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  1. Mine just went from 13 months to 7 months! Still not sure which office I'll go to.
  2. Just checked mine. It shows 13 months right now for me and luckily the biometrics will be reused!
  3. And I just submitted my N-400! I'm applying with 3 year rule and I am hoping they can use my biometrics that I got done for I-751. To be fair I could have submitted it a month ago but my brain thought 90 days from 20th November is 20th of September not 20th August... But hopefully that one month won't hinder the process too much! I live in Colorado and looking forward to see where my case ends up!
  4. I am applying 3 year rule and during that time I worked abroad just that once for 4,5 months because then COVID happened and well... Before I moved to US, I worked for the same employer 3x 4,5 months (I'm from Estonia, the country where I worked is New Zealand, just to clarify). My husband did the same (every year 4-6 months) for 9 years and after we met we always travelled there and worked there together.
  5. I worked abroad. It was on a work visa, so my hope is that this one is already proof enough I didn't pick up residency or anything and it was always intend to be temporary. I have also properly added it to my US tax filings. I wonder if I could just write the jobs since that did happen but keep my address history all in US as that is where I did officially live. Little bit like if you would go on extended work task to somewhere and would live in a hotel/airbnb during that time, but your original residency is still your home.
  6. Just started with it! Looks very nice way to do it, instead of the good old papertrail! Would you have any recommendation how to include temporary working abroad? I have no issues adding in the work history (I did not go over the needed day limits) but I am worried if I put in my abroad addresses it might be seen as abandoning residency or something. Although it was just work, no residency gained or anything. But I don't think I can leave it empty as it would mean 4.5 months of no address history.
  7. Hi all! Joining here with you. I feel absolutely stupid! I moved to US November 20th 2018. I have been thinking that whole time I can file for my citizenship in September 2021. And I realized just today that 90 days from November 20th is not September 20th but August 20th. So I could have already sent the papers in last week! And I have absolutely nothing prepared! Well, time to jump on that train now!
  8. Hi all! Thank you again for all the replies you have posted! It has been a huge help! I filed for my removal of conditions back in November as soon as I was able to. What I have heard from a lot of people is that it has taken very long time to get the new GC in hand (some people get their citizenship first before they get their 10y GC in hand). If I'd go the re-entry permit route, would that be any cause for an issue that I am in a limbo? My 2y GC has expired, I have filed the proper paperwork but have not received the 10y one due to backlog.
  9. No, the address it came for me is: do_not_reply_lockbox@dhs.gov
  10. Just got the text message and e-mail (that was in spam folder) yesterday evening. So relieved! Posted it on 10/09 and it arrived 10/12. Case number starts with MSC so I guess I'll have interview in the future
  11. Returned to US just a week ago. Entry point was Chicago O'Hara. Had to fill in a COVID paperwork on plane that noone collected or cared about. CBP officer even said they don't need it anymore. No temperature checks or anything. What was a surprise was that flight from Chicago to Denver was 100% full. No empty seats at all.
  12. Got everything printed out. Tomorrow will just have to add content list and a new renters insurance. To be honest, the package feels so small, compared what I prepped for CR1 But I really don't know what else to add. 1. Form G1145 E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance 2. Payment in the amount of US $ 680.00 for form I-751 ($ 595.00) and Biometrics ($ 85.00) 3. Form I-751 4. Copies of the front and back of petitioner’s Permanent Resident Card 5. Evidence of Bona fide Marriage a. 2019 IRS Account Transcript, joint Federal and State tax return, W2 b. 2018 IRS Account Transcript, joint Federal and State tax return, W2 c. Savings account statement Aug 26, 2020 through Sep 24, 2020 d. Checking account statement Aug 15, 2020 through Sep 15, 2020 e. Pictures of Spouse and Petitioner f. Flight bookings from trips together g. Current and past health insurances information h. Mail arrived to same address i. Copy of petitioner’s Colorado drivers licence j. Spouse’s 401k information k. Renters Insurance l. Rental Lease
  13. Another one here getting ready to send things out. I'm right now planning to print everything tomorrow, get it ready and then in mail on Friday. What I have so far: - jointly done 2018 and 2019 federal and state tax returns - W2 from 2018 and 2019 - one of our lease's front page showing our names and signatures - mail for our PO box for us separetly but same address - flights we've taken together - photos of us together (starting from 2018 July, got my green card 2018 November), 6 pages - husband's (USC) 401k showing me as beneficiary - insurance card with both of our names - bank information (will add that tomorrow) I hope its going to be enough! I'm already so stressed out
  14. Oh wow! Thank you all for the replies and for the great discussion! Definitely has given me a lot to think about and helps with figuring out whats best to do. I didn't even consider re-entry permits! I need to look a bit more into it because relying on the answers here, that would seems just... perfect! What I need to check, I'm wondering whether I can be a legal permanent resident in two countries at the same time. I of course have my Estonian citizenship, but currently am a resident of US. But for my husband to get his residency in Estonia, I would need to reestablish my residency in Estonia and I've always been under impression that doing that, I would need to give up my US residency (so, basically abandon GC).
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