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  1. I think that the problem is that USCIS (Tier 1 + Tier 2) can't see info on the forms before Lockbox scans it and puts it in the system. That's how they explained it to me, when I kept calling and asking. USCIS can check to see if your forms pop up, but if they can't find anything, they tend to ask you to contact Lockbox. IMO it's very silly, because why can't they (USCIS CS and Lockbox) communicate between each other 😀 Why does a customer have to keep going back and forth between them. But on a positive note: I got my NOA two days after I e-mailed Lockbox. Maybe it was a coincidence or maybe it helped. So I'm hoping yours will pop up soon!
  2. So today we finally got our NOA messages. EAD/AP says they did receive it Dec 18th. I-485 says they processed the fingerprint fee on Jan 8. What a stressful couple of months... I hope by now you have your messages too @jtrh!
  3. So today finally got our NOA messages. EAD/AP says they did receive it Dec 18th. I-485 says they processed the fingerprint fee on Jan 8. I hope yours will come ASAP too!
  4. So we sent our package on Dec 17th and today finally got our NOA messages. EAD/AP says they did receive it Dec 18th. I-485 says they processed the fingerprint fee on Jan 8. What dates should I use for my timeline as NOA? Today's date? Or received date?
  5. Same boat. Our package was delivered December 18th via Fedex and we still don't have NOA1. I know at least two other people who are still waiting in the same time frame. USCIS told me that sometimes it takes 30 days to create NOA1. Right now all we can do is wait. I also e-mailed lockbox support, but it takes them 15 days to get back to you. I'm sorry that you're also in this situation. It can be very frustrating.
  6. There are a couple of us who are still waiting texts/NOA letters from December. Mine was delivered Dec 18th and I'm still waiting.. We keep calling USCIS every couple of days and they tell me it can take up to 30 days to get a NOA. I also e-mailed the Chicaco Lockbox to be sure that they received my package, but haven't heard back. I do have Fedex confirmation that it was delivered. I hope you will get yours sooner, but you can call USCIS and ask Tier 2 to check their system while you wait. They can look up your application by your name and/or A-number.
  7. Update. Called USCIS today again and got through to tier 2. They said that it still doesn't show any application in the system under my name or A-number. They asked me to e-mail Chicago Lockbox to verify that they received my package.
  8. Still waiting 😑 going to start calling them again next week. Fun trivia: My package was signed by J.Chyba, I googled him and there are stories dating back to 2011 with packages signed by him being delayed horribly.
  9. Wow! I'm glad to hear that you haven't received NOA1 for the second package either.. Well, I'm sorry that USPS messed it up for you in the first place, but I'm happy to find another couple who has a similar waiting time as me. I was reading in the December 2018 filers sub-forum how a lot of people who sent their package after me have already gotten their NOA1s and biometrics appointments. So right now all you can do is pay the penalty fee and wait for them to get to package #2 to cash the check? I hope it gets resolved ASAP. I can imagine this is very frustrating for you guys.. I can't wait to start working again and the delays are driving me crazy. The 4-6 month wait for EAD is bad enough and then they come up with all these delays on top of it 🙄
  10. I'm sorry this is happening to you. I'm following this thread to see what the more experienced users will recommend. I have a similar situation, where we had to re-submit our package because our check had the wrong date on it (our mistake). We re-submitted with the correct check on December 17th, it was delivered on Dec 18th. Still we have not received NOA1 texts or e-mails. I've been calling USCIS every day for the past week to ask them: why don't we have NOA1, do we have to re-submit again? Every time they tell me a) they have no record of me re-submitting the three forms, b) they can't connect me to a Tier 2 person and c) they submitted a request for non-delivery and will let me know in 30 days if they find my package Fedex says delivered Dec 18th. USCIS tier 1 people have no idea why we're not in the system. So at this point IDK if they legit lost my package or what is the matter. I'm hesitant to send another package and check in case our original package shows up.
  11. Update on our saga. We first sent our AOS package in Nov and had to re-submit in Dec, because the date on our check was wrong. We re-sent our package with Fedex Dec 17th, it was delivered Dec 18. Still no NOA1. I called USCIS today and they said they don't have anything on my file about us re-sending the package. They created some kind of request on my behalf to look into why they don't have it. Takes up to 30 days. I'm just so frustrated. I've been here since October and the fact that we still don't have a NOA1 after all this work is beyond me.
  12. @SMK 89 I sent mine with Fedex on Monday, it was delivered yesterday morning (Dec 18th). I can let you know when I get my NOA1, but I'm sure you will get yours sooner ☺️
  13. I think @Gibus reassembled everything from scratch. I wish I could talk to USCIS over the phone to ask their take on it, but it's the weekend The instructions that they sent me are "you are invited to resubmit your application package".
  14. If anyone has been following my AOS rejection, then today we found out the reason. My husband wrote 2017 on the check, instead 2018 😂 So we have to send the entire package again. Putting it together tomorrow and sending it Monday morning. If anyone has advice on this: can I just replace the forms, but keep all other supporting documents as USCIS sent them back to me? They have stapled all supporting documents together in a different order than I sent them and they have a code printed on the bottom of the page. OR should I reprint and assemble the entire package from scratch?
  15. I paid $1,225 I've heard that they mess up your papers when they return it to you. Did you re-print and re-assemble everything? Or did you just write a new check and send the package back as it was?