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Is my DS-3025 complete?
9:36 pm


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Hi dear everyone!

Please see my DS-3025 below and help me decide if it incompletely filled out by the doctor? Part 2 is missing a check... Should I still risk sending it in with my AOS packet or how likely am I to get a RFE for that.

Thankful in advance ?


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How do you know when k1 petition is approved
3:04 pm


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When they approve the K-1 petition for alien fiancee are you notified through mail only or will they email or call? My fiancee is coming to stay with me for a few months and we're concerned about if she gets it in the mail while she's away.

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6:11 pm


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My? fiancee first visited me for a month this past May 28 to June 29. We submitted our application for the petition for alien fiance and it was received July 19. My fiancee plans to come to visit me in agai?n September 13 and stay for about 3 months until December 4. Would staying that long that soon after the first visit and during the k1 process be okay? Do you think she could have any problems coming back into the US? Thank you.

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Questions about Co-sponsor for the K1 visa
12:21 pm


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So we got our NOA2 and now it's time to fill out the i-134 and gather evidence for it. I do have a few questions that need answering as me and my fianc will be having a co-sponsor. I've tried to find information on this and there are so many different answers to these questions.

Thank you to anyone who answers!

1.) Do we need ''a ) Statement from an officer of the bank/financial institution with your deposits'' if the co-sponsor and sponsor are employed by a company and not self-employed?

2.) Does the co-sponsor have to fill out a i-134 OR a i-864, or the primary sponsor fills out i-134 and the co-sponsor the i-864?

3.) How many previous pay-stubs do we need to show, 2, 3, 6? Answers to these vary...

4.) Also can the sponsors take COPIES of the pay-stubs or do we need to show the originals?

5.) Same for w2, how many of those do we need, just the previous year or 3? Can it be a photocopy as well or does it need to be an original?

6.) As the co-sponsor will be the my fianc s mom, who is married but doesn't claim her husband or her taxes and they file them separately, would her household size still be considered her and her husband, or just her?

Thank you again!!!

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DS-260 and current address
10:54 pm


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Just a question regarding filling in DS-260 and what to write for the current address. . My present address is in New Zealand (because of work), but I don't have residency here. I'm here on a temporary work visa and in October I will return to Estonia. I'm just afraid that when I write that my present address is in New Zealand then for whatever reason they want to change embassy etc also to New Zealand. Am I just overthinking and is it all good to write the present address if its in another country than where my official residency is?

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