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US Immigration from Dominican Republic

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Online I-130 proofs (Multiple questions on I-130 merged together)
4:14 pm February 21, 2024


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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing great.

I am e-filling an I-130 form. I am the beneficiary, and my husband is currently the petitioner. I have some doubts regarding some information requested here and I was hoping that you guys can help me with these questions .

1- My husband hails from Peru originally, where he had a longer name (In his birth certificate and Peruvian passport). After obtaining US citizenship, he opted to shorten his name (He only kept 1st name and 1 last name). What specific documents are required to demonstrate his legal name change?

2- When completing the I-130A form, for the beneficiary's information section, you are required to provide details about "Parent #1" and "Parent #2." However, my birth certificate only lists my mother, as my father never acknowledged me. Do I still need to put my father's information even though he never declared me?

3- In the I-130 e-form, there's a section labeled "Beneficiary's family - Additional family" where you can include the beneficiary's spouse or child's details. Do I still need to complete this section with the petitioner's information?


4- There's a section designated for uploading evidence. In this section, my husband (the Petitioner) has uploaded his divorce decree. However, it also requests "Evidence of the end of your spouse's prior marriage(s)," yet I (the Beneficiary) have never been married before. Should this part be completed by the petitioner or the beneficiary?


Thanks to all for trying to help me.

Best regards,

Reynaldo M.

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I485 Denial for Vaccinations
4:57 am February 21, 2024

Jamie and Richard

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I am in need of help and not sure what is the best action to take.

My husband arrived in the states March 30th of last year and we got married shortly after that and filed his AOS in June of last year. My husband didn t do all of his vaccinations in the DR so it was necessary for it to be done once he arrived in the states. It completely slipped my mind once we filed his AOS as I was 8 months pregnant and dealing with a demanding job. In December we moved to a bigger home. We moved out of our apartment on December 5th, USCIS sent out the RFIE on December 4th for his vaccinations. I logged in December 31st to update our mailing address and saw the RFIE for the case, and saw that we had until January 4th to turn in his medical exam. Scrambling to get an extension, I was told that extensions are not allowed and if it wasn t turned in it would be denied. I called several doctors to see if they could fit him in, and they all told me it would take 2 weeks. I turned in what we had and crossed my fingers. Obviously this was a huge mistake on our part and we got caught up in our move, being new parents and the holiday season. I logged in today to see that the case was denied and cannot be appealed. We planned on going to the DR next month so his family could finally meet our daughter, but it looks like we can t go now because I don t want him to lose his ability to come back to the states with me and the baby.

Should we go ahead and refile? If we were to travel to the DR next month, would he be denied entry back into the states? What is our recourse? TIA!

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How can I change the address of receiving my green card??
7:01 pm February 16, 2024



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Hello members, we have just received our entry visa, category F2A, The detail is that, I am about to pay the immigrant fee so that once we enter they start producing the green card of one, but the person who asks us has changed address and I would like to know if I have to write to uscis before paying or how?


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Petitioning my second wife after first wife got denied
9:22 am February 16, 2024


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Hello, i recently got my interview letter for the us embassy in dominican republic for my wife and i am super excited and a little nervous.

because this is my second marriage also the second person i have petitioned for, my first wife got her visa denied back in 2014 (the interview was in dominican republic and she never got a visa or left the country at all) when i petitioned for her.. Things didn't work out to well after that so we divorced about a year or so later and i married my second wife in 2021.

i have heard that the this might be a red flag for the officer giving my interview. What i want to ask is if anyone knows what things should i expect this time around and will they give me a hard time because of this

I have photo proof and a joint back account with wife now, and she is the love of my life if anyone can tell me tips or what to expect i would appreciate it. I want to come back to the states with my wife by my side

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F2A administrative processing
5:41 am February 10, 2024



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Hello, guys, The appointment was on January 23, they gave us a 221g because a birth certificate and an I-864 were missing.

Documents sent two days later and was received at the consulate on January 30-31.

On the 9th they say that it is in administrative process, from rejected to administrative process.

Someone knows how long it could take approximately (I know that there are never exact times and everything depends) but for example the same consul who interviewed us said that once the documents were sent that the process can take 2-3 weeks. I don't know how real that is, but he said it.


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