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Receiving Royalties while waiting for AOS
9:08 pm July 8, 2019



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I just had an epiphany today that my husband might be breaking immigration law after reading some other posts on here. We filed for an AOS back in March and are waiting to receive his Employment Authorization and Travel Permit. We knew 100% that working was out of the question, so he's just been focusing on making music the entire time we've been here. However, it never occurred to me that him releasing music could be considered "working" since he doesn't have an "employer" and only gets paid in quite small (~$50) royalty checks every quarter. I don't think he's even received a royalty check since we've been here, but that could be because he hasn't changed his address yet. All of the record labels he's released with are located in the EU, not the US, but the royalty distributor is a US company (BMI).

I've been reading on the forum about people who have worked remotely for companies, and I know the language is VERY gray. I was just wondering if anyone had been in a similar situation or not. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated - I'm just worried we screwed ourselves a little for being ignorant.

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red flag
5:49 pm June 25, 2019

Nature felix

Nature felix

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hello Guys I was denied B1/B2 and F1 visas 2014 and 2015, both were based on section of 214 of INA. on my F1 student visa i use my uncle name as my dad because he was the one sponsoring my education. am going to CR1 visa interview next month, its this a red flag for me, do i have to let the consular know before the interview or i should for them to ask me? we got married may 2018, we have a child this year.. what are my chances of getting my Cr1 visa?

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k1 visa wedding requirements
12:17 am June 21, 2019



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Hello, my fiancee and I will be having our wedding soon. We plan on just having a small, courthouse wedding. We recently moved so we don't have any friends or family in the area to attend. What are the requirements for the wedding? Will we need witnesses? Do we need to have someone to take pictures of the ceremony?

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Steps after marriage
8:16 pm June 13, 2019



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How long after marriage do we need to apply for adjustment of status? Also, what are the steps to getting a marriage certificate?

We tried to look these questions but keep getting different results.

Thank you!

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Can I travel with EAD card AFTER Green Card has been approved?
6:05 pm June 7, 2019


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Hi everybody! So it looks like I have ran into a bit of a nightmare, green card getting lost in mail while tracking says it was delivered in mailbox. I m still hoping that it ll turn out somewhere since it s only been a couple of days and i m trying to work on it with usps.

Im planning a trip to Europe in August, I know I could get the i-551 stamp to my passport but do I need to have the replacement filed in before I could get the stamp? I just want to wait a bit with the $550 fee in hopes of somehow getting my green card soon.

Also my EAD card expires in September, would I be able to travel with this even though my green card has been issued?


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