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  1. As from the worker just near the lines. We were directed to the US Citizens line once (husband is USC, I was on ESTA) and once I had to go to ESTA line.
  2. Could you explain why not? I planned to apply for re-entry permit myself to use it as a show of ties to US as I probably will be out of US for 4-4.5 months because of work reasons.
  3. I think I am too much afraid to mess it up to do it by myself Income from three countries, owner of NGO in one of the countries and now someone told me that I might not even need to do taxes because of not "passing" substantial presence test. So much to think about! But I will check out those three possibilities. Thank you!
  4. She can start working as soon as she entered the country but she cannot get paid without SSN. It is possible that employer can just hold the pay until SSN arrives and then can just do backpay. I was thinking of using that option but luckily I got my SSN before work started.
  5. Only with my entry in June (but it was justified). It was 3 months with every entry. They couldn't allow me to stay more because I travelled on ESTA that allows maximum 3 months (90 days).
  6. It definitely is possible. After filing our I-130 I entered on an ESTA once with my husband (October) and twice without my husband (March and June).
  7. My entry through Denver took maybe 5min? It was far longer to wait for the luggage. I was also told not to use the kiosk as it can't read the stamp that USA embassy put into my passport.
  8. If you get to POE, having your I-130 paperwork on you, might be helpful, either NOA1 or NOA2. Don't show unless asked but in my case, as soon as I said that I have NOA1, my passport was stamped (he asked so many questions I honestly thought I'll be sent to secondary).
  9. Taking you from the word exploring, there is this amazing Amtrak train offer, where roomlette (your own separate "cabin" with seats that fold into full beds) is 2 people for 1 person price. We paid like 447$ for two of us for 48h trainride from Seattle to Chicago. Food etc is also included! If you are train travel fans, you can find it here: https://www.amtrak.com/promotions/deals.html Promotion does end on 11th of December, but maybe its something you also like. E: When booking it, Amtrak booking system is quite horrible. It has to show "promo applied" text over roomlette when choosing the type of ticket (coach, premium, business etc). For us, it only showed up when trying to book using iPad. In my laptop or Android phone it did just not show up! But it can also be booked by phone with Amtrak.
  10. Maybe you'll be lucky and find a house that is not "paper house" and fixing it just takes some minor repair? All the best luck!
  11. Beside just heating, have a look also at insulation and how good that is. It will be especially important if you are looking into buying your own place next year. For example, we are renting a place for winter season in Colorado. It can get down to -27C in winter here but the house we live in, has single pane windows!! So obviously, its not good insulation and probably there are cracks between the frame and wall as sitting on the couch, you could feel nice cold breeze =D Already now, in the beginning of the winter with just -10C we had heating cranked up to max but we were still freezing. What we did, was just to tape bubblewrap over the windows we don't really need (we have 9 various size of windows in our living room) or use. So right now 3 windows in living room and 1 window in bedroom is covered and that has been good enough - we set the heat to the half (3 out of max 6) and now I can actually wear t-shirt and shorts inside. If it would be our own place, we would look for long term solution, but as we will move out in the end of winter, tape and bubble wrap will do. To my surprise, its not as common in US or also in New Zealand where I have lived to have a house that has all three things covered: heating, insulation and ventilation. I understand you might not need it in the areas where temperature rarely goes close to freezing but even in places with real cold weather it just does not exist! TL;DR: As extra to looking at heating, see how the house is insulated, where you have the "cold bridges" and what you can do to better it.
  12. Thanks! Will find someone for sure, to help through that maze! Missleman did say that their accountant is in Texas. I think maybe I'll need to find someone from Colorado, because there is also federal tax return or aren't the differences too big between states?
  13. I decided I'd better have a look into how to file the taxes for 2018, since I've heard so many horror stories of US tax system and of course it won't be the easiest first year. My POE was 20th of November and I'll work (and get paid) only for about half a December. While in US, I have had income to my Estonian account as a member of board fee (so not salary), so I guess I'll need to add that. But do I also need to add the income I earned in other countries in 2018 while not US resident? If anyone has recommendations for accountant, bookkeeper or whoever can help with that kind of stuff, I'd be very interested!
  14. I had job interview in USA in end of March (travelled to USA on ESTA, it is allowed to participate at job interviews). Got the job but as my visa process took longer they just couldn't wait for me. Got another position in the same company, applied maybe 2-3 days before I got to USA but I already knew I will get it anyway.
  15. It depends so much from the country and the embassy. Have you had a look what is timeline for other applicants fro Tunisia?
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