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1.  I-751 December 2020 Filers

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I-751 December 2020 Filers
2:16 pm December 1, 2020


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Hi! I don't see a December 2020 subtopic yet, so I am starting one!

My 90-day window opens on December 7th, currently assembling the additional evidence. Hopefully sending everything to USCIS at some point next week after the 7th.

Good luck everybody!

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Wait for citizenship or redo GC?
12:42 am May 29, 2020



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I have had my GC since november 2018, husband is USC. We are in a spot right now (partially due to COVID situation) where we are thinking of what would be the better course of action for the next couple of years. Just hoping that your guys thoughts and experience can help us to think about something we didn't realize ourselves.

Quick background info. Long term plan is to settle down in US but for starting our family we have always wanted to move to Estonia (where I'm from) and live there for about 3-5 years. Its just way better social system and of course, support from my family. But we are kinda stuck deciding what would be a better course of action.

Option A) Move back asap, start a family there, stay probably for around 5 years and then move back to US. The biggest negative is going through the whole GC process again and with (hopefully) 1-3 kids in tow, the affidavit of support could be a bit more struggle (especially if laws and regulations are made even stricter).

Option B) Stay in USA until I receive my citizenship, move directly after that. Positive is that it will be way way easier to move back to US (as our long term plan is to stay in US anyway). I think, as much as I looked, I can start my naturalization after three years, so november 2021 but its still going to take at least a year, so it would push back our wish to start family quite a bit. And if it should be that COVID is going to be rampaging the world for another 1-2 years, it would in some ways make more sense to be in Estonia.

It might be that I'm just not seeing it clearly due to baby fever ( :D ) so I would be very glad if you could share your thoughts, what seems in long term the best idea to go with or what would you do.

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Major cuts to family immigration
4:50 am February 1, 2020



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Hi everyone,

My husband'll apply for the citizenship in Sept 2020. We won't be able to apply for his parents till at least 2021. Will the law changes before we'll be able to bring his parents here.

I really wanted his parents to be here, so our son is closer to the grandparent. Thank you so much!!!

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Receiving Royalties while waiting for AOS
9:08 pm July 8, 2019



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I just had an epiphany today that my husband might be breaking immigration law after reading some other posts on here. We filed for an AOS back in March and are waiting to receive his Employment Authorization and Travel Permit. We knew 100% that working was out of the question, so he's just been focusing on making music the entire time we've been here. However, it never occurred to me that him releasing music could be considered "working" since he doesn't have an "employer" and only gets paid in quite small (~$50) royalty checks every quarter. I don't think he's even received a royalty check since we've been here, but that could be because he hasn't changed his address yet. All of the record labels he's released with are located in the EU, not the US, but the royalty distributor is a US company (BMI).

I've been reading on the forum about people who have worked remotely for companies, and I know the language is VERY gray. I was just wondering if anyone had been in a similar situation or not. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated - I'm just worried we screwed ourselves a little for being ignorant.

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red flag
5:49 pm June 25, 2019

Nature felix

Nature felix

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hello Guys I was denied B1/B2 and F1 visas 2014 and 2015, both were based on section of 214 of INA. on my F1 student visa i use my uncle name as my dad because he was the one sponsoring my education. am going to CR1 visa interview next month, its this a red flag for me, do i have to let the consular know before the interview or i should for them to ask me? we got married may 2018, we have a child this year.. what are my chances of getting my Cr1 visa?

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