9, 2019


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Has anyone been able to reach the embassy in Haiti? It appears it may be closed due to all the political situation. This is the last notification I ve received from the embassy dated the 4th-

Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Port-au-Prince, Haiti (October 4, 2019)

Location: Tabarre, in close proximity of the U.S. Embassy

Events: Due to protest activity in close proximity to the embassy, all employees are instructed not to leave the mission compound until further notice. Employees currently at residential compounds should remain in place.

Actions to take:

Avoid the area;

Avoid demonstrations and any large gatherings of people;

Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks; and

If you encounter a roadblock, turn around and get to a safe area.

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